Review: Blonde for a Day by Ava Sterling

Title: Blonde for a Day
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 11/1/2018
Length:   14 Pages


She has her husband’s fantasy to thank for their night of swinging.

Mari can use a little bit more excitement. Married to an accountant with their intimacy in a rut, she longs for some thrills, which is why she’s intrigued when her husband, Parker, pulls out a blonde wig and offers to do a little roleplay. He’s even nice enough to come up with her backstory and the name Candy.

Come to find out, there’s also a woman named Candy who works in the building next to his office. Suspecting an affair, Mari goes to confront her but discovers how nice she is…and how attractive her husband is.

Faced with her own curiosity, she invites Candy and her husband over for dinner without Parker knowing. When Parker arrives home, he’s confronted with the woman he’s been fantasizing about, only this time with his wife in the room.

My Thoughts

i’m always intrigued by how different the story lines are with everything that i’ve read from our lovely Ava Sterling. This is another example of how you can have a story in a similar category to others, and yet have something completely new and fresh.

We start off with our leading lady, Mari who is apparently married, and has a less than stellar sex life with her husband. we’ve only discovered this because her friend got a bit nosey (accidentally of course). So what that turns into is a revelation of sorts which makes Mari wonder if she should be angry, jealous or just confused.

Being the strong woman that we have to assume she is, she decides confrontation is her best approach, and while we would always want to confront our partner first, she goes another route – tracks down Candy and has a conversation of her own. What comes out of the conversation is a completely new direction and something that takes our story on a hot and interesting journey.

Candy is married and very much in love with her husband Rolf who happens to be beyond attractive in a nordic sort of way. When Candy shares that as a couple they tend to be more open and adventurous, well, Mari is on board with that and sets plans into motion. She’s completely over the idea that maybe her husband was fantasizing over Candy and turns this into a fantasy that they can act upon.

What starts off as a dinner quickly forms into something else, a competition of sorts to see who can make whom feel the best and how quickly can it be accomplished. This scene is fast, and concise, and steamy. Everything that you could possibly imagine when you have a couple who’s in their first swingers experience.

Mari allows herself to not just experience something completely new, but to participate actively, really enjoy what’s going on and welcome the adventure. Something that she’s definitely missed with her husband.

The interesting twist at the end of course is what Parker, Mari’s husband does just as we’re finishing up the book. I’m not going to share that for once, but i think that you should read it because it sparks another question! One that’s sort of expected but kind of not so much.

This story has so much potential yet again to become a full length story – to see what lies ahead for Mari and Parker, and even to better understand their dynamic since we didn’t really get any insight into that. This is what i’d call entry level swingers – since it’s not the spiciest that i’ve read yet by Ms Sterling, but one that’s still got all the right parts to make for a really fast hitting combustible snack. Enjoy!