Review: Destroyed (By a Dangerous Man #12) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Destroyed
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Production 5/26/16
Length:   113 Pages
Series:  By a Dangerous Man #12


The family business is in trouble, and bounty hunter Audrey Stroop is dying to get back to work. Her boyfriend, ex-assassin Corbin Lagos, is equally determined to keep her safe.

To do that, he’ll stay close, even if it means trying to keep his dominant nature in check.

When they team up to solve what should be an open-and-shut private investigation case, Audrey learns that being the boss isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost impossible.

Did she really think a dominant, dangerous man like Corbin could ever truly submit?

My Thoughts

I don’t know how much father our author can take this series, but she’s definitely trying.  What we have here is the moment in the story where we’re on vacation with Corbin and Audrey since Corbin feels that she needs a break from the family business, and it’s harder than any one expected for her to take a month off.  being able to turn off her work mindset for even a little while is proving to be tough.

It’s while they are on their vacation that they cross paths with someone from back home (because that always happens right?) and that leads to some PI work for the firm.  What was supposed to be a cut and dry case of finding a bar mascot turns into something that’s more devious and complicated than expected.

The mascot is returned, but cut into pieces and all bloody and there are folks in the bar who are less than forthcoming with information to link things back.  Thank goodness Audrey and Corbin are so attuned to each other that they don’t have too long to figure out how to solve the case.

While that’s going on too though, Corbin is offering up his submission to Audrey, allowing her the opportunity to tell him what to do since part of her current level of frustration is that he’s always in control – and i think that it’s interesting to see that it’s so much harder than expected to let that happen.

My question now though is that i really don’t know how this series will continue since it seems to be quieting down just a little bit.  I feel like we see that Corbin and Audrey are trying to find their rhythm, and that Rob seems happy and that their father is coming to the realization that maybe he needs to listen to his kids in order to keep his business afloat.  So i guess we’ll just have to see if and when the story continues.  knowing full well that when it does, Corbin will make sure that we’re all sorts of hot and bothered.  Enjoy!

Review: Protected by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #10) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Protected by a Dangerous Man
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Productions 10/5/15
Length:  209 pages
Series:  By a Dangerous Man #10


He’s the man she’s been waiting for, but can she trust him?

Bounty hunter Audrey is close to solving her first big private investigation case, no thanks to her lying clients. But their omissions pale in comparison to what mysterious billionaire Corbin Lagos has been guarding under lock and key in his office.

Audrey doesn’t have time to confront Corbin, not when he’s determined to eliminate Henry Heigh once and for all. Keeping Corbin’s protective instincts in check is a game she can’t win, and the extremes he’ll go to will change their lives forever.

My Thoughts

We’ve been on this very long journey with these characters and it’s about time that we got to the conclusion of their story.  We know that Corbin and Audrey have had their ups and downs and the question that remains is what will it take to get back to the up and stay there.

When we left this couple, things were bubbling over all over the place.  there was the concern that Henry was still out to get Audrey (and by get i mean kill) and that Corbin was going to kill him first.  Then there was the story line of Corbin’s ex (sort of) wife who was still alive and wondering what her story was.  And then there’s the story line with Neil/JD and clan, and wondering who killed whom, and why – for what motivations.

So as you can imagine, knowing that Ms. Peitsche usually writes novella style books, it was going to be a big question of how that was all going to get resolved – but the great thing here, we got a full length – 200+ pages to finalize everything.

There’s still a lot of strange stuff going on that you’ll see – major trust issues, knowing that Audrey is being lied to by just about everyone, and the question becomes which story line will have a happy ending.

Sprinkled throughout thankfully though was the intense passion, heat and chemistry that i have come to expect from our author.  There’s still something insane and heated between Audrey and Corbin that is so hard to tame and i don’t know that we even want to.  In addition to their love story (since it truly is one) there’s such a great sexual story going along with it.  Showing us that Audrey is more mature than she even knew, and that even she can experience heat and passion like never expected before.

As expected,we get to see stories culminate with some deaths, some lies, some of the stories not quite tied up as expected but still resolved enough to avoid question.  I think that there’s still a lot to wonder about Rob and Jennifer – what would happen there if left to simmer and then there’s Sara – JD’s sister and her who life.  So while so much was resolved, still so much to wonder.  all in all,  a great finale to the series.  Enjoy!

Review: Desired by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man Season 2 Ep. 4) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Desired by a Dangerous Man
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Productions 7/14/15
Length: 124 pages
Series:  By a Dangerous Man Season 2 Ep 4


Corbin Lagos is everything Audrey ever wanted, but the billionaire ex-assassin who stole her heart is hiding something. Something big.

