Review: Calendar Girl: December (Calendar Girl Series #12) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  December
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  110 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #12


Mountains, miracles, and marriage.

I had no idea what to expect when the producers of Dr. Hoffman sent me to the pristine white mountains of Aspen, Colorado. As the town of Aspen is known for being a winter haven for uber-rich Americans, I knew this desert cactus was going to be way out of her element. The ace up my sleeve however, was a high-class movie-making surfer whose family owned a cabin in those snowy hills. With him by my side, I’d make the most out of the experience.

The job was assigned under unusual circumstances. An anonymous mountain man paid a hefty fee to persuade the producers of my show to send me out for a segment on local artisans. Suited up in my parka and Ugg boots, I put the warmth of the California sun in the rearview mirror and headed to a winter wonderland.

With my newfound family in tow, I was prepared to celebrate the best month the year had to offer…until the one woman who drastically changed my life all those years ago appeared like a shadow out of pure frosted air, shattering my soul all over again.

In the twelfth and final book in the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is off to Aspen, Colorado to film a segment on local artists. Prepare to be wowed as Mia’s journey merges into the ending everyone has been waiting for.

My Thoughts

Well, we all knew that this was going to come to an end, and it’s really a shame as it was a nice series, with all of the character’s stories woven into one another.  In this final installment, we get much of what was to be expected, resolutions for most, introductions for some, and a realization of what you actually wanted in life from others.

We see this last month taking Mia and crew to Aspen to work on segments for her new role on the Dr Hoffman show.  It’s of course under the guise of Mia NEEDING to go becuase an artist pays her a lot of money to be there, but when she arrives, she deems ti to be under different circumstances and is about to leave.  Ironically, it’s day one when they set foot in town that Mia feels like she sees a woman that she recognizes – as her mother.  then the woman disappears, and the story begins to unfold.

We learn that YES it’s her mother, and well, that means that Max and Maddy are en route much faster than expected to get to the bottom of things.  It’s also interesting to me to see how the siblings embrace (or not) this new information.  there’s a split house, one who’s more than happy to get the story, one who’s willing to be ok with it and one who wants NOTHING to do with her.

Well, of course it’s Mia who’s got the anger, and it’s served well since she’s the one that actually had the longest time with her mom, and now that’s all gone.  So the journey that we go on in this story is one of finally finding family, and deciding if you want it, and then getting closer with your NEW family, the one that you actually want.  I think that the mix of how this all plays out is really nice – especially with the undercurrent of the holidays and what that should mean.

Add to that, we have the wedding planning for Mia and Wes which actually seems to be going ok, once Wes gets past his recent bouts of jealousy and the idea that some of her past clients are going to come.  Then we also get to see how Gin’s story plays out too.  She’s certainly got her hands full with Tao – Tai’s brother – but what does that really mean since he’s a Hawaii guy and she’s not.

We have a nice closure to the story – with the appropriate levels of passion and heat that we’ve come to appreciate throughout the series.  There are often times when Mia reflects on whether they will always share that same level of interest in each other, and i think that it’s safe to say that YES they will.

In addition to the epilogue (which is from Wes’s perspective) we get a ‘far far future’ glimpse of all of the other folks that we’ve met throughout the series.  It’s nice to see where they all end up, even for some of the characters that we cared less for.  At least there are no strings hanging after all this.  although i would have been ok with the idea of a spin off series.  So…now i’m left to wonder what to read next since this took up a nice 2 weeks of my time to read.  have a good night (or morning) all!!!

Review: Calendar Girl: November (Calendar Girl Series #11) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  November
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  111 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #11


Life, Love, Laughter.

Three things I never expected to experience in the month of giving thanks, but that is just what I received. Wes had survived Hell on Earth, and was back where he was meant to be…in my arms and my bed. For good. There would be no breaking us apart after the trauma we experienced up to this point.

My new job with Century Production sent me to the big apple to interview celebrities for a special segment on being thankful. What is a girl to do when she has an entire host of celebrity friends from her past year of travels? You better believe I called up my friends Mason Murphy, all-star pitcher for the Red Sox, and Anton Santiago, the Latin Lov-ah, to participate. They were all too happy to oblige, only my guy’s feathers were a bit ruffled by the ease with which they came running.

