Review: Cherry Lover (Cherry #2) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Cherry Lover
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 3/5/19
Length:  186 Pages
Series:  Cherry #2


I got what I wanted. 

Got what I paid for. 

But once Monroe starts dating a handsome billionaire, I can’t stand it. 

It drives me crazy. 

I decide it’s too much to handle. 

I arrive at her door and demand another chance. 

But I’m not sure if she’ll give me one.

My Thoughts

This story takes us exactly where we expect in one sense, and then on a roller coaster in the other. We left off with Slate and Monroe truly seeming as though they are at an impasse – at a point where she’s put herself out there, and Slate just won’t give her what she needs and what she deserves. It’s painful to watch, to see such a young and strong woman put herself out there in the hopes that she can change a man who admits that he can’t be changed. Slate is powerful and sure of himself and knows that he’s so damaged that he can’t let anyone in. Good luck Monroe right?

The bulk of this story is watching them combust. Slate pushes her away and she goes on with her life. She finds a man who can compete with Slate in all categories, authority, success, money, interest. She’s trying to move on, although she’s clear with her new man about how things were with Slate and she even admits that she’s not truly moved on either. They still try to see what works and we see how things could be with Slate out of the picture.

He of course, being the alpha male that he is, can’t handle it. He’s quick to pay attention to every note about her with this new guy, keeps tabs on all that she’s doing, and eventually realizes that he can’t be without her, so he does what he did to begin with, and makes Monroe an offer that she can’t say no to. He’ll try to be what she wants, in exchange for payment as well as 3 months of her time. He’ll do what he can, but in true Slate form, he puts a time limit to things to protect himself.

From that point on, we have hope. We think that there’s a chance that things will work out and that they will have their happy ending. Even with the outside influences of watching Coen and Simone go up in smoke, that pushes them together and immediately pushes them apart.

Let’s pause here for a second and go back to Coen and Simone. We know their story is a bad one, and we get to see how it plays out. Coen is convinced that Simone is marrying him for love, Slate knows better, and Simone makes it clear that she’s out for money. There’s concern now that she will manage to get half of their business if she’s not stopped, but Coen won’t do anything. It’s not until he’s made a fool of publicly that he sees the light, but it’s too late to do anything and we get to watch that play out.

All throughout that mess, Monroe continues to be the light in Slate’s life. Giving him a reason to be happy to come home every night, to have someone to protect and care for, and some how that scares him even more. He’s not willing to admit that she’s got a place in his life and he continues push her away and even goes so far as to buy her a place to live so she can move out (even though i think he doesn’t really want that).

When Monroe can’t take any more, she walks away – AGAIN’ and the story takes a dark turn. We see interesting new allies ,and we also see some scary things happen. It’s anyone’s guess how this story will play out and each chapter from here on out gives us something new and unexpected.

While i’m bummed that there are only 2 books in this series, i’m pleased that we got an epilogue that closes out some loose ends. They are much needed given the cliff that we’re pushed off about 2/3s into the story. I hope you check this series out and enjoy it. On to something new now!

Review: Cherry Popper (Cherry #1) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Cherry Popper
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 2/5/19
Length:  181 Pages
Series:  Cherry #1


They call me the Cherry Popper.

Because there’s only one kind of woman I like to screw.


I pay top dollar for the experience. And sometimes women don’t want me to pay at all.

I get off to their tightness, their tears. I get off to the drops of blood on the sheets. All men have fantasies…I just happen to be rich enough to fund mine.

When Monroe comes into my life, she has a hefty student loan that she can never pay back. On top of that, she’s responsible for paying for her mother’s cancer treatment…even though she lost her anyway. Suffocating in debt, she doesn’t have many options.

Except one.

To sell her virtue to the Cherry Popper.

My Thoughts

I feel like i continue to get sucked into the worlds that our author Ms Quinn take us into, and that’s such a nice thing given the stresses of my daily life. In this instance, we have two character that haven’t had it easy for a variety of reasons, who find each other through odd circumstances and realize that what they’ve been doing to survive thus far isn’t the ideal.

We meet Monroe early on – she’s the main leading lady here – a girl who’s trying to make a name for her self professionally, while also trying to dig herself out of the hole that she’s in financially because of both her education and for a treatment that she had hoped would work to save her mother’s life. Sadly, her mother passed and she’s stuck with this $450k bill that is a reminder she will carry every day of her life until it’s paid off that her mom couldn’t beat the odds. On top of that, she’s paying off student loans that were taken out in the hopes of learning more to get a better job and she questions that choice every day of her life.

When a friend tells her how she was able to make a quick $100k by selling her virginity, and she realizes that the man who’s paying is young, attractive and worth the effort, she takes the leap and tracks him down. Her methods were unconventional and not at all what Slate (our leading man) is used to, and that’s what changes the trajectory of the story completely.

Enter Slate, the man who pays for girls virginity, for a variety of reasons. We learn that he’s been burned by love and family in the past and needs to have control so that he can protect his heart. Because of this, he won’t allow any woman close enough to get in, and he won’t ever do repeats. He’s able to get what he needs, and provide these girls with the best first time memory that they can desire and it’s a win win since they’re compensated nicely for it.

If only it were that easy right? This is where out story goes off the rails, and not in a bad way. Monroe essentially is a tease since she agrees and then stops at the last moment. She does this a few times and while that should irritate Slate, it makes this into an idea of conquest. It becomes about the chase because he realizes (even if he won’t admit that he does) that there’s something more here, that he enjoys Monroe’s company and that he’s attracted to her more than any other woman.

We get on the roller coaster from here with them. watching how things seem to go on the right path to form a real bond, and then we see how that crashes and burns and how Monroe’s innocent mindset of what this could be is proven wrong. We’re accustomed to how this story plays out as it’s the norm in the genre – the man makes it clear what he’s looking for and what he’s not capable of giving, yet the girl thinks that she’s able to change his outlook on life. When she’s pushed away in a cold way, there are two choices, wallow or pick yourself up, and knowing Monroe the way we do, we know she’ll pick herself up. The way that plays out for Slate though will be interesting to watch.

The other plot line that we watch from here out though is that of Slate’s family. We know that his brother is marrying the woman who burned him in the past, and that’s what started all these actions. Slate knows that Simone is only after their money and his brother won’t recognize that. We have to watch to see what tricks have to be pulled and how this plays out to see if there’s any hope for Slate to have his happy ending as well.

So on that note, we’re left broken hearted on one side of the coin, hopeful for the future on the other, and completely engaged to see how romance, passion and fear will translate into a conclusion for this duo. Enjoy!