Review: Captured by You (One Night in Passion #1.6) by Beth Kerry

if i weren’t quite so bright i’d start to get confused here.  with all the changing pseudonyms being used, i’m never sure which author to look up for which story.  In any event, we’ve been introduced to the lead female of this story in previous books.  Remember back to Rill and Katie’s story in the first installment of the series.  We find ourselves often at Legion’s Diner and the ‘owner’ so to speak – Sherona Legion is a bone of contention for Katie.  Basically, Katie finds herself to be a bit jealous of the interactions that the 2 of them share, Rill and Sherona…but we find that it’s all worry for nothing.

so…now it’s time for Sherona to get something good in her life.  What we know is that Sherona looks after her brother Derek – who’s college age and is actually a good kid.  We met him in a previous story actually as well – when he’s found himself trapped in the diner with a would be ‘killer’ or rather a community member who’s flipped ‘his wig’ a bit.

in any event, when we meet Sherona in her story, it’s in the forest as she’s just finished a swim and is exiting the water sans clothes.  We also at the same time meet chance Hathoway – an Aussie who’s the heir to a HUGE fortune and also a well known nature photographer who is friends with Rill.  (see how everything is tied together?)  Chance is visiting the area to help take photos to promote the coop and the charity that they do to get additional support and distribution etc.

So Chance typically only shoots nature landscapes and the sort, but finds himself completely ensnared by the image of Sherona’s naked body as she comes out of the water.  We get additional insight to how amazing she really is – how truly beautiful since that detail really hasn’t been provided in previous installments.  It’s after a few moments that Sherona realizes that she’s being watched, and in a sense gives a little show – getting physical with herself.

fast forward a little bit and Chance finds himself at the diner – looking for Sherona to talk through taking pictures for the coop and knowing full well at this point that she’s the woman that he saw in the woods.  His body responded to her in such a way that he can’t wait to interact with her more.

Sherona recognizes him as well from that same day and her body responds in a way that she’s not accustomed to.  She realizes that she’s organically responding in ways that are uncharacteristic to her because of the raw sexuality and sensuality that comes from Chance.  While they are talking about the photos for the coop, Chance makes an ‘indecent proposal’ by asking to take additional photos of Sherona – with her approval this time and decides upon a theme of bondage and captivity since it seems to be something that Sherona has naturally responded to.

As a result of this steamy set up and their natural attraction, things lead to other things and we get to see exactly the kind of sexual creature Chance is and what he’s able to draw out of Sherona.  It’s hot, it’s steamy and it kind of makes me want to go camping in the hopes that i could find my own hot photog that’s quite so natural.

The issues here with their relationship though is that chance is only visiting and not only is he not planning to be in the area permanently, he’s from an entirely different world.  he’s wealthy, he’s international and he travels a lot.  Sherona is a home town girl who’s never had the opportunity to live past her means.  She’s been forced to be a mother to Derek and take on the responsibility of the diner without the option to really say no.

so…1) what happens from here with the 2 of them? 2) what has Sherona learned of herself and how will that change her outlook on things?

it’s all stuff that gets uncovered in the story and a great little novella read to get through in a handful of hours.

Review: Bound To You (One Night of Passion #1.5) by Bethany Kane

Oh how i love to get sucked into a little series of characters that continue to have great stories to tell.  Bound To You reintroduces us to Jennifer Turner who we know from previous stories used to date Everett, and was one of his potential great loves.  there was a bit of worry and jealous on the part of Joy since she wasn’t sure if she compared to Jennifer and if there was still a spark, but towards the end of their little story, we’re introduced to Jennifer AND John – the man that she’s found for herself.

So…what we already know of John is that he’s blind – and that’s really about it.  In Bound To You, we learn that he’s from a ‘broken home’, he lived with his father in Vuture’s Canyon during the summers, is well respected and enjoyed by the community and is quite smart and capable even without his vision.  He’s got a trusted dog Enzo who’s a seeing eye dog to an extent, yet really not trained to be one.  The day that we meet him, he’s out in the nature preserve and he’s drawn to the sound of a voice that he recognizes, yet is not one that should be there.

