Review: Boss Empire (Boss #9) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Boss Rules
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 3/24/18
Length:  192 Pages
Series:  Boss #9


I’ve found a woman I can’t live without.

It’s not just about the things we do in the bedroom.

But the way she looks at me.

The way she touches me.

The way she loves me.

Maybe I can have what Titan has.

Maybe I can have even more.

My Thoughts

Again, in my personal opinion, the summary doesn’t do this book justice, but that’s ok. So where we are in this story is a great place for just about everyone. We know that Hunt/Titan are in a GREAT place – getting ready for their wedding in Thailand. We know that Thorn and Autumn are in a better place – seeing that they mean enough to one another to be in a monogamous relationship but not sure what it means past that. (at least they won’t say it out loud). We also see Vincent is in a place where he’s able to move forward a bit personally with someone who’s appropriate, and that’s a first for him.

We have three plot lines to follow in this story and then a sub plot line that i think we all were waiting for. Watching how these relationships find their footing, really solidify into something that works for each, and watching how they weave together is intense.

Much of this story is spent wondering what their world will be like once the Hunts become the Hunts. When their empires are merged, and when they become one power couple bound by law. Both are strong minded people, willing to give in some ways but not in others, and we see fights and debate brew around names, pre-nups, babies etc. The intensity and love that comes off of these two though makes us assured that there will be a resolution that works.

Then there’s the new heat and passion coming from Thorn and Autumn. They are at a place where they better understand each other and what it was from their past that made them into the emotionally stunted people they are today. Life has an interesting way of playing things out though and when they find themselves in Chicago for a conference and Thorns parents come to the forefront of things, feelings are forced onto the table and the nudge that Thorn needed is more of a strong push. Then the occasion is flipped when we find ourselves in CT with Autumn’s family and things are one again brought to a head. The constant here is that there’s this connection that they share that changes the dynamic of all that Thorn has needed in the past and it makes both of them into better people. Where they will go, only up i’d imagine, but how far up is up to the reader.

Then there’s Vincent and Scarlet. They are both quite comfortable with where they are in life, and patient enough with one another to be able to fight for what they want but know when not to push. I think that for this ninth installment, this couple is the one with the most drama. We know that Scarlet’s past isn’t a good one with her ex husband, and when information is brought to Vincent’s attention, (thanks Dielsel for the push), we see what exactly that means. There are ramifications not only for Scarlet’s ex, but for her whole family since it means that her daughter will be told about things that were always hidden from her and that means that a family will be destroyed. The flip side is that we get to see the Hunt protectiveness come at us full force here both in this instance and in what Vincent does for Scarlet when she’s put in a bad professional position.

The sub plot that i mentioned earlier is one that isn’t surprising but still makes you wonder if we get to see reciprocation or a hypocritical side to our mains. The woman who kept coming around asking for Titan is determined to be her mom, and well, Titan wants nothing to do with her. She’s skeptical of why she’s back around, and still doesn’t want a relationship. While she says there’s no anger, she seethes anger. This is where Diesel comes into play, doing exactly what Titan did to rebuild the relationship with his father, and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out (or at least to imagine).

We get so many resolutions in this final book to the series, we see what questions that we posed throughout get answers, and we get an epilogue that gives us a glimpse into the future. There are still so many uncertainties, but there is a sense of closure in quite a few story lines. There’s a hint at a Brett romance that we never heard of before that i would LOVE to get a spin-off for (i’m going to dig and see if there is one actually) but otherwise, we see things play out as they should.

I’m sad to be leaving this series – 9 books of a great family of friends that really were unique, powerful, romantic and intense. So, onto the next and hopefully the next series will be just as great. Enjoy!