Review: Anchor Me (Stark Trilogy #4) by J Kenner

Title: Anchor Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year: J Kenner 4/1/17
Length:   249 Pages
Series:  Stark Trilogy #4


Fourth novel in the fast-paced series including Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me. This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and his beloved wife Nikki Fairchild Stark, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms.

It’s a new chapter in the life of Nikki and Damien Stark …

Though shadows still haunt us, and ghosts from our past continue to threaten our happiness, my life with Damien is nothing short of perfection. He is my heart and my soul. My past and my future. He is the man who holds me together, and his love fuels my days and enchants my nights.

But when tragedy and challenge from both inside and outside the sanctity of our marriage begins to chip away at our happiness, I am forced to realize that even a perfect life can begin to crack. And if Damien and I are going to win this new battle, it will take all of our strength and love …

My Thoughts

Well when i thought this was a trilogy, it was fun to see that we get another installment.  There’s so much left unsaid with this happy couple, and seeing what we’ve gotten glimpses of in the spin off series wasn’t quite enough.

So this fourth installment shows us what’s next for Nikki and Damien as their lives continues.  They are both coming into a new phase of things, Nikki getting her business off the ground with a potential new deal in Dallas and Damien trying to wrap up loose ends that keep coming up and causing rifts in their relationship.  Then there’s the constant conversation around them of when they are going to have a baby  – and of course that means that when a series of events happen, we learn that Nikki isn’t sick, but preggo that their world spins.

Nikki has a hard time dealing with the news since we all know that she’s had the worst relationship with her mother and fears what that all means for her in the future.  Damien’s reaction doesn’t make her any happier given that she wonders why it’s such a positive reaction and maybe he’s been hiding his true feelings about putting kids on hold.

Of course, the dynamics of their relationship mean that we’ll see resolutions come from their love and steamy sexual chemistry.  It’s no wonder they have no trouble getting the pregnant part to stick, just a wonder of what it will mean in the future.

On top of that, there’s so much more going on.  Sofia, Nikki’s nemesis shows up in the story and that can’t be anything good.  Giselle pops up again too and you have to wonder what her angle is since she’s also one who was trying to get between them.

If those 2 weren’t enough, Nikki’s mother continues to haunt her, with Nikki feeling like she’s seeing her mom everywhere, and when she’s in Dallas and learns that her mom has sold her house there, she’s convinced that her mom’s in LA and that’s just a bad sign yet again.

So as you can see, so much turmoil and bad omens popping up that the true question in this book is what will be the breaking point and how much will they have to fight for each other in the hopes of keeping their relationship sound and happy.

The great thing that our author does throughout this series though is tee up that there are going to be spin offs and continuations of the series with the supporting characters that we know that we’ll get to continue on the journey with them all in one way or another.  The way that all the stories are interwoven is amazing and i think that we get to see a deeper story line in that sense.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for Nikki/Damien as well as all the others since there’s so much more that can be done to keep this series alive.  That and the intense heat that makes you want to root for them and the others.  Enjoy!

Review: Tempt Me (A Stark International Novella) by J Kenner


Title: Tempt Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Evil Eye Concepts 2/14/17
Length:   127 Pages
Series:  A Stark International Novella


When sexy Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter whisks his girlfriend Jamie Archer away for a passionate, romance-filled weekend so he can finally pop the question, he’s certain that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes. So when Jamie tries to avoid the conversation, hiding her fears of commitment and change under a blanket of wild sensuality and decadent playtime in bed, Ryan is more determined than ever to convince Jamie that they belong together.

Knowing there’s no halfway with this woman, Ryan gives her an ultimatum – marry him or walk away. Now Jamie is forced to face her deepest insecurities or risk destroying the best thing in her life. And it will take all of her strength, and all of Ryan’s love, to keep her right where she belongs…

My Thoughts

I love all bits of this series – all the spinoffs and all that’s going on.  Jamie and Ryan deserve happiness and it seems like they’ve found it but of course that’s never enough.  Jamie’s had a tough life from what we all know – she was first trying to break into hollywood and that was tough for her – and she was ok with the role that she played with men – being the pretty arm candy.  Then comes along Ryan – the man who turned her world upside down.

What they have together is an amazing romance, one that’s lasted years and they are really in love and happy.  the challenge though is that Ryan wants the fantasy – the marriage, kids, life and all that.  and Jamie’s terrified of that.  So in this installment of their story – Ryan thinks that they are finally on the same page, proposes and Jamie has a moment of fear again.  All because her parents are getting separated.

