Review: Because we Belong (Because you are Mine #3) by Beth Kerry


Title:  Because We Belong
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year:  Penguin 11/5/13
Length:  368 pages
Series: Because you are Mine #3


The “wicked good storytelling” (Jaci Burton) of New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery continues inBecaue We Belong, the new Because You Are Mine novel

IAN…“[the] hero…dark, mysterious, and very dominant” (Smexy Books), a sexual force to be reckoned with, a man accustomed to getting what he wants.

FRANCESCA…“a fascinating heroine” (Heroes and Heartbreakers), a woman who had no idea how far she was willing to go in the name of love.

Introduced in New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s erotic phenomenon Because You Are Mine, they aroused an “addictive and delicious” (USA Today) romance that dared to break the rules of attraction.

In Because We Belong Ian and Francesca return to reignite the exquisite passions that drew them together, and to finally face the intimate secrets that threatened to separate them forever. The secrets of an inescapable past that was one man’s darkest mystery—a darkness that seduced one woman and forever held her spellbound with forbidden desire. For both of them, the next step is total abandon.

My Thoughts

I think that all of us who have invested time with this couple really wanted the best outcome possible for them, but knowing how volatile things could be with Ian and his past in general, the chance of things working out smoothly were slim to none.

We left off with this couple when everything was falling apart for Ian.  He learned more information from Lucien than he thought he’d find, and then his mother’s health deteriorated so quickly that she passed and things went downhill from there since you know that Ian will always blame himself for that.  Francesca was left helpless because the man that she loved, her other half up and left her without even a way to get in touch, and she didn’t know where to go from there.  Thankfully she was able to cling back to her friendships pre-Ian, and Davie took her back in and helped her survive.  It’s only when things seem to be getting a little bit better that the other shoe drops .

Lucien comes knocking on the door one day saying that they all NEED Francesca to come back since Ian left all power and authority in his company to her and they need to make a decision about acquiring a company that we know Ian wanted.  Gerard (Ian’s Cousin) and James/Anne, the grandparents are all on the board and try to do what they can to teach Francesca what she needs to know to help make an informed decision on what to do.  Lucky for Francesca, she’s got great intuition and decides that there’s too much risk in something that Gerard is pushing to do that she sides with Lucien to make another choice.  As that’s happening, fear for her safety comes along since she’s almost kidnapped one day while out running with Davie, and that’s just the start of another spiral out of control.

The whole family goes back to England for James and Anne’s anniversary ball and for the holidays and Ian learns that there’s been an attempt on Francesca.  He returns to see to her safety, while finding that things aren’t as good as they seem.  He’s got a sense that Gerard has motives outside of helping out Ian’s company -namely making moves on Francesca and doing things underhandedly.  Ian also isn’t srue what to make of things while he’s back since he knows that he still loves Francesca more than anything, but he can’t be with her until he’s sorted out his past and that’s not something that seems like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Francesca spends a lot of her time and energy trying to fight her anger with him for leaving while knowing that it’s not a battle that she can win.  she wants to understand what drives Ian but needs the help from others to figure it out .

What i enjoyed about this final installment of the series is that you know clearly what the motives are for a lot of actions and you can follow the clear delineated path that they take – but you spend chapter after chapter wondering when it’ll manifest.  I think that it’s nice when you expect things but they aren’t really detractiona from the story.  I also like that we get another sibling in the mix and i have a feeling that this isn’t the last that we’ve heard of him.  i like how he pops up at the most inopportune times and yet at the times of need as well.  as we come to expect, someone gets killed, maybe a few people do actually – there’s a threat on folks’ lives which is nice, and some great passion which keeps this romance and story going.  i think that the power that we get from Ian is exactly what makes this story nice and the way that Francesca responds is a great compliment.

I hope that we get more from them – there was a teaser of a book to come in the spring that may give me a bit more of what i want – and i’m looking forward to that story since it’ll give us a glimpse into someone that we barely know. 2 someones perhaps.   i hope you guys enjoy this final installment in Ian and Francesca’s tale.