This is when we come across Jennifer – she’s in the area visiting Rill and Katie
Pierce about a movie role and she’s decided to go for a walk.  She’s singing to herself as she’s hiking, and her path somehow crosses Johns.  While that’s happening, she also crosses paths with a ‘sink hole’ for lack of a better word – the result of abandoned mining shafts that have begun to cave in.  In John’s effort to warn her, they both find themselves stuck in this hole – this cave and they are in for a long wait because they are in the middle of the woods and no one would really know where to start looking for them because they don’t have cell signals and the sort.  OF COURSE

so what does one do when one’s trapped in a cave with someone of the opposite sex?  see if there’s a spark.  alas, that’s not exactly how things start out – we learn that Jennifer is TERRIFIED of the dark and why – which isn’t the nicest story afterall.  John figures a way to help her through that fear – which allows them to both capitalize on their attraction to one another.

What i love about this story is that there are AMAZING descriptions of what’s going on and their interaction.  part of it is just due to good writing ability of Bethany Kane and the other is due to the fact that we’re substituting a bit because John can’t exactly see so a lot is described for mutual benefit.  It’s incredibly well written and quite steamy.

so, the curve ball here, 1) how long will it take to get rescued and will they be ‘ok’ when they are rescued?  2) is the attraction only due to the fact that they are stuck in a cave together and John finds a way to take Jennifer’s mind off the dark?  3) what’s the real life and world going to hold for them

all of course things that you will uncover as the story progresses.  a great little novella – it’s really nice to have these shorter 100 page stories to read.  gets me through a day 🙂 (or a few hours)

Review: Addicted to You (One Night in Passion #1) by Bethany Kane

well – i made the error of reading things slightly out of order – accidentally reading book 2 first, however i don’t think that it really took away from the experience of reading Addicted to You.

So, to back up, in the 2nd book, we meet Rill and Katie…a pair that had been a part of a tight knit group of friends all through college and then some.  Rill is an accomplished Hollywood director, Katie is the sister of A list celeb Everett….and that’s part of the glue that keeps everyone together.

We meet Rill in this story when he’s at what’s probably the lowest point in his existence.  He’s been in this deep depression since the death of his wife…and he’s secluded himself into Vulture’s Canyon – a community in the middle of Shawnee National Forest.  He’s managed to drink himself into a perpetual stupor – no one wants to be around him, no one can pull him out of his funk…and therein lies the problem.

The night that we’re introduced to katie, Rill is in rare form – soo drunk that he’s not even sure what he’s seeing…who he’s seeing and decides to think of it as just part of a drunken imagination / dream scape.

In fact, it’s Katie, who’s come all the way from LA to see if she can smack some sense into him.  Everyone’s been worried about Rill, Everett didn’t have success so now she’s trying her hand at it.  Mind you, she kind of has ulterior motives because she’s always had a little crush on Rill and well…she’s quite dissatisfied with her life in LA. So on the night that they both are in the same space at the same time….their interaction is charged, electric and HOT HOT HOT.  Katie lets Rill do what he wants, and knows that there’s a large chance that Rill won’t even remember any of it.

Circumstances happen of course, and nope – Rill doesn’t remember that it was Katie, Katie finds herself temporarily if not permanently tied to Vultures Canyon for reasons other than Rill, and Rill is less than thrilled with this.  Katie then takes it upon herself to sober Rill up, get him healthy and figure out what the heck is going on with him.  She also finds that there’s clearly unrest between her brother and his best friend…and has to get to the bottom of that one.

So, in clear Bethany Kane/ Beth Kerry style, we’re drawn fast and hard into a sexually charged, hot and steamy interaction between people that doubt they are good for one another, yet can’t keep their hands off each other.

The sex is hot, the dynamic between the duo is hotter and we can only sit back and hope that they don’t combust from all that steam and fire.