And he’s becoming more secretive by the day.

She doesn’t have time to tend to her relationship, not when the family bounty hunting business is failing and the clock is ticking on the most important investigation of her career.

This time she can’t do it alone. Corbin is the only one who can help, but his methods lead to changes she’s not prepared for.

My Thoughts

The saga continues, with a lot of twists and turns in both investigations being done by Audrey and Corbin.  when we left off, things were so up in the air for both that there was the potential for it to pull them apart although it’s not likely since they are so in love.

So in this next installment, we see Audrey and her brother Rob trying to uncover who really murdered JD, Neil’s boyfriend, and they are led to LA where Sara, JD’s sister directed them to search his apartment.  What they find is little to no information, but being the skeptics that they are, Audrey seems to think that there’s a lot that’s being hidden and she’s going to do whatever it takes to find out since it means that they’ll be able to save Massimo, and hopefully their business.

Then there’s the investigation that Corbin is doing, trying to get to the bottom of what happened to his wife.  He’s beginning to question everything that he’s been told so far and i’m not surprised that he’s come to the conclusions that he has.  the issue now is really figuring out what happened to her and which side she’s playing for.

Now that takes us back to the ‘happy couple’ since both investigations are starting to take their toll on happiness.  On top of that, we still know that Henry is out to kill Audrey, and Corbin will do whatever he can to protect her.  That means of course making her a bit mad, but hey, at least while they are mad, they share passions on top of passions and that’s super hot.

Again, one of the GREAT things that cleo does for us in her writing is give us really steamy sceneing between our leads.  Corbin is such a powerful Alpha male that you know you’re going to get something that’s so naughty and hot that you can’t contain your enthusiasm.  Audrey is so open to everything that he wants to do and do to her all the time, that it’s just hot to read.  It’s a shame that we’ll have to keep waiting to find out what will happen, but you know that whatever’s being cooked up will be good.  So enjoy all and have a great saturday!

Review: Pursued by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #8) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Pursued by a Dangerous Man
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Productions 5/7/15
Length: 108 pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #8


Bounty hunter Audrey Stroop returns from her trip to find that disaster has struck the family business… and it’s her fault.

She can’t focus on fixing the mess, not with the vindictive Henry Heigh back on the streets. Corbin has a way to solve the problem and he’s itching to return to his assassin ways. Audrey’s relationship with the gorgeous billionaire is stronger than ever, but if she can’t stop Corbin from killing, she’ll lose him forever.

My Thoughts

This story continues and there’s SO MUCH going on.  I feel like you never know which story line is going to take precedence here, and while it’s a good thing, it’s also a bad thing.

We get the story continued of Corbin sort of being pulled back into the profession and Audrey trying to come to terms with that

We also get that Henry is out of jail and is out for blood with Audrey, but we don’t know when and where he’s going to strike and what Corbin will do to protect her

We also know that Massimo is on the run since he’s wanted for JD’s murder, yet we learn that there’s something fishy going on since access to reports is being denied and it makes you wonder whether there’s someone else working this angle

Then there’s the question of whether or not Audrey and Corbin will find a way to co-exist especially since he wants to help the business, kind of wants to go into business with Audrey and kind of wants to run away.

There’s definitely a roller coaster here, and it’s not until the latter half though that we get any of the passion and heat that we’ve come to love and crave from Ms. Peitsche.  I feel like i kept waiting to see Corbin’s heavy hand come out and it wasn’t until we were towards the end of this installment that we really get what we need.  What he knows that Audrey needs and what we know governs his life.  He’s one to dominate, and it’s hot, and i’m glad that i was patient and got to that point.

So…all that being said, i can’t wait to see what happens next because we know that so many characters are being hunted, new ones are popping up and it’s just a mess of curiosity as to who’s going to survive, who’s going to be in jail and who is going to be happy.  So, onto the next, and hopefully i don’t have to wait very long for it.  Enjoy!

Review: Broken (By a Dangerous Man #7) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Broken
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Publications 3/01/15
Length: 108 pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #7


Audrey’s shortcomings as a bounty hunter and as a girlfriend rise to the surface during a trip to Paris, and Corbin is the only one who can save her… But will he forgive her?

A desperate fugitive begs Audrey to help clear him of a murder charge. He’s hiding something, but he isn’t necessarily guilty. Before Audrey can make a decision, she learns that she and her family are already involved.

