Review: Fantasy in Lingerie (Lingerie #6) by Penelope Sky

Title: Fantasy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 6/23/18
Length:  134 pages
Series:  Lingerie #6


Bones is the son of the man who killed my aunt. He’s the descendant of a psychopath, a murderer.

His handsome face, blue eyes, and strong physique can fool anyone into believing he’s a good man.

Including me.

My loyalty to my family makes me despise him.

But I also can’t stop thinking about him. 

Thinking about his kiss.

My Thoughts

These two are in way too deep with each other and it’s going to come at price. One will kill the other, one will lose everything they hold dear for the other, one will get captured and tortured because of the other. Nothing good can come of this relationship, yet they only feel safe with each other, they only feel like there’s good in the world with each other. And their connection grows more every day.

In this second book of Vanessa and Bone’s story, we get to see more and more of what their lives become as they evolve what they are to each other. We know that Bones has this vendetta against everyone who’s done him wrong, the Barsettis and now this man that he’s discovered as being the one who murdered his mother. Again there’s no good that can come out of the path he’s going down.

We can hope that the innocence, the power and the logic that Vanessa brings to the mix will talk him off his ledge, but that’s an impossible task and one that they are resigned to deal with. When Bones sets his mind on killing Joe – the man who killed his mother, he knows hes’ walking into a death trap, Joe Perditto is more powerful than most, is surrounded by guards, is always prepared. No one is able to talk him down from going, and it ends badly. he isn’t successful in the hit, and it’s brought unwanted attention to him, and puts him on Joe’s radar. When joe comes to Bone’s house, gains access somehow and goes through with executing him, Vanessa is left in a position where she can get her freedom back or fight. We all know which she chooses.

The challenge in this story for Vanessa is that she’s fighting everything that she feels internally. This is usually the problem that our leading man has, so it’s nice to see the switch here. She won’t admit how deep her feelings are for Bones, yet she protects him, she fights for him, she only feels safe with him and everything she actually feels comes out in her art. Her mom notices this and confronts her about it, but she’s not willing to admit it out loud.

The dynamic between these two changes throughout this story. Bones continues to give Vanessa her freedom (in a sense) but they can’t live without each other. They try to put space and distance between each other because what they are feeling is too fast and furious to be comfortable with, but they always end up together. Bones fears what this will do to his life and reputation and Vanessa knows that she has no future because of how her family feels.

Where we are at the end of this book is a path that no one wants. or do they? Feelings have been vocalized, people have been pushed away and a new relationship is in the early stages. The question becomes whether that will change everything for the better or if there’s more turmoil to come. Will the blood war continue and will anyone be safe? We know that Bones has a plan to take down Conway and Sapphire, and it’s only a matter of time before Vanessa finds those tracks.

The constant here is the need that they have for each other to feel safe and secure. It manifests itself the same as it did at the onset, in intense passion and heat in a way that we haven’t seen it before among the other couples. They fit together perfectly and fight each other in a way that compliments one another. I can’t wait to see how their story plays out since there’s no happy ending for everyone here. So, now i’m off to get the next book. Enjoy!