So, where we go in this short story is seeing what that means for the happiest couple of all.  Will Ryan be able to make Jamie stop being afraid or will Jamie push him too far and they will see the end of it all.  I think that while it’s so short, we get a lot packed into the story – and i think that it’s exactly what we needed to hold us until the next full length is ready.  Enjoy!

Review: Entice Me (Stark Trilogy #3.11) by J Kenner


Title: Entice Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year: Martinin & Olive
Length:   83 Pages
Series:  Stark Trilogy #3.11


I didn’t understand passion until I met Damien, the man who turned my world upside down and swept me off my feet.

And though our life together feels perfect, we can’t escape our secrets–and the danger that continually threatens to surface.

But for one night, I seek a respite. A birthday wish for my husband, my lover, my friend-one absolutely perfect night.

It is my most ardent wish.

And I only hope that it will come true…

My Thoughts

I love this series and all that comes with it in terms of spin offs and novella etc.  I think that there’s just so much that we can do with Nikki and Damien, and even with where their story will take them that while this is a short novella, it’s so so sweet.

What do you give to the man who has everything when they have given you the world?  that’s the ultimate question that we have in this installment.  Nikki is challenged to find something amazing to give him since she’s given him the world with his love and affection.

The journey that we go on in this short story is the week leading up to Damien’s birthday, during which Nikki has decided to throw Damien a surprise party and with that comes the need to keep it a secret.

If that weren’t enough, she’s also going through the process of submitting a proposal for a bid on an account that’s based in Dallas that would be the one to put her company on the map and that’s giving her anxiety based on sheer size alone.  If that weren’t enough, she has anxiety about the fact that it’s Dallas and where she’s from and where her mom lives, the one person that she’s trying her best not to let have any affect or influence on her life anymore because of their past together.  She has a moment where she thinks that she sees a reflection of her mother on a window in town, and that makes her rethink everything that she’s doing.  You know though that Damien (and probably her bestie Jamie) will swoop in and remind her that she’s amazing and capable and can’t let her mother ruin things.

The other bit of this story is that if you’ll recall from the main series, there was the threat of photos being released of Damien that had his ex Carmela in them.  There was a point in time when Nikki’s father was being framed for those photos, but we learned that he’s not the culprit.  In this short story though, Carmela comes back and we learn who is behind them and that there is a threat that they will come out.  So in addition to trying to sort out the surprise of the party, they all now have to deal with this scandal yet again.

I don’t know how we were able to fit all that into a short novella, but J Kenner managed to do it amazingly.  Tied all into that, we continue to see the passion and love between Nikki and Damien since we’re not at all missing many scenes between them.  It’s hot and it’s steamy and i think that Damien is the perfect alpha type guy that works so well in this story. All in all, a great mid point while we’re waiting for Anchor Me to come out.  And the teaser that we got at the end of Entice me – it makes me really excited to see what comes next since it seems as though a storm is brewing!

Review: Take my Dare (Stark International #4) by J Kenner


Title: Take my Dare
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year: Martini & Olive 11/8/16
Length:   113 Pages
Series:  Stark International #4


New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner returns to the smoking hot, emotionally compelling world of the Stark International trilogy that  features Jackson Steele, a strong-willed man who goes after what he wants, and Sylvia Brooks, a disciplined woman who’s hard to get—and exactly who Jackson needs…

I’ve never been happier than I am with Jackson Steele. But I should know better than anyone that happiness always comes at a price …

My life with Jackson is nothing short of perfection. He is my love, my husband, the one man in all the world who makes me feel alive and whole. Our careers are on track. Our family is growing. And the ghosts of our past have been vanquished – or so I believed.

When a wonderful night of sensuality and passion following a masquerade ball turns dark with the news that haunting, horrible photographs of me have surfaced, my old fears and insecurities threaten to knock me down, and it is only within Jackson’s arms that I find the strength to endure.

But even Jackson’s protection may not be able to save us, because I know my husband well. And he will do whatever it takes—even if it means risking himself—in order to protect our family…

My Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of all things related to this series, be it the stories about Damien and Nikki or those that we get now about Sylvia and Jackson.  There’s so much great stuff going on with these stories, both with the exciting plot lines and twists as well as the hot passion that’s shared between each of the couples.