My Thoughts

I don’t know that i can honestly say that there was a significant point to this 7th installment.  While we finally made our way to Paris with Audrey, there wasn’t much substance to the piece tied to her and Corbin.  Yes, their relationship is in a weird place but there wasn’t that much development with that.

What we did get though is the interesting twist and turn of events tied to Massimo – the guy that Audrey had been asked to investigate.  Although if you remember, she didn’t think that there was anything notable to worry about with him before, she sees him on her flight to paris which is strange and then he confronts her and gives up information that may tie him to a murder and beating of Neil (his ex) and Neil’s ex Jack.  That’s really the big excitement in this next set of chapters.

What i’m still pondering though is whether Massimo did it and if he didn’t – who did?  While it won’t make or break the story – i thin kthat it’s an interesting sub plot.

What happens towards the end though – the information that we learn that Henry is getting out of jail, well that’s a great piece of information since you know that something bad is going to happen.  Given that Corbin’s attention isn’t focused 100% on Audrey, (he’s still searching for his ex wife and the informant we learned has escaped) it will leave an open opportunity for Henry to get at Audrey and that means that we’ll get to see the bad ass side of her again i’m sure.  Whether it will be in the US or in Paris i’m not sure, but i’m sure that we won’t be disappointed.

The sweet element of this story though ist hat we get to see that Corbin really is in the relationship for all the right reasons and even though Audrey is a bit uncertain about her place with him, he’s clear that he doesn’t just love her, but that he’s IN LOVE with her and that’s what every girl wants to hear.  the other bit is that he asks her about marriage and what she thinks and while her response isn’t necessarily the one that he was hoping for, at least it leaves the door open for things.  I feel like his dom side will make thigns all work out in the end.

Throughout this installment though, at least we continued to get what Cleo does best.  Steamy, passionate, naughty sex and that’s something that you come to crave from her stories.  We see that there’s still such great chemistry between our mains even though they may not be in the happiest of places. i think that the fact that Audrey thrives and loves the pain and punishment aspect of what they do makes it even hotter and while it’s not necessarily one of my own personal things (at the moment) it’s still really hot and exciting.  so….enjoy!

Review: Dared (By a Dangerous Man #6) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Dared
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Publications 12/06/14
Length: 99 pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #6


When assassin Corbin Lagos chose Audrey over his career, she believed nothing could come between them. But a stranger’s disturbing news, if true, will take Corbin away forever.

Her twin brother convinces her to invest everything in the family bounty hunting business even as she secretly accepts her first private investigation case.

My Thoughts

Thinking back to the first five installments to this series, i feel like we were in a really anxiety ridden place – wondering what was going to be the end game for this couple and what that meant for their respective careers.  We know that Corbin decided to walk away from everything in order to be with Audrey – and the question really lies in my mind whether he would be able to hold true to that choice and whether he would then resent Audrey.

The other piece is that i keep forgetting how young Audrey really is – she’s really inexperienced in all things romance related and knowing that Corbin’s older, domineering and well – he’s basically given everything up for her – what does that actually mean for them.

Throughout this first installment in what’s supposedly the next ‘chapter’ of their series, we  get to see what life is like for them.  While there’s still that passion that leaps off the pages, it’s definitely taking a bit of a different edge these days.  While Corbin is great at keeping things steamy and hot, he knows how to get the responses from Audrey that he’s looking for, it seems like her passion has almost a desperate tinge to it.  Add that to the fact that her professional life is in flux, well – that makes for some interesting scening.

Aside from all that, there are a few other plot lines simmering underneath.

1) What’s going ot happen to the business now that there are a lot of employees a lot of work, yet it’s not something that Adurey is 100% passionate about.  She’s surprised to see that her brother is stepping up in a way that he’s never done before, but personally i wonder if there’s another motivation there outside of just taking on more responsibility now that Audrey isn’t as driven.

2) There’s the continued story line that talks about Martin and the curiosity that Audrey has of him.  I feel like there’s going to be more about him as this piece of the series continues.  there’s no way that our lovely author would have all this build up on Audrey thinking that he’s sketchy and not have something come of it.

3) Henry potentially getting out of jail.  you know that he’s out for blood and i think that we’re going to see things come to a head especially when ti seems like Corbin may become distracted in the near future because…..

4) his wife may be alive.

So, all of that, add the passion and confusion of Corbin and Audrey’s relationship and you’ve made for a great read.  Thankfully i have the next installment already, so after i get a few other things off my plate, i’m going to dive right back into this series and see what’s what.  Enjoy!