Review: Club Lux: New Beginnings (Club Luxe #5) by Olivia Noble


Title: Club Luxe:  New Beginnings
Author:  Olivia Noble
Publisher/Year:  Loretta Lost 1/31/15
Length:  103 Pages
Series: Club Luxe #5


Malcolm never thought he would ever see his wife again. Her abandonment caused him years of suffering, and the sting of her betrayal tore his heart to shreds. He was only just beginning to heal, thanks to Victoria’s perseverance, when his first love walked back into his life and caused his pain to increase tenfold. Malcolm is angry, confused and unsettled, but matters of the heart must be put aside when he learns that his enemy threatens to kill his daughter in less than a week:

Unless Malcolm surrenders his own life.

Elizabeth has spent many agonizing years living in secret, forced to remain separated from the love of her life. Now, her cruel brother has gone too far. He has not only destroyed her marriage, but stolen her daughter. Elizabeth is reduced to a desperate woman trying to save her child, and she finds herself begging the same man for help whom she betrayed so long ago. One look at her husband’s chiseled face and familiar eyes, and all the sweet memories of their past come rushing back to her. Elizabeth never stopped loving Malcolm; and now, she knows that she loves him more than ever.

But the sight of her husband in the arms of another woman is too much to bear…

My Thoughts

As if Mal and Victoria hadn’t gone through enough, and if their love wasn’t enough of a struggle, the battle to get Claire back was going to truly tear them apart.  With having his ‘wife’ elizabeth around, things were getting even more complicated since she was trying to put on a brave face and be friendly with her, yet no one was sure what lizzy’s intentions were.  Topping it off, they were given a 24 hour ultimatum to find Claire otherwise Brant would kill her.  So, the clock is ticking and the questions that lie ahead are whether they will find her in time, whether it’s too easy that they are finding out locations and some of the intel on him, and who’s going to come out alive.

We know from past installments that there’s bound to be a lot of death and struggle, and that’s something that we continue to get here.  The difference though is that in most of the past pieces of the story there’s been a lot of the heat and passion that’s needed to keep Mal and Vica together and with the addition of Lizzy, we don’t have that.  What we do see is the confusion of who’s relationship is worth more, and who’s willing to sacrifice what for their own happiness and love.

Victoria sacrifices more than most in this story and while you would hope that she’d get rewarded – that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The good news for her though is that her roommate Chloe is very understanding and her life seems to be looking up.  The worry that i have though is that her happiness is tied to Dominic who is tied to Mal – especially since Mal has said that he’s walking away from the club, and putting Dom in charge.  We’ll see what affect that has on Mal and on Victoria. ….

Where we are left off in this story is the world shattering for one of the mains – and a questionable reappearance of someone who was thought to be dead.  I think that what we’ll get in the final installment is a lot of tension, more broken hearts and what i’m hoping will be a passionate reunion.  I have about a month to wait for the finale so i’ll have to ponder for just a few more weeks.  Enjoy!

Review: Club Luxe: Deadly Lust (Billionaires Underground #3) by Olivia Noble


Title:  Club Luxe:  Deadly Lust
Author: Olivia Noble
Publisher/Year: Loretta Lost 11/14/14
Length: 109
Series: Billionaires Underground  #3


With Malcolm presumably dead after a terrible accident, Victoria finds herself in the most dangerous situation imaginable: trapped in a foreign nation with nothing except the clothes on her back. She has no idea what to do next or how to get out of this mess. The only thing keeping her going is the willpower to finish the job Malcolm gave to her, and honor his final request to find Claire.
But Malcolm Cage isn’t the type of man who will go down without a fight.
On a burning plane with only a few moments before it crashes there is only one thing on his mind: survival. No miracle is going to save him now; he only has his wits and skills to live another day.

My Thoughts

Who’s alive – how bad are they hurt, will they be saved/reunited or will the wrong person find them first?  these are all the questions that you have to have in your mind as you’re reading this third installment to the series.  We left off just as the private plane crashed – Malcolm strapped the only chute to Victoria and throws her out of the plane and he tries his best to glide it down and survive.  He’s the lucky one of course – he’s not really hurt, comes across a couple that helps him get to safety and then has to figure out if Victoria’s alive and where she is.  before anyone else gets to her.

Victoria on the other hand, she’s injured, in the jungle alone, and begins to suffer from her own sickness – in the sense that she imagines that Malcolm is there and that’s what keeps her going.  When things seem like they can’t get worse, she just about runs out of food and water and then has a ‘cat’ come upon her one night.  Is she going to be it’s dinner?

Of course you know that there’s a resolution here, since we know that we have to find Claire and rescue her, but if only it were that easy.  Malcolm knows what they are up against, they go to his condo in Argentina to find Claire all while pretending to have died in the crash.  Their secret doesn’t last for long, and they are being hunted.  Sooooo close yet so far away!

Throughout this ordeal, we see the relationship between Victoria and Malcolm grow-  not only because of the situations that they are in, but there are actual feelings there and Malcolm begins to open up a bit more about his past, how he started his company and his friendship/partnership in business.  This is something that we haven’t gotten yet in the series – some of that back story and i think that it’s the perfect time to get it.

Where we are left in this installment again is a lot of great heated scening.  These 2 really enjoy each other and Malcolm knows how to please his woman, so there’s no shortage of that here.  We also know that Victoria knows herself and that’s something that comes off the pages well!

If only that’s where things ended right?  NOPE – they track down claire, and find themselves in a precarious position where they have lost their stealth ness – they have been discovered around the house, and again, the question begs to be asked who will be captured, who will survive and what is the price being asked.  The other question that i have is really – ‘What is the Organization’ – i’m really curious about that – since secret societies are always intriguing to me.  Oh well, we’ll find out soon i’m sure.  ENJOY!