Review: Foxy in Lingerie (Lingerie #10) by Penelope Sky

Title: Foxy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 8/16/18
Length:  137 pages
Series:  Lingerie #10


I’m risking everything for Vanessa. 

One last time. 

I can’t turn the other way and let her family be murdered by the Skull Kings. 

I have to do something. 

Maybe I can earn her father’s trust. 

And finally get my woman back. 

My Thoughts

My heart is hurting a bit less now that i see where this story has gone. Honestly, heart palpitations at the greatest scale when there was a chance one of my favorite couples was really kaput. Thankfully, things changed, Bones proved that he really has the right intentions and always have when it comes to Vanessa, and because of him, the family is still alive.

Bones is the kind of man that you really want in your life. While he’s got a dark side, a side that lives in the world of crime, he’s also the most loyal person, protective and caring and realizes that while his heart may break, he wants others to be happy regardless. That was the decision he made when he walked away from Vanessa after seeing her with Antonio, but that didn’t make ME happy. Thank goodness the Skull Kings put a hit on Conway and Bones learned about it in time to save the Barsettis….because it brought us to our happy place once again.

We still don’t have clarity on what prompted the hit to be ordered, but it’s safe to assume at this point that it has to do with Carter going to the Underground, posing as Coway and making a purchase. No one else in the family knows what happened, and there’s clearly more to the story of the woman that Carter was paid to buy, but we don’t know all that yet. Instead, we get to see two parallel stories here in the bigger introduction to Carter and Mia.

As the two stories go on, we see Vanessa and Bones find their way back to each other because Bones saved her family, and we see the dynamic between Bones and Crow change. Where it was Bones seeking acceptance before, now its’ reversed because Bones hit his limit. To read this and see how it plays out is very entertaining.

The other story line is that of Mia and Carter. We don’t honestly know much about Carter, he’s really been a secondary character up until now, but we get to see more of his personality shine in this 10th installment. He’s Mia’s captor but he’s really not a bad guy. He’s actually never wanted to have power over the ‘slaves’ that he’s bought and this case isn’t really any different. While he wants Mia to behave and respect, we all know that he’d never lay a hand on her and treat her wrongly.

With Mia though, her story is a complete mystery. We don’t know why she was with Egor, the man who had her before and who paid Carter to get her. We also get these hints throughout the story with there being some bigger reason for Mia’s need to fight and we don’t know what that is. My mommy radar goes off here and i’m assuming she’s got a kid somewhere but who knows.

There’s the endless power struggle and realization that there’s heat and chemistry between them, but neither will act on it yet. Mia still wants to either hurt Carter or run away, and Carter just wants the whole deal to be over and done with. So i guess we’ll have to see how the next installment plays out to see what this dynamic turns out to be. We know that the story will be dicey since there’s the Egor back story and so much uncertainty. Can’t wait to see how our author writes their piece since we all can expect it to be even more unique to the other couples. Enjoy!