Review: Enamored (The Accidental Billionaire #3) by J.S. Scott

Title: Enamored  
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Montlake Publishing 10/15/19
Length:  251 Pages
Series:  The Accidental Billionaire #3


Like his brothers and sisters, Seth Sinclair went from blue-collar to billionaire overnight, and he’s decided to invest in what he knows best: construction. There’s only one thing in his way—the endangered birds nesting on a piece of prime beachfront real estate. And fighting for the birds is Riley Montgomery, a stubborn, pain-in-the-ass, drop-dead-gorgeous environmental lawyer. The worst part? Seth will do anything to keep her around—even if it means hiring her to be his fake girlfriend.

With a cause to fight for, Riley agrees to Seth’s scheme. If she keeps the superficial women away from Seth, then he’ll leave the wildlife sanctuary alone. But pretending to be his girlfriend comes with ground rules: No ass grabbing. And absolutely no sex. Ever. The problem? The sexual tension sizzles when they’re together.

Seth isn’t so keen on Riley’s rules, but he’ll keep his word, at least until she decides otherwise. But bringing Riley into his circle has brought her past back to haunt her in ways that neither of them expected. Now it’s less about broken rules and more about broken hearts, and Seth will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.


I really enjoy this series and the family that we’re following throughout each installment. The story behind the Sinclairs is one that is so complex, and watching how each family member’s own tale unfolds makes it that much more interesting. We’ve seen things work out for Jade, and for Aiden, and now it’s Seth’s turn to see what his path becomes.

Seth is a commercial developer who’s trying to build a resort on a beachfront property that now is apparently the home to an endangered species. This is where Riley comes in – a lawyer who’s personal quest is to ensure that the birds have a place to live forever. Riley has an ally on her side in the form of Jade since she’s always an animal conservationist, and watching the two women double time Seth makes for a great read.

The dynamic between these two characters is different from what we’ve seen in the series so far. They spent more time fighting with each other than is necessary, since Riley has walls that she needs to keep up while Seth wants nothing more than to break them down. We don’t know exactly what’s made Riley into the tough woman that she is, we only get a bit of the story, but we know that it has to be deep and that’s something that Seth’s willing to be patient with.

The journey that these two go on is an interesting one. Seth agrees to let the property go if Riley complies with a need that he has – to not only have an appropriate girlfriend on his hard in looks, but also as a means for him to get to know Riley better and see what’s there. He’s like all other Sinclairs in the sense that when he falls, he falls hard and that’s what happened when he met Riley. On the other hand though, Riley has no desire to be in a relationship, she’s shunned that for a while now and the innuendos that Seth puts on make her uncomfortable.

We go up and down with them during this installment, watching emotions develop but at the same time seeing what jealousy and distrust do as well. It’s hard to see how this can have a positive outcome, but we can only hope for the best. It’s only after a series of events lands someone in the hospital that we’re forced to see the bigger picture in how things should be. That may be apart though , and i think that as a reader we need to come to terms with it.

It’s a roller coaster but a good one! As was the case as well with the prior books, we get a tease as to what the next installment will be like. My guess – Noah. the eldest brother, the one who’s had to take on all the responsibility in the past to raise the kids and keep the family together, and that’s shaped him into a man who’s too serious and stressed and who thinks that there’s no one out there for him because he has no need to look. I can only hope that he finds a woman who will flip his world over and i’m sure that book will be intense. I can’t wait – enjoy!

Review: Enamored (The Enslaved Trilogy #2) by Shoshanna Evers


Title: Enanmored
Author:  Shoshanna Evers
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 5/13/13
Length:  175 Pages
Series: Enslaved Trilogy #2


Billionaire BAD Boy Marc Wilde has never met a woman who could fulfill his every need…until he takes his good friend and fellow dominant Mistress Lauren up on a dangerous bet—a bet where she ends up as his sex slave for a week. Can a Dominatrix fall in love with a Dom? Only if she can find a way to submit to Marc’s every desire and be happy about it. Lauren has her doubts…but the flirtation, the friendship, and the sex might be too much for either to resist…

My Thoughts

I always enjoy getting to know the boys in a trio – and in this instance, we finally get to learn more about Marc – the tattooed, shaven head one….and at the same time we get to learn quite a bit more about Mistress Lauren – whom we were just teased a bit about in book 1.

This story picks up on the eve of Trevor and Elisabeth’s wedding, an even that we can only expect will be complicated given Roman’s feelings for Elisabeth.  That plays out interestingly in this story, but it’s really Marc that we should get back to.

What we find out is that Marc and Lauren have been ‘besties’ for more than 5 years, really leaning on each other for support for any number of reasons, but because they are both doms, they can’t ever really cross that line.  Everyone of course sees the way that they are with each other, and it’s after Roman suggests a bet to Marc that will cause them to cross the line, that we see things evolve and change.  The bet of course is to see who can get a sub to scream first, and the loser then has to sub for the winner for a full week.

Marc finds a way to win the bet, and that means that Mistress Lauren will have to submit for a week.  If she’s able to that is.  Where this story takes us is on that journey, where we learn more about why she became a domme, and what it means for her to submit to someone, and try to relinquish control – which she doesn’t truly do for the most part in this story.

What i liked here is that we continue to see the SM side of BDSM in this series, which we don’t get to see as often in this genre.  We see Marc who’s all tough nails find his compassionate side especially since he finally admits that he’s in deeper with Lauren.  He’s even willing to submit to her if that helps things – but it’s a battle of wills with them.

What we’re continuously asking ourselves in this story is whether Marc’s desire to be with Lauren means that he’ll find a way to successfully top her, or if he’ll find a way to be her sub if it means that things will work out.  I have to say that where they finally netted out was a nice twist on things, given how macho we get a sense of Marc being.

I have to say that Marc knows what he’s doing with heat and passion when he’s trying to top someone.  We get to see him be powerful and authoritative with Lauren and it’s hot.  very hot.  there’s a clear chemistry with them, and because they are both so alpha, it makes each scene that much more intense, sexy, and heated.

The other nice thing is that like we had in the first book, we get a really good path to where the 3rd book will take us.  We know that Roman is miserable and we see him make an escape to Japan to take care of business.  What i love about any notion of Japan and BDSM is the bondage bit – Shibari – and clearly he’s a master.  we see this as a tease while he’s there playing and i can only hope that we’ll get to see more.

So, what we get in this 2nd installment, the bridge book is the cross over from happy newlyweds with Trevor and Elisabeth, to the complexities of Marc and Lauren, to the depression and hope of Roman.  It’s a nice progression, and i like that these stories aren’t really stand alone.  you do yourself a diservice if you read them out of order or as stand alones.  so…..check them all out and i’m off to book 3 to see what’s next for the BAD Boys.