Review: Dared (By a Dangerous Man #6) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Dared
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Publications 12/06/14
Length: 99 pages
Series: By a Dangerous Man #6


When assassin Corbin Lagos chose Audrey over his career, she believed nothing could come between them. But a stranger’s disturbing news, if true, will take Corbin away forever.

Her twin brother convinces her to invest everything in the family bounty hunting business even as she secretly accepts her first private investigation case.

My Thoughts

Thinking back to the first five installments to this series, i feel like we were in a really anxiety ridden place – wondering what was going to be the end game for this couple and what that meant for their respective careers.  We know that Corbin decided to walk away from everything in order to be with Audrey – and the question really lies in my mind whether he would be able to hold true to that choice and whether he would then resent Audrey.

The other piece is that i keep forgetting how young Audrey really is – she’s really inexperienced in all things romance related and knowing that Corbin’s older, domineering and well – he’s basically given everything up for her – what does that actually mean for them.

Throughout this first installment in what’s supposedly the next ‘chapter’ of their series, we  get to see what life is like for them.  While there’s still that passion that leaps off the pages, it’s definitely taking a bit of a different edge these days.  While Corbin is great at keeping things steamy and hot, he knows how to get the responses from Audrey that he’s looking for, it seems like her passion has almost a desperate tinge to it.  Add that to the fact that her professional life is in flux, well – that makes for some interesting scening.

Aside from all that, there are a few other plot lines simmering underneath.

1) What’s going ot happen to the business now that there are a lot of employees a lot of work, yet it’s not something that Adurey is 100% passionate about.  She’s surprised to see that her brother is stepping up in a way that he’s never done before, but personally i wonder if there’s another motivation there outside of just taking on more responsibility now that Audrey isn’t as driven.

2) There’s the continued story line that talks about Martin and the curiosity that Audrey has of him.  I feel like there’s going to be more about him as this piece of the series continues.  there’s no way that our lovely author would have all this build up on Audrey thinking that he’s sketchy and not have something come of it.

3) Henry potentially getting out of jail.  you know that he’s out for blood and i think that we’re going to see things come to a head especially when ti seems like Corbin may become distracted in the near future because…..

4) his wife may be alive.

So, all of that, add the passion and confusion of Corbin and Audrey’s relationship and you’ve made for a great read.  Thankfully i have the next installment already, so after i get a few other things off my plate, i’m going to dive right back into this series and see what’s what.  Enjoy!