ARC Review: His to Possess (the whole series 1-6) by Opal Carew


Title:  His to Possess
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: St Martin’s Press 3/18/13
Length:  253 pages
Series:  His to Possess (1-6)


While attending a job fair, Jessica can’t help but notice the tall, dark, and handsome stranger across the conference lobby. Especially since he bears a striking resemblance to her ex, the man who broke her heart when he couldn’t support her dreams. Deciding to take a chance, Jessica invites Dane back to her bed for one night of hot, no strings attached sex in a last effort to finally get over her heartbreak. However, in Opal Carew’s His to Possess, when the night’s over they find that sometimes a casual fling doesn’t end the next morning.

My Thoughts

WOW – so i’m glad that i am part of Netgalley where i’m able to not only get the books that i love by authors that love, but i don’t have to wait any longer for the bits of stories that i love as well.  In this case, i had read #1-3 and then got my hands on the full length story and was SOOOO thrilled.

So as you have probably read through in my previous posts, we are following the torrid affair between Jessica and her boss Dane, and in comes Storm who also happens to be Rafe, the missing brother and co-owner of this billion dollar empire.  Things couldn’t get any dicier could they?

For the remainder of the story, we’re left trying to sort out who is going to end up together and how they will get there, and while i expected the outcome (as far as pairings), i can’t say that i really guessed how they would get there. there’s a bit of twisted brotherly competitive ness going on which is nice but like i said, twisted, and the fulfilling of a few fantasies.  It’s hot and definitely more BDSM than we’ve seen in the past  (enter a bit of leather and chains towards the end) which is different for this story but in line with what we get from this lovely author.

What i really enjoyed here is that we got enough of a teaser of Melanie and her life that i can only guess that she’ll have her own spin-off where she tries to get all that she’s hinted at wanting.  that’ll be nice since i really think that she can have a wild bit of a story in her.

anyhow – i hope that you guys are able to get your hands on the novellas now, and if not waiting until March won’t be such a bad thing since it’ll be worth it.  I was turned on enough in the first 3 installments that it really warranted a quick desire to read the remainder.  I’m still reeling from some of the scening since it wasn’t so unrealistic, yet it was one of those ‘i’m powerful man and i have control and you sexy female will like it’ dynamics that’s exactly what was needed. enjoy!