Add in my new family and you’ve got a fairytale Thanksgiving. Except for one tiny detail…the single seat at the table, left open by the hole in my heart that only one person could fill.
In the eleventh book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is off to New York City to film a segment for her new job. Now that her debt has been paid, and the threat from her ex is gone, she no longer has to live life as an escort. Only life has thrown her some new challenges to round out her year.

My Thoughts

Well, we’re in the final bits of the series, and i think that everything is starting to get fully resolved and finalized.  It’s sad to see this series come to a close, but i guess that it had to happen sometime right?

In this November installment, we see the family going out to Texas for Thanksgiving, which we learn was Mia and Maddy’s FIRST thanksgiving.  Real on that is.  Before that though, we get to see Mia doing what she loves – working on segments for her show in NYC – where she gets to really involve regular people and do something nice for them, while also getting to see Anton and Mason again.  Two friends that she’s come to have a really true affection for.

What happens in NYC though with Wes is quite interesting, and not all that unexpected.  Throughout the past story or 2, we’ve seen that he’s having a lot of trouble coping with what he went through, night terrors and the sort.  and while Mia has taken on the responsibility of helping him get grounded again, it’s truly taking it’s toll.  Another symptom that’s been coming up a lot too is that he’s become incredibly jealous and out of no where with people that he knows already that aren’t a threat to his relationship.  Mia’s about at her breaking point at several different moments, and it’s going to be a fight i think to get them back to a good place.

At least things begin to settle down once they are in Texas, and i have to say that the strength of this family bond is something that makes you really jealous if you have a family that isn’t quite as supportive.  It makes me wish that mine sometimes were more like how Max is – i have brothers, but none of them care for and protect me like he seems to do for his new sisters.  It’s sad, but very happy for the story line.

Anyway, we see that there’s an urgent call for the girls to go back to Vegas, something to do with their father, and i guess that we’ve just got one more month to see how all that will play out.  Will they have their father back, and if so, in what capacity?  Will they all get their happily ever after?  And, what’s the request that’s sending them to Aspen?  it seems like a big deal, but with no real information.  (i’m guessing Alec or something, but that’s just me).

Sadly, just one more month to go and then it’ll all be wrapped up.  So…i’m onto December.

Review: Calendar Girl: October (Calendar Girl Series #10) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  October
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  120 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #10


Silicone, surgery, and Hollywood starlets.

The land of the stars was beckoning and I answered its call. Now that I was free, well, as free as anyone could be, I decided to pursue something for me. To grab life by the horns and ride that sucker until I found my place within it. That decision brought me back home to Malibu, California, where I awaited the beginning of this next phase in my journey.

The job? Create a segment surrounding Living Beautiful for celebrity doctor and daytime television guru, Dr. Hoffman. The man was known for his cunning wit, good looks, and no nonsense lifestyle. In a city that was filled with plastic Barbie dolls, and nothing you touched was real, I set out to find beauty. And in doing so, I found a lot more that, for me, for the man I loved, and for the rest of the nation.

In the tenth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is settled in her new home in Malibu, California. Now that her debt has been paid, and the threat from her ex is gone, she no longer has to live life as an escort. Only life has thrown her some new challenges to round out her year.

My Thoughts

Well, this series is going in a different direction than we started, and while it’s not bad, part of me wishes that we would get to continue on the monthly journey that we saw before, since it was really quite interesting to see all the different men and scenarios that Mia got herself into.  The good thing though, is that they ALL continue to intertwine and weave throughout the series – so there’s never someone that you’ll miss for long.

In this 10th installment, Mia is back ‘on the job’ but it’s not at all the type of job that she’s had before.  she’s working on a segment to a talk show and it’s nice to see that she finally gets to do something that was in her realm of expertise before all this began.

While that’s going well, and presents a lot of interesting opportunities for Mia in California, there’s still the issue of what happened to Wes and Gina and the crew that they are coping with.  or not as it seems in many cases.  The two i mentioned have PTSD in a way that’s really hard to get on with their lives as normal, and it forces Mia to be stronger than she’s ever had to be, and while she’s happy to do it, it’s still a position that she shouldn’t have been put in.

The good thing for her though is that she’s been able to find an opportunity to bring Ginelle out to Cali so that she could have her rock, her best friend with her, and that’s exactly what she needs at this point in time.  I can’t wait to see the shenanigans that they get into.

