Review: Club Luxe:6 Forever (Billionaires Underground) by Olivia Noble


Title:  Club Luxe 6: Forever
Author: Olivia Noble
Publisher/Year: Loretta Lost 3/24/2015
Length: 88 pages
Series: Billionaires Underground #6


his is the sixth and final book of the Club Luxe series! The stunning conclusion will be available on March 24th.

Victoria has lost nearly everything she cared about. Her man and her job seemed to evaporate overnight and there isn’t anything she can do about it. With Malcolm’s history of blackmailing her into getting his way, she can’t even be sure that he isn’t the reason for all this.

Getting back his family should have made Malcolm the happiest man in the world. Yet, there was something critical missing: Victoria. Being away from her forced him to realize that she was the love of his life. Even though Elizabeth and Claire were in his life again, he knew that he had to do whatever it takes to get his woman back.

My Thoughts

I think that we were all hoping for some sense of resolution for Mal and Vica and i think that we are finally getting to see how things may shake out for them in this final installment.  If you remember, things are so far from being in a good place at this point that any movement towards the positive is a good thing.  We know that Victoria decided that she can’t be with Malcolm after seeing him kiss his ‘wife’, yet we know that he doesn’t want to be with Elizabeth.  We also know that Victoria’s life is upside now that her job has been taken away from her because of her relationship with Malcolm (or so she thinks) so she’s lost just about everything.

Where we got in this final few chapters is a place that makes you want to root for them, knowing that it can be so easy if they just listen to reason and communicate.  Will they and how long will it take them to get there?  well that’s anyone’s guess.

The other really nice bit of this story is that we get to go down the path of Malcolm’s parents – and what their deal is.  We last learned that his father is still alive – even after he was told that his parents died in a car accident.  So, the question is who is his father and and why did he give him up.  We see that it’s getting very dangerous and you never know who is tied to the organization and to what extend.  It’s really interesting to see how things play out with them.  On the other side of it though, i think that it’s nice to see that there’s reasoning for it, and that the trail was left for Victoria to be the one to help Mal figure it all out.

While i’m sure we are all in agreement that we know what the ending was, and that the journey to get there was full of surprises – it was a bit predictable.  Not a bad thing – i’ll say that again, but i think that there were things that happen to this couple and with this couple that we’ve come to expect.  I do love the power dynamic between them though and i think that’s what makes them so enjoyable to read.  So on that note, i hope that you guys all finished this series with me, and i can’t wait to see if we get more of Chloe and Dom – since i think that they could have a great spin off.