Review: Black Forever (Obsidian #4) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Black Forever
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 6/13/17
Length:  193 Pages
Series:  Obsidian #4


The second the whip was placed in my hand, I snapped.

I couldn’t turn away.

I needed this.

The man I fought for so long has returned, more feral than before. 

Will Rome still love me?

Or will she leave?

My Thoughts

As we go into this fourth and final installment, i have to admit that i really don’t like Calloway anymore. I think that he’s weak and i think that he’s disrespectful. I’m accustomed to our leading characters finding a bit of resentment towards the other when one has to give up more than the other, but in this instance, while Cal has obviously walked away from much more than Rome, he also succumbs to temptation in a way that’s just not ok to me. He should have just walked away from Rome, and while i understand why he didn’t – it doesn’t make me like him.

At the same time, we have Rome, someone who’s clearly keeping some secrets from Cal, won’t budget AT ALL in trying to truly understand why he is the way that he is and understand his needs, but she’s also so in love with him that she trusts everything and assumes his loyalty is real.

Shocker right? i mean, we knew that things would crash and burn, and Isabella, the sub that really doesn’t want to let go of Cal threatened to out him and Cal let her have her way. Every time we think that we’re making progress with this couple, where we think that they have suffered enough that they will come to terms with what the other needs and make it right, something upturns the apple cart and it’s all for nothing.

The same exact roller coaster that we were on last book is the ride we’re on here. We’re happy until we’re not. We have intense passion and sexual chemistry until we don’t. We have deceit and a lack of compromise and pain and that doesn’t make for a good story.

I think there’s no hope for this couple and much of the book i don’t want there to be a couple. Cal wants his cake and to eat it too, he wants to claim that he’ll always be there for Rome and protect her from the likes of Hank, but he’s the reason that she’s gone again and potentially at risk.

Rome isn’t strong enough to even try to live without Cal at times, and she barely goes through the motions to survive, even with the endless support of Christopher. It’s sad to watch such strong characters turn into mush.

It’s only when Isabella and Hank come back and completely inopportune times that we see the tides turn, and what happens has life or death implications to everyone.

The way this story ends is the closure that we need – although it doesn’t really give us the end to the story for everyone as we had hoped. I wanted to see everyone happy. I wanted to see Theresa find her memory and Christopher get his happy ending. We get a tease but nothing concrete, so perhaps i need to dig a bit and see if there’s another story out there that follows up after. So, on that note, i’m sad to see this story go, but i’m happy that i got to spend a few days with these characters. Enjoy!