Revisting of Bared To You (Crossfire Book 1) by Sylvia Day

Because today’s date was fast approaching, i felt that in order for me to do the release of Reflected in You justice, i had to go back and re-read Bared to You.  Reading it a second (ok third) time really reminded me about how great the writing was in this first installment and how the characters and story line really make you want to know  more.

So for those of you who haven’t read it yet, get your butts moving!

we’re introduced to Eva who is damaged yet not a timid little mouse because of it.  I think that’s one of the BEST things about this story – that we feel a sense of pity for Eva and what she’s gone through, yet she’s so tough and ‘able’ that we know that she can handle whatever BS is thrown her way.  In reading similar stories like this one, the lead female is strong, but she needs the man for more than just being dominated.  Here, Eva has her own money, family connections, career and knows her own sexuality and how to use it, yet being dominated (even if it’s just a power struggle for now) is really where this story goes.

Gideon (oh how i LOVE that name) is your typical powerful ‘dark and dangerous’ lead male.  he’s got it all in life – successful business, women falling at his feet, yet his past is so troubled that we don’t even get into it in Book 1.  He doesn’t let people in personally, creates all these barriers, but some how he wants to let those walls down for Eva and has to figure out how to do it.

the air ‘crackles’ with tension when these 2 are together – they can’t go for more than 10 minutes it seems without wanting to get the other’s clothes off.  there’s a lot of arguing/fighting that’s really just foreplay that gets them even hotter for one another.  The sex scenes are written pretty well too – they aren’t too ‘middle school’ yet i think that there are times when a few words are over used.

Aside from learning about how their relationship will develop and if it will survive in Book 2 (Reflected In You), i’m kind of curious about a few other things:

1) what’s eating Gideon?  what happened in his pas? and with his family?  why does he hate his brother (step brother)

2) will Eva continue to excel at her job?  also, being in the advertising industry, typically it’s not an admin/personal assistant that helps with the pitches and things like that.  it’s a junior AE, so that throws me off a bit

3) what’s the deal with Corinne and Maggie?

4) will Gideon and Eva make it work in Book 2 or do we have to wait for Book 3? (and i don’t know if i can wait that long!)