Review: Capture Me (Royals Saga #6) by Geneva Lee

Title: Capture Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Publisher/Year: Geneva Lee 12/8/15
Length:   291 Pages
Series:  Royals Saga #6


Smith and Belle’s captivating story races towards its breathtaking conclusion in Capture Me.

I never expected to fall in love with Smith Price. Now he was more than my lover. He was my obsession. My savior. My future.

But someone had to pay for the sins of our fathers. Ghosts don’t always haunt you. Sometimes they stalk you down and demand retribution.

We promised each other forever, but we might not live to see tomorrow.

My Thoughts

What we have here is the roller coaster of a finale to Smith’s and Belle’s story.  There’s so much going on between them and around them that you really have no idea who’s going to last and what it’s going to mean.

Throughout their story, we know that Smith’s past is dark and dreary yet we don’t know the extent of it and i don’t know that we’ll ever learn about what it truly is.  We know that he’s controlled by Hammond and that his father was as well, but there’s so much more to the story.  Even to the point that Smith’s working with Alexandra to take Hammond down.

Of course that means that Belle will again be caught in the crossfire.  While her past isn’t the best, she’s making her future with Smith, and that’s coming with it’s fair share of pain and suffering.

We know that they secretly got married while in New York and we know that they want to make a life together, but each is a target now for Hammond and each will do whatever they need in order to keep the other alive and safe.  That comes at a Price (no pun intended).

So throughout this final installment to their story, we see that they are torn apart, pulled together, scared out of their minds through car jackings, murder etc, that you wonder if love is enough to keep them together.

Tying it all together, we get to see how the truly dominant side of Smith is the perfect thing to keep them together – Ms Lee is really doing a great job with this story line giving him that persona – so that we get to see that what he was raised to do within the lifestyle isn’t what he needs in his life but it’s come in handy when certain skills are needed.  It’s hot and passionate and exactly what’s right for this story.

So all in all, we get closure on things with quite a few surprises.  Characters that we love aren’t where they are meant to be necessarily in the end.  And in the author’s notes, there’s the teaser that there will be more so i can’t wait to see a story for Edwards, and hopefully for Lola and Georgia as well.  Enjoy!