Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout

Long awaited but well worth it.  that’s my first thought about this story – book 3 (sort of) in the Lux series.  Touted as Book 2 because there was a prequel, but to me it’s book 3.  in any event, we’re brought back into the world of Katy and Daemon and pick up right where we last left them

they had fought Arum and won – Daemon (a Luxen) some how managed to heal Katy (a human) when she almost died trying to protect Daemon in a power struggle with the bad guys.

so….here we are with Katy (a.k.a. kitten) and Daemon – still ‘connected’ to each other some how, and yet still trying to fight it.  oh how surprising is that?

we’re introduced to a new character in this story:

Blake – he’s the new kid in town, and of course that makes things fun given that Katy was the new kid at the onset of the series.  Blake is the surfer kid – good looking and mysterious because no one knows much about it.  of course he and Katy have some type of instant connection (enter the love triangle).

what happens from that – well – you’ll have to read the story to find out – but just know that Blake makes Daemon’s green eyed monster (sorry for the pun since he DOES have green eyes) come out – and well, Katy sort of has to choose.

As i was reading the story – i had my suspicions on how it was going to end up, and for the most part i was right.  i didn’t quite guess all the twists and turns which actually makes me really happy.  there were some unexpected happy things and a few unexpected SAD SAD things – but all in all – this was a good follow up and i can’t wait until OPAL comes out.  DECEMBER 11, 2012 – that’s what i’m reading now as the release date so 5 more months to wait….hopefully i can bide my time with another one of the amazing Jennifer L Armentrout’s series.