Review: Twice the Pleasure (Cinderella Chronicles #2) by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: Twice the Pleasure
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year: EverAfter Romance 7/24/12
Length:   122 Pages
Series:  Cinderella Chronicles #2


Samantha’s fiancé is rich and handsome, and as an added plus he moves in her father’s business circle. But Samantha feels uncertain. Logic says love and passion are about youth and fairy tales. Still…deep in her heart there was one man who still calls to her. The one who left her and never looked back. Eric.Young and foolish, Eric walked away from the woman he loved, tired of her father’s snobbery. When Eric learns Samantha is getting married, he knows he has to act. Eric plans to conquer Samantha’s heart no matter how down and dirty he has to get.When Eric shows up at Samantha’s bachlorette party, she figures one last romp between the sheets with him might prove Eric isn’t the hot lover or “love” her mind and heart have conjured up all these years. But soon passion burns like never before, and Samantha might just have an addiction she can never beat…Eric.

My Thoughts

part of me was sad that this wasn’t a continuation of book 1 but i think that it’s ok to get these novellas that give us just enough to keep things exciting and then find a semblance of resolution even if it’s not the entire picture.

So in this 2nd book in the series, we get to see Samantha’s story – the week before her wedding to David, and we find ourselves at her Bachelorette party.  A great occasion right? One to be super excited?  but nope – she’s imaging what her life would be like with other choices having been made – she has been with David, the safe choice on things and the guy that her father loves and approves of, but not the guy that makes her heart beat faster.  That was held for Eric – a man from her past that was her true love but who didn’t come from the same lifestyle that she’s from and therefore an issue to everyone.

Through some plotting of Samantha’s best friend, Eric shows up at the party and what we see from there is such explosive chemistry that only few in the world get to experience (or at least that’s what we’re led to believe).  Samantha can’t control how she feels about him, but also knows that he left her all those years ago and didn’t come back.  She’s hurt and while the night is fun, she’s not willing to take it where he wants it to go.

The path that this novella takes us on is one of where Samantha has to make the choice of whether she wants to be safe and marry David or if she wants more.  We don’t know what choices she’ll make and what that will mean since we know that David is groomed to take over her father’s firm and Eric still hasn’t shown his intentions.  But…we do know that it’ll be exciting nonetheless.   On that note, enjoy!

Review: One Night Forever (Cinderella Chronicles #1) by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: One Night Forever
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year: EverAfter Romance 7/24/12
Length:   297 Pages
Series:  Cinderella Chronicles #1


A Modern Day Fairy Tale! Who doesn’t want their own Prince Charming?

She’s a struggling good girl taking care of a sick mother. He’s the hot one night stand that she dared indulge in a year before…and now he’s her sexy, rich new boss.
Book 1 The Cinderella Chronicles — 55,000 words

Lauren Reynolds’ obsession with the sexy, cutting edge soap opera “Red Hot Secrets” used to be her hottest secret. But now she has a bigger one. More daring. More dangerous. One year ago, on a sultry summer night, she slept with a stranger. But not just any man, one who later turned out to be her boss.Fate has thrown Lauren into the arms of a man who takes her to the absolute edge of passion, but will he destroy her career in the process? She knows she should turn away from temptation, but she convinces herself she deserves just one more night…over and over again.And now, her red hot secret might steal her heart.

My Thoughts

This is a sweet story of a girl who’s had to sacrifice quite a bit for her family and put her own needs and wants on the back burner.  Now it’s time for her to finally live, and take control of her life and that’s what we see Lauren do.  One the eve of her new internship, she’s talked into going on a girls night to celebrate the start of her new life and when her friends bails, things take a turn that’s completely unexpected.  yet very very needed.

Lauren goes to the bar to meet her friend and upon walking in makes eye contact with a man who will change her life forever.  Cat ends up not showing up because of work and she’s forced to drink alone, however said man comes to her rescue and sits at her table, admitting that the connection she felt was not one sided.  From there, we see that they have an amazing night together, but that’s all that Lauren intended for it to be and off she goes in the middle of the night.  leaving just a note.

Fast forward a year later when lauren’s internship is over and she’s landed an amazing job (mind you one that’s completely lacking reality as i work in advertising and i know that where she starts out at this new agency is not at all the level that anyone would straight from an internship).  regardless, she’s got this killer job at a new firm and she’s walking into her first leadership meeting where they are meeting with the new CEO who turns out to be mr one night stand.

The roller coaster that we go on from there is one that has hints of other stories that i’ve read but still has a bit of originality that makes me enjoy it.  We see that there’s an issue of the employer/employee thing since there’s still definite chemistry between them, and they clearly want each other but there’s a fear of careers getting hurt along with reputations.  Matt finds a solution in the form of creating their own fantasy world and while it works at the onset, they both realize that there’s so much more there between them and that means so much more at stake.

The questions that you’re asking yourself throughout is can it work, is anyone going to find out and what will that mean to lauren’s career and reputation?  is there any way for this to work out for everyone’s best interest or does it mean that they will have to stop what they are doing or find other jobs……

We get the expected heat and passion that Ms Jones brings to her stories so that’s a great thing.  The downside is that the way that this one ended, it kind of hints at what it could be if there was another installment to their story, however i think that wasn’t ever the intention so you’re given some closure but nothing final enough for my liking.  oh well.  Enjoy!