In this novella we get a peak into the life of Jackson and Syl now that they are parents and are moving on with their lives beyond all the stress that finally allowed them to be together.  If you remember back, we know that Syl’s dad went to jail for killing Reed – the man who abused Syl all those years ago and took pictures of her in compromising positions – but mind you i believe she was a minor so anyone who went to release them would be doing themselves a world of hurt.  Regardless, there was that bit and then the fact that Jackson has a daughter (Ronnie) who’s now living with them along with their new little baby boy.  So as you can imagine, their life is very different and as all new parents wonder, how do you keep the passion and spark alive.

These two really have no trouble in that department.  They were combustible before and even more so now.  When it’s the night of a costume ball, we see that the challenge has been thrown down – Syl has been dared to dress up and disguise herself so well that Jackson has an hour to locate her in the throngs of people otherwise Syl wins.  She goes to great lengths with the help of her friend Cass and while i think that it’s quite impressive how well she does, you know that these Stark men have a sixth sense with their women and you know she’s going to lose.

That’s only a part of what makes this story great – since you know that if he does catch her, there’s going to be some amazing sceneing, likely at the party and at home, but there’s another subplot that we get.  her father is released from jail so it’s a matter of some how blending that world with her own now, and figuring out if she’s able to forgive him for all that he did, and making sure he can experience her family.  The other bit of this story is that those pictures that were supposed to die along with Reed have somehow resurfaced, along with a woman that Syl fired, and that means that all that she worked to hide may come out and all that her father went to jail for in the murder may come out as well.  Not ideal at all, and i think that we’re going to see how that all plays out since the ending isn’t necessarily what we expected.

On that note – i can’t wait to see what’s next in this series since i read that there will be another installment in the Damien and Nikki bits of the series – which of course is always hot and steamy since he’s Dominant with a capital D.  Have a great day all!

Review: Sweetest Taboo (S.I.N. #3) by J Kenner


Title: Sweetest Taboo
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Random House 10/4/16
Length:   240 Pages
Series:  S.I.N. #3


In this irresistible Stark International Novel, J. Kenner ups the ante on Dirtiest Secret and Hottest Mess, proving once again with the S.I.N. series that she “may very well have cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them” (RT Book Reviews).

All eyes are on us . . . and there’s nowhere to run.
Everyone has their own ideas about Dallas Sykes: He’s a reckless billionaire, a devilish playboy, a man who gets whatever he wants the minute he wants it. But I know the real Dallas behind the money, bravado, and power—and he’s completely, blissfully mine.

We carefully guarded our secrets, and in each other’s arms we sought refuge from our dark past. Our pain became our pleasure, our control within the chaos. But we could only hide from the truth for so long.

Now we’ve let loose our inhibitions and are ready to face the future. And no matter what people think or say, coming clean is its own sweet reward.

My Thoughts

Well, we know that Dallas and Jane are out in the open now with their relationship, their parents don’t understand and have cut them off, they have become fuel to the media so that everyone’s interested in passing judgement and well, Jane’s found herself abducted AGAIN after a fight with Dallas.  That’s where we’ve found ourselves at the beginning of this book.  classic great J Kenner – ending on a note in book 2 that you’re so anxious and picking up right in the throes of it.

As expected, we know that there’s so much turmoil going on in this final installment.  There’s the lingering question around their kidnapping when they were kids, and while they are certain now that Colin was involved, they still don’t know who the ‘Woman’ is/was and well, we can assume that she’s not letting up any time soon in her torment.  And that’s exactly what we see here.

The Woman not only has kidnapped Jane, but she’s making threats to Dallas in terms of what she’s going to release to the public and then actually does it.  After Jane’s found (because of course we know that Dallas will always find her), they leave for LA to try to get away.  All the while, leaving Deliverance to try to get information out of Colin and to also to get information from him on who the Woman is.

Things start to settle down, and we see what J Kenner does best in their steamy scenes together.  There’s such passion and emotion between these two as it’s a romance that started over 17 years ago and it’s sweet.  You get lulled into a sense of security seeing how well they blend that when the Woman pops up again you get so angry.

