Review: When I’m With You (Part 1) by Beth Kerry

Beth Kerry really has cornered the market on novellas i think, both she and Sara Fawkes have mastered the idea of the short tease leading into the next part that will carry you on the edge of your seat to the next book.

So in When I’m With You, we find ourselves in the tale of Lucien who we met back in ‘Because you’re Mine’ when we learned that he was the owner/manager of Fusion a restaurant housed in Noble Towers, owned by sexy and mysterious Ian Noble.  Ian had fallen for Francesca who was painting a picture for the foyer of his tower and the relationship bloomed from there.

The great thing with that story is that we saw a bit of Lucien to know that he was mysterious as well, very sexy and had a past that kept women on edge.  Francesca even had a moment or two around him that made you wonder what really made Lucien Tick.

So in this first story, we find ourselves in Fusion where Lucien thinks that someone has broken into his restaurant only to find his head chef there with a female who didn’t seem to really care much for the advances of the chef.  low and behold, Lucien soon realizes that he knows this woman from his past and that she brings along her own kind of trouble.  (both the bad and the very very good kind).

We’re then quickly taken on an introduction ride with them as they find themselves in very new territory from their last encounter and it’s interested to see the push and pull since both seem to be the control types.  Lucien quickly establishes himself as the dominant here and orders Elise to be his submissive and this story goes on from there.

What i find interesting is that Lucien, as aware as he is, doesn’t realize that all may not be what it seems with Elise, and Elise herself knows that she was privvy to information years ago that she shouldn’t know but she doesn’t quite know what she heard from Lucien and therefore doesn’t know the implication.  I can only imagine all these juicy details will unfurl themselves over the course of this ‘series’.


Review: Because You’re Mine series by Beth Kery

Again i’m drawn to a book based on the cover art and this series didn’t disappoint.  The one thing that I’ve learned is that there are quite a few erotica authors that do these mini-books for a series – like maybe a chapter or 2 so there are 6+ books for the whole story that get you through it in just a couple chapters per book.  each story was about 50-60 pages so i guess all in all the story piece of this 8 episode series was roughly 300 pages

so in this story, we’re introduced to Francesca who is 23, an artist and who just won a commission to paint a piece of art that will hang in the lobby of Noble Enterprises in Chicago.  The CEO is Ian Noble, a young thirty-ish handsome Brit that has this ability to draw people with with his raw sexuality and manliness.

so that first night when they meet at a reception being thrown in Francesca’s honor, of course she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.  She agrees to paint the art in a studio in Ian’s penthouse and of course there’s a level of tension and heat in the air around them that just draws one another together.

Francesca is the ultimate innocent – being a virgin of course yet we learn that she was quite overweight when she was growing up which means that Ian has his work cut out for himself in teach her both about all things sexual and about confidence.

The story takes us to Paris and back, through eroticism, personal growth, a bit of BDSM and lastly some romance.  The question here is whether Francesca will come to terms with who she is, make things work out in her personal life both financially and with her relationships and if anything will ever work out between Ian and Francesca…sexually of course.

I really enjoyed this series since the relationship development is pretty good – we not only get to see the interactions between the 2 leading characters, but we get the back story a bit from Ian’s side – why he is the way that he is, what his family is like and how he’s come to his stature.  That’s something that we don’t always get that i’m pleased to see.

all in all- i recommend that you check out this series and the good thing is that you can download all 8 books so that you can read them in immediate succession.  i had a nice day yesterday getting through it all and i’m kind of a little sad to see it over.