The nice thing that we continue to get from Ms Carlan though, is some really heated sex.  I mean, it was clear from the very first moment that Mia and Wes have amazing chemistry, but the fact that we continue to see that evolve and get really steamy and heated each time they come together, well there’s something special there.

I’m kind of sad to see that the series and year are winding down, especially since i’m so fascinated by all of these characters and stories – and i hope that the closure that we get is fitting for the story itself.  At least we’ve got 2 months left right?  Have a good night all!

Review: Calendar Girl: September (Calendar Girl Series #9) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  September
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  122 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #9


Vegas, Vicious Exes, and Ventilators.

My life felt like a fast ride on a too short highway. Coming home should be roses and rainbows, but nothing that comes out of the desert blooms free. I was most certainly not free. I’d missed my payment to Blaine, owed the last client a hundred grand I didn’t have, and my father was on his deathbed. To make matters worse, Wes was missing in action. As in, no one had seen or heard from him in three weeks. Devastation didn’t begin to explain where my mental state was at.

Like anything life had thrown my way, I pulled on my big girl panties, not the sexy lacy ones I enjoyed teasing my guy with, but the kind that said, “This ass means business.”

I had no choice but to make the decision I made.

My ex, the man that ruined the concept of love for me, put my father in the hospital, was about to get everything he ever wanted…at least that’s what I led him to believe.
In the ninth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia rushes back home to Las Vegas, Nevada. Things have taken a turn for her father, putting her into debt up to her eyeballs.

My Thoughts

Well, we finally get to find out what happens when Mia’s world comes crashing down on her.  She’s back in Vegas after she found that her father had taken a turn for the worse, and if that weren’t enough, it means that she’s not able to work for the month – she missed getting to her next client, and she owes him the $100k that she would have made.  This also means that she’s deeper in the hole with Blaine, and we all know that he’s not willing to make compromises.  She’s forced to strike a deal with him that’s not at all something that’s good for her.

On top of that, she’s been apart from Wes for too long and that’s wearing on her.  It’s after a few weeks of silence that she truly begins to worry, and when she learns what’s happened, well, that takes her stress level from a 9 to a 90.  There’s little information to go off on where he is, and she’s relying on past contacts (i.e. Warren Shipley) to see what he can do.

Add to all that the fact that both she and Maddy are building their family with Max, well, i think that he’s really stepped up in this installment, and we get to see him for the man he really is which is really really nice.  I think that it’s something that Mia and Maddy really needed in life and it’s great that they finally get it now.

So all that being said, there’s very little heat or passion in a real sense here.  A few kidnappings, beatings, and a lot of blackmail and fear.  There’s also still too much uncertainty of what this will all mean to Mia at the end of the year – but we know that it’s more about the journey to her than anything else now that some of her pain points are being taken care of.

Very different from the last installments, but that’s really good since i think that we need such diversity in this series that’s based on 12 installments.  On that note, happy valentines day, and i hope that you guys have a nice sunday!

Review: Calendar Girl: August (Calendar Girl Series #8) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  August
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  122 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #8


Pretending. I’ve always been good at pretending.
Being someone else is easy, and that ability has served me well these last seven months.

This time, I’ve been hired to be the long lost sister of oil tycoon, and down to earth cowboy, Maxwell Cunningham. Recently, Maxwell’s father passed away and in his last Will and Testament he dropped a bomb no one saw coming.

One of the richest men in the world, left forty-nine percent of his company to a sister my client never knew he had. A woman named Mia Saunders.

Maxwell has a year to find this sister or he loses almost half of his empire to a greedy board of investors. Somehow, he found me and here I am.

Sharing in family dinners, pretending to be someone I’m not and fooling bigwigs left and right. Only I’m finding myself falling in love with a family I can never have. One that will hurt to leave.

Stetsons, soul-searching, and sisterly duty all come into a sharp tangle with twists and turns I never saw coming.


In the eight book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is sent to Dallas, Texas. Still on her mission to save her father, she is hired to be the long lost sister of Maxwell Cunningham, one of the newly richest men in America.

My Thoughts

Well, if things were weird before, this next installment is VERY weird.  As the summary tells us, Mia has been hired to play the long lost sister of an oil tycoon, and well, things begin to be stranger and stranger.

The nice thing to the beginning of this next book is that we spend a lot of time in Malibu with Wes.  I think that the way that their relationship is progressing is something quite special.  they’ve opened themselves up to something more, and assuming that they can put aside what it is that Mia actually does for the next few months – well hopefully that means that things will blossom as needed.

