Review: Seduced by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #5) by Cleo Peitshche


Title: Seduced by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions 7/22/14
Length:  126 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #5


When Corbin doesn’t return from his latest assignment, Audrey blames and punishes herself, convinced she pushed him away. Fed up with the lack of control in her life, she and her twin brother devise a risky plan to get rid of the manipulative Henry once and for all.

But Corbin’s return changes everything, and Audrey must decide if she can accept the things Corbin has done to buy their happiness.

My Thoughts

knowing where we were left in the end of book 4, i think that it’s safe to assume that the roller coaster was going to continue.  Audrey had professed her love to Corbin and he didn’t reciprocate.  He even sort of pushed her away – at least in Audrey’s eyes, at the same time learning about his haunted past of his first wife who was murdered.

While Audrey’s stewing, she’s left to deal with Henry who still has it out for her since she ruined his chances with Corbin’s bond – and Henry’s tailing her in the hopes that she’ll lead him to Corbin.  While that’s going on, Rob – Audrey’s twin is left to deal with what’s going on at the business since he’s still there -while working with Audrey to plot how to get things back as they should be.

So most of this story is more about the chase than about passion, but when we get the passion – it’s as good as always.  It’s really just a flashback in a scene where Audrey is hiding that takes us back to one of Corbin and her first moments together – and it’s steamy as ever.

Throughout this final installment of ‘Season 1’ as Cleo has called it, i think that we’re learning more about what people will do to find balance, all while testing their own selves with love and romance.  I think that we all hoped that corbin would come back, but in what capacity is still unknown.  He said that he was hoping that this last job would get him out of his line of work, but since it’s been 2 months and he said he’d be back in 1 – we just don’t know.  I like where this story is going, and since it’s not a cliffhanger – things are somewhat resolved for most, while still rather open ended for others.  Meaning, if you use Soap Operas as a base – you know that people are never dead unless a body is found (and sometimes even when one is) and if someone’s in jail, chances are there’s a loop hole that will get them out.  So – i’m hoping that we’ll get more of this story – and how it continues is up to our lovely author.  Enjoy!


Review: Tempted by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #4) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Tempted by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions 6/19/14
Length:  93 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #4


As Audrey struggles with her role in a recent tragedy, Corbin answers questions that have long haunted her. She is unsettled to learn what happened to the other Audrey and how Corbin became a killer.

Meanwhile, events at home take an unexpected turn, leading Audrey to reevaluate her feelings for her estranged father, and bounty hunter Henry’s obsessions push Audrey and Corbin into a series of impossible positions.

My Thoughts

What a great continuation of this series – given that where we were left off in book 3 was a real cliffhanger.  To refresh your memory – Audrey was trying to get her hands on all of the photos of her and her brother that were taken to blackmail them in part by their father and mostly by Henry.  So – while she was trying to get all copies – and was back in the office – she ran into Zack – the guy that was doing Henry’s dirty work – and ended up accidentally killing Zack.

Fast forward us a few hours – Corbin has come to take care of everything – cleaning up the office – disposing of the body – and getting Audrey out of the area for their final week together before he has to go to work for a month – hopefully for the last time.

So while we take the quick journey of Audrey trying to get past what she’s inadvertently done, we get immersed into the story of the continued evolution of the relationship between these 2.  We continue to see Corbins protective side and how he cares for Audrey deeply – but he still has his walls up.  While he’s showing her more about the passions and chemistry that they share – he’s also beginning to open up about his past to give Audrey a sense of why he does what he does.

Where that nets everyone out though isn’t the best place since deep emotions tend to make situations even more risky.  What happens towards the end though is partly expected – yet very unnerving.

Audrey’s father is in the hospital for reasons unknown, and while it’s not safe for Audrey to be there, she has to be at her father’s side.  Corbin goes with her and his identity is recognized by Henry – making things even more challenging for Audrey since this is just when Corbin needs to go off grid and there’s no one around to protect her.

