Review: Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3) by Olivia Cunning


Title:  Hot Ticket 
Author: Olivia Cunning 
Publisher/Year:  Sourcebooks Incorporated (ebook 2/5/13)
Length:  400 pages
Series: Sinners on Tour #3


Where’s the Fine Line…
Between darkness and desire Need and oblivion Pain and pleasure

A man as talented as Sinner bass guitarist Jace Seymour needs a woman who can beat out his self-doubt…

A woman as strong as Mistress V needs a man she can’t always overpower…

And in each other’s tight embrace, an escape from harsh reality is always a welcome diversion…

My Thoughts

We definitely got a glimpse into the dark and stormy side of Jace in previous installments and it was really nice to see that this showed us a bit more about who he is and what made him HOW he is.   One of my favorite things about author Olivia Cunning is that she’s not one to shy away from dark back stories and manages to give us the good details without being ‘too flashback-esque’.  We get that in this installment, but it’s additive to the story – it doesn’t take away.

So here, we get to learn a lot more about Jace – about why he’s the dom in the band (or at least seems to have more of that BDSM background) and how that has come to be.  We also get to know more about Aggie – the stripper that was in the club with Jessica when we met her back in book 2.  She’s definitely a woman who can hold her own and we get that from the onset of the story – and we see why she feels that she has to build her own success.  which she has.

This story takes us through some of the events of the previous books that we’ve come to appreciate – the band goign on tour, brian and Myrna getting married, Sed and Jessica getting together, and then Trey and Sed finding themselves both in the hospital.  Through these rough times, we see how Jace copes with it, and it gives us time to see how he lives his life outside of the band, and what got him into the band.  

What i really enjoyed too here was that there’s a tie back to Eric and why Jace wanted into the Sinners so bad, and there’s a tie to Brian that we didn’t necessarily expect.

What i didn’t like though is that when we meet Aggie, she comes off as this badass which i really liked especially since Jessica and Myrna are such tough A-types however she gets this real clingy girly thing going for her during the tour and that’s not necessarily a good thing.  I was in the same mindset as Jace at times when he just wanted her to go away or tone it down.  It’s nice to see how that evolves into things in the story though. 

So my usual questions: 

1) What’s the end game for Jace and Aggie

2) Do Brian and Eric find out about Jace’s tie to each of them?

3) Who’s next in the band to get ‘tied down’ and how does that affect the dynamic?

well, i can’t wait for book 4 to come out on e-book which is super frustrating since they seem to have been published out of order AGAIN! 

Confusion: Books in a Series out of Order???

I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to figure something out.  I’ve been hooked on the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning, read through Backstage Pass and Rock Hard – thinking that i could cruise into book 3 Double Time while waiting for book 4 Hot Ticket to come out.  So I started reading Double Time and realized that i’m kind of lost.

at the end of book 2, we know that Sed and Jess get together and are basically on the edge of a proposal.  We know that Brian and Myrna have decided that they want a baby soon…and that’s basically it.

Then i pick up what’s labeled as Book 3, and well, there’s so much that clearly happened that even after just 7-8 chapters, i feel like something has gone drastically wrong.  People are coupled off, married, there’s been a bus accident, the Sinners have already put out their latest album.  where did the time go?

so now i’m a bit miffed, upset and overall confused.  I go back and read some of the summary to what’s called book 4 – and find that maybe that’s supposed to be book 3 and they were just released out of order?  So now, the part that makes me more annoyed, not just that i have to wait for the real book 3 to come out, but that i know what’s going to happen because i’ve already read about 60+ pages of the sequel.

kind of ruins the suspense a bit – so i might have to distance myself from the series for a while, hopefully forget what i just read about, read a few other things and then maybe by the time that Hot Ticket comes out, i’ll be able to put a fresh lens on things.