On top of all that, the sex is AMAZING between them.  I mean, there’s something to be said about constantly going back to the same character with new moves, and that’s what our author gives us.

Then back to Dallas, we see that Max is going through this process since his father left 49% of the company to this missing sister, and well, Max has secrets of his own about this.  We get the full story throughout this interesting bit, and i think the twist at the end is even more interesting – there’s so much more to the past that anyone knew and that means that there’s so much more to learn about everyone.

Add in the issue of her father being in a home and having his own medical emergencies, well i think that we’re about to see things get even more complicated.  so onto September – can’t wait to see what the fall brings us!

Review: Calendar Girl: July (Calendar Girl Series #7) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  July
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  122 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #7


Hip-hop, Miami heat, and the Latin Lov-ah.

The second half to this year-long journey has taken me to Magic City…Miami. I’ve been hired by the nation’s top hip-hop artist, Anton Santiago. His name is as sexy as he is, and it rolls off the tongue the same way his muscled form rolls to his music. He goes by the name Latin Lov-ah, and boy does he work that title from his rock-hard body, Latin hip-hop fusion dance moves, to the way he beds his women.

He’s raw, dirty, and one hundred percent player…and I want to wrap my naked body all over him and forget about everything.

Every word that comes out of his mouth is a siren’s song.

Every thrust of his hips draws me closer.

Every breath against my neck sends me into a tailspin of need and desire.

After what happened in June, I need to rip the bandage off. Move on. Anton could be just the thing I need to get my groove back.

I was hired to play the part of a seductress in Anton’s new music video, but, in the end, I’m the one being seduced.

In the seventh book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is sent to Miami, Florida. Still on her mission to save her father, she is hired to be in a hot new music video where her unique look and recent popularity will prove invaluable.

My Thoughts

Well, if you thought things were going to get better for Mia after her run in with the senator in the last installment, well, that’s not the case.  Mia’s next job takes her to Miami where she’s to be the ‘hot girl in the video’ of a hip hop artist, and while that’s all nice and great, she’s having issues with flashbacks and fears because of what Aaron did to her.  I think that why i said the last book was ‘darker’ – this one is trying to take us to another place entirely.

Throughout this story, we are seeing what Mia has to cope with in her head because of what he did, and then we see the internal struggle that she has because of Wes and the lack of clarity that she has on what that is and what it’s to be.  Lucky for her, Gin, her best friend involves herself and we see Wes step up to come and take her back to that hot steamy place that she loves.

The other nice thing that our author continues to give us is the sub-story and relationship of the other characters.  her ‘Latin Lov’ah’ and his PA have an interesting dynamic.  Clearly it’s not one of a sexual sort – Heather, the PA made that abundantly clear at the onset.  What we do see is that they have communication issues which we spend much of the story dealing with.  It’s nice to see that there’s something going on here that doesn’t end in happily ever after loving relationship romantically since that’s been the MO of the series so far.  Instead, they come to a mutual understanding of sorts and then go from there.

I think that the biggest question that comes up is what’s in the future for Mia and Wes.  We see that they keep going back to one another, but i don’t know that Wes is really ok with what Mia does and i don’t know that Mia’s able to settle down.  there’s a passage in this story where she tries to define ‘Player’ and she realizes that it’s her since she’s got no inkling towards marriage, just to be with other ppl.

All that being said, we are now off to Dallas to be in a mysteriously set up story.  There’s something weird going on, Aunt Millie thinks so and i think so.  So i guess that means that we’re going to see what happens. So onto August!

Review: Calendar Girl: June (Calendar Girl Series #6) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  June
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  112 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #6


Politics, phallic statues, and pretty women.

Literally everywhere you look, you see an old man and a gold-digging, cling-on wrapped around their wrinkly arms.

Looks as though my hot streak ended when Warren Shipley, one of the nation’s wealthiest men, hired me to play arm-candy to save face with the other one percenters he did business with. At least that’s what I thought when I arrived in Washington, DC, until I was met by old man Shipley’s debonair and insanely handsome son. The Senator from California, Aaron Shipley. Youngest senator in the history of politics, single, beyond rich, and the face of every political magazine around the US. Women everywhere wanted a taste of that power.

Me, I’d always thought politics were boring…boy was I wrong. Democracy had never been more exciting.