The last few lines though make us wonder what’s going to happen – since we know that Henry is out for blood – and Corbin is still away – with his arrival time past due.  Can’t wait to see where this story goes – because it has the right balance of what we need.  Hot sex, really good writing, and a tense storyline.  Enjoy!

Review: Saved by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #3) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Saved by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Cleo Peitsche 5/21/14
Length:  86 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #3


As Audrey struggles to keep Corbin’s identity secret, the rest of her life spins out of control. Rival bounty hunter Henry suspects she’s playing him for information, changes at work leave her stunned, and her father crosses her one time too many.
Audrey doesn’t approve of what Corbin is, but he proves that he’s been paying close attention to what she needs. When an unexpected situation explodes, Corbin can reassure her, but only the other Corbin, the one with secrets and a dark past, can save her.

My Thoughts

I thought that this was the last book in the series – but clearly I was mistaken.  We continue the journey with Audrey and Corbin and see where things can go with them. What’s nice about this installment is that we get to see new risk added in to the scenario.  While we see that this couple is growing closer and their sex is getting hotter there are forces coming between them.

If you’ll remember, at the end of the last book, Henry – the other bounty hunter that Audrey had spent some time with had intel on where corbin was – in Florida, and offered Audrey the chance to come with him to watch him catch the guy, while also having his own ulterior motives – meaning that he still wants Audrey even if she’s turned him down.

Against Corbin’s wishes, Audrey goes with Henry, and she soon learns that it was a very bad choice.  Because of various things happening, Henry now suspects Audrey of some less than savory things, and this means that Corbin has to come in and protect her once again.

Not such a bad thing for a short while given that it means that we get to see some hot scening, but still not ideal.

Where this takes us though is back to ‘the real world’ where things continue to get even worse.  We learn that Audrey and Rob’s dad is up to no good in the sense that hey may have unknowingly revealed Audrey’s secrets – and the question then becomes who will be the first to notice and what will that mean for everyone’s safety.  That’s where we are left off in this third installment.  Someone has been killed, someone knows Corbin’s identity – and we don’t know who is safe and what they will have to do while they try to be safe.

All in all, a great way to make tension and passion work….yet again.  I can’t wait to see where this goes since we know that emotions are tied together even more – love and lust are confused, and sex is mind-blowing.

Review: Wanted by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #2) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Wanted by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Cleo Peitsche 4/23/14
Length:  79 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #2


Bounty hunter Audrey knows that Corbin Lagos isn’t her soul mate. He may have saved her life, but he’s a coldblooded killer, wanted for crimes that he neither excuses nor denies. Yet every time she crawls out of his bed, the line separating legal and illegal seems to have moved.

As a rival bounty hunter closes in on Corbin, Audrey must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her secret lover, and an unexpected confession reveals that Corbin’s far more dangerous than she’d ever realized.

My Thoughts

After the ending of book 1, it was really a question of who was going to get to Corbin first and if Audrey could last those 2 weeks that he promised before making contact with him again.  If you remember, in the first novella installment, we meet these 2 under interesting circumstances where Corbin has come to the rescue of Audrey during a snowstorm when she’s gone ‘hunting’ for him and almost dies of frostbite.  Fast forward  a few days/weeks, we see that Audrey is still waiting for Corbin to call, and that’s just not happening.

At the same time, Audrey is trying to keep some sort of normalcy in her life – working as hard as she can to prove that she’s a great bounty hunter, with her father still thinking the worst of her…and she hasn’t gotten the acclaim from others in the biz as well – and this is proven when she crosses paths with Henry – another hunter who has been watching the same guy to bring in.  This meeting with Henry though starts us down an interesting path.

Henry is about 20 years her senior and is attractive enough so while Audrey hasn’t heard from Corbin, she tries to dip her toes in that water in the hopes of getting herself back on track.  What we all know though from this genre, once you have mind blowing sex with a dom, you can’t go back to anything that doesn’t give you that spark.  Fortunately for Audrey, even though it’s 5+ weeks later, Corbin comes along and puts a crimp in things.

