Review: Desire in Lingerie (Lingerie #7) by Penelope Sky

Title: Desire in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 7/3/18
Length:  165 pages
Series:  Lingerie #7


Bones is a man I despise.

He gives Bad Blood a whole new definition.

But he’s not exactly what I thought he was. 

Maybe men can change.

But it doesn’t matter how I feel about him.

My father would never approve. 

He’d never let me love a man like him.

My Thoughts

The story with these two continues to be a roller coaster, where they have so much trouble admitting to each other and to themselves (in the case of Vanessa) how they feel towards the other, but it’s so obvious to everyone else. Is it something that they’ll overcome? Well, no.

We know that they love each other as we get deeper into this story, but we know that there’s no future because of so many reasons. Bones isn’t the type to settle down, although he follows suit with all the other men that we’ve met by our amazing author and we know that when the right woman comes along they change their tune. Vanessa knows that Bones is a man that his family will NEVER accept because of the blood war that’s been going on for generations. It doesn’t matter that Bones wasn’t raised by his father, it doesn’t matter that Bones is a different man, there are too many walls for anything good to come of this.

So we spend much of the book watching them try to live their lives separately. Vanessa goes back to her apartment, her life, tries to make her life into what it was before Bones. Even allows her mother to set her up with someone who would have been considered the perfect man. But he’s not Bones, so he’s not perfect.

With the connection and chemistry that we know these two have, it’s no surprise that they realize that the jealousy that they feel, that the love that they share is more important for now and they give it a shot. Vanessa knows that she’ll have to hide her relationship forever and Bones knows that he’s not capable of giving her the fairy tale, but for now, they don’t care.

Life continues on for both of these guys – Bones goes on hits, and Vanessa gets scared for his safety. Vanessa paints and is successful at selling her work even when she didn’t have faith that she was good enough. Their path seems to be on a great trajectory. Until they decide that they have to be open with the Barsettis and that’s where all hell breaks loose.

Will Bones ever be accepted? doubtful. Will Vanessa be forced to choose between her love and her family? likely. will there be a happy ending here? who knows. While we’re left at a point in the story where decisions have been made and there’s no more ambiguity, there’s still a huge question on what the overall outcome will be and what’s going to be sacrificed. So…i must go find the next installment to figure it out, since honestly, i thought this would have been the story to tie up their romance. Enjoy!