Review: Enslaved (Enslaved Trilogy #1) by Shoshanna Evers


Title: Enslaved
Author:  Shoshanna Evers
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 4/8/13
Length:  175 Pages
Series: Enslaved Trilogy


Elisabeth Anderson has seen Trevor and his friends at the infamous Manhattan BDSM club WhipperSnapper, where everyone calls them the BAD Boys, for “Billionaire Arrogant Doms.” The BAD Boys—Trevor Brooks, Marc Wilde, and Roman Chase—are aptly named; they’ve made money hand over fist due to their aggressive investing at the Brooks Wilde Chase Fund. These guys are so rich they can get away with anything, or so the rumors go.

Trevor gives Elisabeth full reign of his estate in Westchester, letting her do as she pleases. He has only two rules. Rule One: she must obey and submit to him while she is living in his house. Rule Two: always answer the blue cell phone. She’s happy to oblige, because being with Trevor makes her want to obey, to love him the way he seems to be falling for her. But Elisabeth’s never been good at being the quiet sub; she’s feisty and gets off on the punishments more than she does by pleasing Trevor.

Elizabeth can’t submit to Trevor the way he needs her to, so his friend and business partner (and fellow BAD Boy) Roman takes her in hand. But love triangles can have sharp edges…and somebody’s bound to get hurt.

My Thoughts

It’s an interesting take on things, the way that this story comes about.  We meet Elisabeth when she’s in Grand Central with her old Dom Gregory, as he’s seeing her off on a new adventure.  She had been collared to him for years and they had ended their relationship a few months back.  Even though that’s all happened, Elisabeth has had a fear of what’s to come, and Gregory has worked to find a solution since he knows that he needs someone different for himself and that the same goes for Elisabeth.

Enter Trevor – as noted in the overview, he’s one of the 3 BAD Boys – and he’s become interested in Elisabeth over time.  He has his own past and demons to deal with and thinks that maybe Elisabeth is the way to get past them.  He was married once before and the lifestyle that he prefers was a breaking point.

Where this story takes us is on a journey of self discovery for E – given that she knows what she likes – meaning PAIN and a lot of it, she’s slowly learning that there’s other stuff there too – emotions that she’s been trying to fight off – but that keep bubbling up.  Her time with Trevor is one that’s really good for both of them, the find an easy comfort in one another, yet they have a great BDSM relationship as well.  except for those times that she tries to ‘top from the bottom’.All the while, they begin to develop feelings for one another but are too scared to let them happen or even admit.

That’s where the story takes an even more interesting twist.  Enter Roman, Trevor’s best friend, who has taken on the task of training Elisabeth in the hopes that she’ll realize that she has true feelings for Trevor.  Of course things have to become much more complicated right?  you have another sexy hot Dom that’s leading the training of a bratty Sub, and well, fireworks happen.  and not in a good way.

I think that i was hoping for this new love triangle to make things more complicated and it seemed like for a while we were going to get the complex story that i was hoping for.  I’m still not sure that i buy into the clean nature of how things played out – and maybe i will as the series continues, but i think that it’s interesting to say the least.

The other nice thing about this story is that we have a sub-plot of Elisabeth’s old Dom Gregory who has realized that he prefers men and has taken on a new sub in Andrew.  It’s nice to see that he’s finally doing something for himself that is good – v. trying to fit into the mold of something that’s not fulfilling.

What we get in this story is a new take on BDSM, in the sense that we have someone who really prefers to be a full time slave and have someone make decisions for her all the time.  that’s different than most of what i’ve read- but certainly makes for some heated scening.  the other bit that’s nice is that there’s clear chemistry here in the story – and it’s brought through a combination of pain and pleasure, and that takes the story in a different direction than i’m used to as well.  Anyhow, i’m off to read the next installment and see which BAD Boy we get to learn about next.