They seem to pick up where they left off, although Audrey is making progress in learning things about what it is that corbin does, as vague as he gives information.  The issue though is that they both have emotions tied to this which of course makes for even steamier passion and chemistry – but there’s still the concern about when the other shoe is going to drop.

Audrey believes that Henry is hunting Corbin, and he’s said that he has information to help him track his biggest bounty yet, so it’s when Audrey gets multiple phone calls and texts from Henry while she’s shacked up with Corbin that things seem to be getting dicey…and this is where we are left at the end of book 2.

The question then becomes, what choice will Audrey make and what will the outcome be?  I honestly want to know what exactly it is that Corbin does and who set him up before to get him on the wanted list – so hopefully we’ll get that resolution along with some great scening for the finale of the series.  I feel like the tension and the passion as well as the dark relationship past that Corbin seems to have with another Audrey makes for something great here.  Another job well done by Cleo and i can’t wait to read book 3.

Review: Trapped by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #1) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Trapped by a Dangerous Man
Author:  Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Cleo Peitsche 3/28/14
Length:  72 Pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #1


Despite growing up a bounty hunter, being taken seriously is a constant struggle for 24-year-old Audrey Stroop. When she stumbles across information on Corbin Lagos, she recognizes the chance of a lifetime.

One blizzard and a car accident later, she wakes up in gorgeous Corbin’s bed. She doesn’t know how he’ll react if he discovers that the woman he rescued intends to haul him in. She also can’t fight her attraction to him.

He’s nothing like the men she typically seduces and discards. He’s dominant. He’s dangerous. And he’s going to explode her life into a million tiny pieces.

My Thoughts

I’m a fan of this author – and i’m not quite sure why.  I mean, i know why – her style of writing really brings you in, but i have to say that there’s often quite a bit that takes it just a bit outside my comfort zone that it’s a surprise.  In any event, we begin our journey with a few new characters in this series.

We meet Audrey – who’s a 22 yr old bounty hunter – working for her family’s business, and trying to make a name for herself since it’s tough for a girl to be in the biz, let alone to work for her dad.  Audrey has her eyes set on a big prize – after seeing Corbin Lagos – the #1 most wanted on her list with a $2MM bounty in a local store.  The bad fortune that she finds herself of a mess in is one of the biggest snow storms of the year.

So, after nearly dying of fristbite and the such – when her car gets stranded while she’s on an off road trying to get to the last known location of Corbin, she wakes up to find herself naked, in a bed, with her hands and feet wrapped up.  It’s when Corbin walks in that she realizes that either she’s in a very bad position that he knows what she does and is going to kill her, or she’s really embarrassed and has to figure out how to get out of a situation that she’d rather not be in.

Going into this, we knew that if he was among the most wanted, then he’d be really smart and probably a dominant.  Smart – well – that box was checked quickly.  He knew EXACTLY who audrey was, and that didn’t bode well for her necessarily.  A dom – well that box is also checked pretty quickly given that as we know when you’re marooned with someone that you have any kind of attraction for – you’ll fall into bed.  So – the path to getting there is interesting, but of course – it’s hot as well.

Corbin is a man that doesn’t pull his punches, and we’re taken straight into scening in a way that makes me uncomfortable – in a good way.  he’s not tentative with any of his actions and even a bit dirty – which seems to be exactly what the story asks for.  We learn that Audrey isn’t the most experienced but she’s one to try to control her intimacy, while Corbin is ALWAYS the one that’s in control.

The nice thing that we learn is what took Corbin down his path – at least we get the initial hints.  The way that the story is written as well makes us really engaged is that they play a little game to get to know each other – in a sense at least – of 20 questions, and they try to make things seem as normal while they are far from it.

What i also really liked is that Corbin propositions Audrey in a way that while i figured was coming – i think that it was a nice way to end this first installment.  You really have to wonder what’s going to happen next, and who if anyone is going to capture Corbin and what that will mean for Audrey – since i feel like things are going to get dicey.  Nothing i like more than a guy who ditches in the AM and then leaves sweet notes and texts.  Anyhow – i’m going to check out the next installment to see which side Audrey stays on – the good or the dark.  Enjoy!