You are getting VERY sleepy…..but you can’t stop reading

it’s really becoming a problem for me i think when i find books that i feel i just HAVE to keep reading even when it’s 3am and i’m exhausted that i can’t even function.  and especially when i’m at work the next day and i’m no good to anyone.  well……


I managed to finish BITTER BLUE by Kristin Cashore and i hate to say it but it was worth staying up late for a couple nights just to finish it in about 3 days 🙂  my issue now is that i’m imagining that all the rate in the subway here are really ‘monster’ rats and i keep trying to see silver and gold fur.  that’s kind of gross since NYC rats really are monsters…and not in a good way.

i feel just a little let down though – which is sad.  i wish that more was developed in the story and that there were certain relationships that were talked about more .  if you haven’t read it yet…then SPOILER ALERT!!!

how can we read about Queen Bitterblue losing her virginity to Saf, and then they barely even see each other let alone touch after that?  anyone else disappointed?  when things like this happen, i kind of wish that the author had more of a definite intention of writing a follow up and what i’ve read on Kristin Cashore’s blog is that it’s not certain at all.  i wish that it were more like a Katsa/Po thing where you know that they are in love and that even though they split up for months at a time, you know they will return to each other.

i kind of also want to know what’s going to happen when the 2 worlds are merged…the Dells and Monsea etc.  that would be interesting.  and how come we had the bomb dropped on us that Madlen was Dellian but that’s about all that’s said about it?  she never eluded to the fact that the stories that Leck told were true….or even hinted at anything…at least nothing that i picked up on.

regardless – it was worth my sheer exhaustion over the past couple days, and now it’s on to the next book, since i’m just not happy until i can escape into the next world/story/fantasy . 


It only took about 18 hours, but FINALLY – my day has turned a corner and i’ve FINALLY been able to download both Insurgent by Veronica Roth and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore.  now all i really have to do is finish the last 30 pages or so of Incarceron and i can get started on my long awaiting sequels!

the question now becomes – what do i remember of each story – and what can i mange not to confuse?  it’s really funny when you think about the aspects of a story that you really hold on to and then what you take to other stories when you’re awaiting sequels…and then what you’ve managed to work into your real life like the books ARE REAL.  (aren’t they?) 

yea – i know – i’m not making sense – but this is what happens when you’re trying to make sense out of thoughts and have toddlers screaming at you about ‘stuffins’ or ‘dabba dabba’

i’ve got a lot of reading to FINISH and a lot of reading to START – so FINALLY yes FINALLY – i’m going to get to it.  here i come #DivergentNation – #INSURGENT and #BITTERBLUE!