In the sixth book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is sent to our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Still on her mission to save her father, she embraces the life of a gold-digging mistress in order to get a life-saving project off the ground.

Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015. The stories will feature Mia’s journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations.

My Thoughts

well this installment is a bit ‘darker’ than the others and a bit more dramatic than what we’ve seen before, but again, it’s nice to see how diverse Ms Carlan has written all of these stories and characters.

In this next installment, Mia goes to DC to be ‘arm candy’ for a politico who needs help furthering his own agenda – so while she’s really uncertain as to what that means for her role, it’s something that she can work towards.  Warren Shipley is the client and while he’s older, there’s really nothing to worry about for her given that her role is not at all to be romantic with him which is nice.  He’s got this ‘sexy’ senator son though who provides some interest for Mia -but that’s entirely different here and adds to the complex dynamic of things in this 6th book.

One of the things that we’ve come to really appreciate from Mia is that her style of ‘telling it like it is’ has been quite successful in getting her client and their potential romantic interest together.  she was successful with Mason, she was successful with Tai, and now there’s a chance to be successful with Warren since there’s an interesting story there.

The other underlying story that we have throughout this series is the Wes/Mia dynamic.  I feel like it’s the ‘will they won’t they’ and sometimes i feel like it’ll all work out and then others i feel like there’s no chance that it’s going to work.  so we’re left on a cliff this time as well, no idea if it’ll end up ok.

As i said before, this was also a much darker installment – there’s some very scary moments that happen, Mia lands in the hospital and there’s a lot of shady business going on to keep things from the press.  It’s actually quite insulting, but i suppose i get it.  The nice thing though is that we see some of the gents come back into play from past stories, there’s a run in with Mason/Rachel which is nice and then there’s Tai coming back into play as well.

So all in all, i’m kind of hoping that the dynamic of the next book is a bit lighter – but it’s also nice to see how much of a variety there is in characters, what it means for Mia and what we all get out of it.  There’s also such a variety in level of passion and heat – as in this book was less heat intense but more relationship intense.  On that note – happy friday – and onto July!

Review: Calendar Girl: April (Calendar Girl Series #4) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  April
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  122 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #4


Baseball, beer, and a hot boy. Nothing can beat that. Until I meet Mason “Mace” Murphy the next “it” pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and my client. He’s immature, arrogant, sexy as sin, and the last man that’s going to get into my panties. He’s not used to hearing the word no from women, so I’m going to spell it out for him.

N = Not going to happen.
O = Out of your league buddy.

I was hired to cuddle up to the annoying, beautiful athlete, and give prospective advertisers and fans a different view of this hot-shot professional baller.

Only he’s everything I detest in a man all wrapped into a dream package. Baseball player, talented, athletic body, sculpted face, and ass you can bounce quarters off of. Unfortunately, he also believes he’s God’s gift to women, a man-whore, throws money around like it grows on trees, and conceited. The challenge for him, to break down my defenses and get in there. My challenge, avoid hopping in the sack with him at all costs.

My Thoughts

Again i’m pleasantly surprised at the originality of this series and how each of the stories has it’s own unique spin.  I think that there’s something to be said about being able to intertwine the whole thing while making it special and different. In this 4th installment, we see Mia taking her travels to Boston to be the ‘girlfriend’ of a new ball player to help improve him image and while she’s working on that, she teaches a few people about love, nurses a broken heart and learns more about herself than she was expecting.

Mason is the expected male lead, very typical in how he treats women given the stereotypes that we hear of successful athletes, and it’s no surprise that the temperament that Mia has will be a match for him.  Putting him in his place at every step.

Then there’s Rachel – his PR person who’s clearly got feelings for him as he sort of does for her, but they aren’t quite in a place to admit to it and take action.  That’s the role that Mia plays, walking the fine line of course since they still have appearances to uphold.

It’s through a bunch of missteps – threesomes, PR issues, car accidents etc that we begin to see things really taking shape.  Mia begins to feel a bit settled, however it’s a phone call that ruins things for her which of course i think that we were all waiting for.

There’s a reapparance of Alec – the sexy french artist from a few months back that makes things racy and super sexy which i feel like we needed and then we’re back to the main story.   I think that’s one of the really nice things here – while these stories aren’t super long, we get at least one really hot scene with Mia and someone and then i have to say some really hot scening with Mason and a variety of other folks.

