Review: Exposed (Ethan Frost #3) by Tracy Wolff


Title:  Exposed
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher/Year:  Random House Publishing 5/5/15
Length:   306 pages
Series:  Ethan Frost #3


Will Ethan Frost go too far for the woman he loves?

The moment Chloe Girard walked into my life, she exposed secrets and emotions I always thought were best kept buried.

She wants to move on, to ignore the past. But I can’t do that. Not when she still suffers. And not when the man who hurt her remains unscathed. So when I discover the perfect opportunity to make him pay for what he did to Chloe, I can’t walk away, no matter the consequences.

But there’s a fine line between justice and obsession. As I turn up old crimes and new lies, I know that I’m playing with fire—and risking the very foundations of our relationship.

My love for Chloe is absolute. I just hope it’s enough to save us both.

My Thoughts

The saga continues.  i don’t know what’s more interesting – how this couple can’t seem to catch a break with trusting each other, or the depth and breadth in which things unfold with all of the other characters involved.  We know that Ethan and Chloe have a long road ahead of them to be happy and healthy together, and we know that there’s a trip to vegas in the works to get hitched, but i think that there has to be more complications coming up since we all know that it can’t be that easy.

Of course, the trip to vegas becomes something of a mixed bag of uses for Ethan, as he’s not only able to marry the woman that he loves, but he’s able to get in front of the head of the Italian Mafia in the hopes of cutting off all of his ‘brother’s’ resources and hopefully burying his hopes of a future.  That all happens, but i think that it’s all happening a bit too easily.

Then there’s the issue of how Chloe learns of all that’s going on and how she reacts which is always volatile.  She’s got Tori there to help ground her, but of course her instinct is to run and that she does.  Back home thankfully but still…it’s running.

Now that these 2 are married, we see less of the professional side of things with this couple and more of the outside forces trying to bring everything down.  Ethan’s got his vendetta of sorts to crush everything that Brandon is working towards, and if that weren’t possible enough, his mother gets involved and tries to discredit Chloe and make her look like a gold digger.  and someone who has her own agenda.  Of course we know that Ethan won’t stand for that, and it’s an unfortunate set of events that happens towards the end that puts this next installment on a tailspin.  There’s a death, suspects and curiosity as to who the killer is.

What we also continue to get here is the AMAZING passion and heat that this couple shares and that’s something that our author has been incredibly consistent about.  We know that often times there’s even more passion when there’s contrasting personalities which we have here, but aside from that, there’s aggressive heat and then there’s the romantic side of things which is a nice mix.  I feel like that’s one of the strings that really keeps this story together – aside from the tension that we have with the underlying plot, we have so much sexual heat flowing that you can’t help but to read through it quickly.

On that note – i’m off to find the next installment since i believe there’s a book 4 and i hope that you guys have a great day!

Review: Exposed (The Billionaire Banker #2.1) by Georgia Le Carre


Title: Exposed
Author:  Georgia Le Carre
Publisher/Year:  Georgia Le Carre 4/29/14
Length:  39 Pages
Series: The Billionaire Banker #2.1


The COMPILATION includes…
The first two chapters of Forty 2 Days told from Blake Law Barrington’s POV,
bonus teasers, excerpts and a Q & A with Blake.

My Thoughts

Not quite a novella – but always nice to get a reverse POV on things that we’ve read before.  The good thing about this series though i have to say is that you don’t have to have it fresh in your mind to be able to pick right back up – that’s how compelling the story is.  So when we get jostled around a bit through a few installments to get Blake’s POV, it’s not hard to remember exactly where we are in the story.

so…not enough to make me take pause before diving into the next book, but a nice way to spend the last 30 minutes or so.

Review: Exposed (Just One Night #2) by Kyra Davis


Title:  Exposed
Author: Kyra Davis
Publisher/Year:  Pocket Star 3/18/13
Length:  150 pages
Series: Just One Night #2


You should sleep with a stranger—those words whispered in her ear by her best friend became a challenge Kasie took to heart. Suddenly, the man who gave her the most shocking pleasure in that upscale Vegas hotel—a man whose name she never bothered to find out—is her company’s biggest client.

As this unknown man becomes Mr. Dade at the office, and Mr. Dade becomes Robert in the bedroom, Kasie discovers her true nature and begins to question the carefully controlled, modest image she has crafted to please her family and friends. But when her fiancé, Dave, finds out, his rage and desire to both keep her and punish her could cost her everything—including Robert, the only man who has wanted Kasie for who she really is and the only man who makes her feel truly alive.

My Thoughts

The plot thickens of course – we left off book 1 at a point in time where Kasie thought that her secrets were hidden, but that turned out to not be the case.  Dave found out about her affair and gave her an ultimatum.  choose him or have her life and reputation ruined.  so of course Kasie dind’t have a choice.  she broke things off with Robert and chose to try to make things right (for now) with Dave

of course that comes with a price – he’s holding everything over her head, demeaning her and taking his vengeance out on her.  trying to embarrass her in front of her co-workers and when it backfires, he doesn’t know what to do.

knowing what we know of Robert too, he’s not going to take this all sitting down and he takes it upon himself to make sure that Kasie is taken care of and that’s a good thing for her.  sort of.

Kasie also quickly realizes that Dave didn’t find out the information on his own and tries to find out who ratted him out.  Of course turning to Asha since she’s not to be trusted.

While her professional life is going on an interesting path, her romance with Robert heats up.  no matter what she says, she can’t stay away from him and doesn’t even want to.  even when she’s threatened with her reputation and her well being, she still decides that maybe it’s more important to find who she is on the inside rather than trying to make up for what she’s done.

Where this story leaves us off, is on another cliff hanger of sorts.  not as dramatic as the one from book 1 but still things are changing and you can feel it in the air.  i can’t wait to see if the changes that Kasie’s going through are for the better and if we can even trust Robert since i’m not quite sure that we can.  the things that we’re starting to see are quite interesting.

at least there’s enough steam and passion to keep us interested.  i love that while we see a dominant side of Robert, he’s still a great instructor and he’s showing Kasie sides of herself that she wasn’t even sure existed since her life with Dave was so ‘vanilla’ and expected.