Review: Four: The Initiate (Divergent #0.2) by Veronica Roth


Title: Four:  The Initiate
Author:  Veronica Roth
Publisher/Year:  HarperCollins 7/8/14
Length:  39 Pages
Series: Divergent #0.2


Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be delighted by “Four: The Initiate,” the second of four stories, each between fifty and seventy-five pages long, set in the world of Divergent and told from Tobias’s point of view.

“The Initiate” provides readers with a glimpse into Tobias’s Dauntless initiation experience, including an epic game of late-night Dare; his first tattoo; the beginning of his passion for training new initiates; and his nascent understanding of the danger of being Divergent.

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since i read the first book from Four’s POV and this was a nice one.  I think that it’s nothing of a surprise, but i think that part of what we love about this series is that we get a lot of the backstory where it’s necessary and this is exactly that.

We’re at the end of Four’s initiation period, and we see what he struggles with but internally and with trying to make it through to be Dauntless – and it’s a tough journey.  One of the nice things here is to see how he begins to relate to others differently because he’s choosing to open himself up to what the Dauntless do, and i don’t know if i’m alone here, but i would have loved to see something between him and Shauna, even for a minute.

The other great thing is that we see that the dynamic between him and Eric isn’t just because Four was #1, there’s more to it that Four began to see early on and it lays the groundwork for the first installment of the series. Enjoy!