So now it’s onto May – can’t wait to see what she has for her in Hawaii

Review: Calendar Girl: March (Calendar Girl Series #3) by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  March
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  90 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #3


A fiancée. I’m going to Chicago to pretend to be some Italian Stallion’s future wife. Why a massive hunk, boxer, and rich restaurateur needs a fake bride is beyond me. Then again, I’m not paid to know why. I’m paid $100,000 to be his escort, or in this case, the woman he’s supposedly “going” to marry.

The moment I met Antony “Tony” Fasano, I thought I might have lost my ability to breathe. In my twenty four years of life, I’d not seen anything like him. Clad only in a small towel precariously dangling from his hips–water droplets streaming down every inch of his muscular frame–I knew right then and there, I’d finally seen male perfection in all its raw glory.

What happened next blew me away. It was now abundantly clear why he needed me…a fake fiancée.

My Thoughts

I continue to be impressed with how diverse these stories and characters are – although we’re only in month 3 so we’ll see how that continues.  This next installment takes us on a completely different path, where as the first was about potential for true love, the second was for ‘making love’ and the third is ‘not being afraid of who you love’ – it’s all quite dynamic.

We’re continuing on the journey with Mia as she tries to not only help her father but help herself.  It’s nice to see that she’s really taking this horrible situation and making it into something that’s so much better.  The interesting thing in the mix is Blaine  -the loan shark who not only had her father beat up, but still has some type of interest in her and we’ll have to see how that shakes out through the year since he’s changing the rules of her.

So back to this story at hand, we have Tony – the guy who hires Mia for help in making his family think that he’s engaged etc.  What’s complicated here is his own romantic interest, someone who’s been part of the family for ever and yet someone who may not be ideal for him.  It’s Mia’s help to make Tony see that it’s ok to love who he loves, but of course the fall back from all that may be too much to handle.

Now if you remember back to January when Mia met Wes and they had a really deep connection, well i’ve been wondering how that will all play out since i feel like it would be way too easy for her to fall in love with and stay with the first guy, but its nice to see how he’s popping up in each of these next months.  He does some surprising things here and the need that Mia has for him shows that maybe there’s something real to their relationship.

All that being said, i can’t wait to see what April brings for her since we know that she’s heading to Boston to be arm candy for a baseball player that she actually has a thing for.  Happy Tuesday all!

Review: Calendar Girl: February by Audrey Carlan


Title:  Calendar Girl:  February
Author: Audrey Carlan
Publisher/Year:  Waterhouse Press 8/3/15
Length:  90 pages
Series:  Calendar Girl Series #2


A muse. Me. The motorcycle riding, ass-kicking, concert t-shirt wearing chick from Las Vegas, is a world-renowned French artist’s muse. For a month.

I had no idea when I took the escort job with Exquisite Escorts I would be standing naked in front of a blank canvas in a Seattle warehouse.

“Love on Canvas” he calls his exhibit, a combination of photographic stills and paint entwined to create the most awe-inspiring pieces the world will ever see. Except every last one of them features me and a moment in time where I was vulnerable.

Alec Dubois played on those vulnerabilities, teaching me lessons about love and life that would stay with me through the rest of my days.

My Thoughts

Well, when i was uncertain before about how things would unfold for Mia, and how these different men would bring something new and compelling to Mia’s life, well, i can say that so far i’m not let down.

What we have here is a continuation, with Mia trying to get past what she felt for Wes, what she feels – and see if she can make something work with Alec for the next month, knowing the situation is what it is, and that she’s got a job to do.  What she gets though is so much more than she bargained for.

On moment one practically, she twists her ankle and becomes fairly helpless – Alec has to tote her around everywhere.  Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to put the brakes on anything that he had planned for her as his muse since he’s able to create some of his best work.

All while that’s going on, their relationship evolves into something interesting.  They have a chemistry – that’s obvious, and they know what walls are up and what will never bring them down, so it’s something that works for both, but gets tested during a shoot.

The heat that these two share is quite different than that of what she had with Wes so that’s a nice change, there’s a raw quality to this, it’s intense in an entirely different way and i think that if we see these slight changes from installment to installment, then we’ll have something really interesting from our author.

On that note, i believe that we’re going to chicago next and it’ll be nice to see how this confusing situation works out.  What Mia’s being asked to do here will definitely cause some fights i’m sure among families.  Enjoy!