Mind you – i figured out who she was very early on, and i’m sure that a lot of you did too – but it was nice to see how the story laid it all out – and how we got to the conclusion of who she was.  Of course, there was more abduction and death happening, and of course some horrible stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  People who shouldn’t have been harmed are hurt, and there’s the lingering question at the end of who will survive.  So, all in all, a nicely rounded trilogy that gives us the full story of Dallas. I’m both really pleased and really sad that it’s over since i kind of like the dirty naughty boy that he is.  Oh well.  Have a great day all!

Review: Hot Mess (S.I.N. #2) by J Kenner


Title: Hot Mess
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Random House 7/12/16
Length:   240 Pages
Series:  S.I.N. #2


The S.I.N. series continues with the seductive follow-up to the Stark International Novel Dirtiest Secret, from the New York Times bestselling author of “red-hot and angsty” fiction that “keeps readers guessing” (Publishers Weekly, on Under My Skin).

No one can know about our love—and hiding only makes it hotter.
Dallas Sykes has a reputation. He is known for his parties, his money, and the countless women on his arm. Yet the Dallas I know is a different man—darker, smarter, and unbearably sexy. Just one look from him can leave me breathless; the anticipation of his touch can make me lose control.

Inextricably bound by our past, we keep each other’s secrets. And while there are people who have the power to hurt us, it’s the truth that threatens us most of all.

Dallas can be mine only behind closed doors, our passion as searing as it is forbidden. Yet nothing in this world has ever felt so desperately, deliciously right.

My Thoughts

I really enjoy Dallas and the reputation that he has, but what’s even more – i love the goal he’s set out for himself – to find who kidnapped him and Jane and make life right again.

While that’s the goal here – similar as it was in book 1, there’s also the face that he and Jane are so involved with each other that it causes problems in itself.  See, they acknowledge that they belong to each other, but know that they can only be together in private to uphold what people expect of them.  The other bit of this story is that there are still so many secrets that it’ll rip them apart when Dallas’s search for the kidnappers require even more secrets to be kept.

So there you have it – in a nutshell.  What’s nice here is that our author – J Kenner is still able to give us what we need and want from her.  The passion and chemistry between Dallas and Jane is so intense that they can’t keep their hands off each other, and it puts great images in the reader’s mind.  They are sooo naughty and steamy, especially knowing what Dallas needs, that hot isn’t even a good enough word.

The other bit of the story that’s classic Kenner is that there’s so much unknown in the search for kidnappers and where the path is leading.  Deliverance is still hot on the train, uncovering information that perhaps they didn’t know – while at the same time, Jane’s ex husband is also working with/for the FBI and they are also drawing the same conclusions.  So, the question isn’t so much as when they are all going to discover who’s behind it all, it’s who’s going to find out first and what will that cause in terms of pain and suffering since we know that there are some things that MUST remain secret.

Mind you, as i’ve read this 2nd installment, i’ve picked up on a lot of hints, and i’m beginning to think that it was The Woman that was behind it all and not the Jailer, and that I think i know who the Woman is – which will cause even more problems.  There’s so much unknown and so much that i’m dying to find out.

Where we are left off at the end of this though is that the Woman has somehow surfaced again and has Jane.  where she is and what’s going to happen to her is anyone’s guess and i’m sure that’s where we’ll pick up the next installment – on such a great cliffhanger.  so….on that note, i wish book 3 were out already, but i’ll try to be patient waiting.  Have a great day all!

Review: Dirtiest Secret (S.I.N. #1) by J Kenner


Title: Dirtiest Secret
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Random House Publishing 4/19/16
Length:   320 pages
Series:  S.I.N. #1


From the New York Times bestselling author of such “sizzling Stark novels” (RT Book Reviews) asRelease Me and Say My Name comes a Stark International Novel featuring provocative bad boy Dallas Sykes—the first in a new trilogy in the S.I.N. series.

It was wrong for us to be together, but it was even harder to be apart.
The memory of Dallas Sykes burns inside of me.

Everyone knows him as a notorious playboy, a man for whom women and money are no object. But to me, he’s still the one man I desperately crave—yet the one I can never have.

Dallas knows me better than anyone else. We bear the same scars, the same darkness in our past. I thought I could move on by staying away, but now that we’re drawn together once more, I can’t fight the force of our attraction or the temptation to make him mine.

We’ve tried to maintain control, not letting ourselves give in to desire. And for so long we’ve told ourselves no—but now it’s finally time to say yes.

My Thoughts

We’ve gotten hints and glimpses into the man that’s Dallas but i think that no one had any real idea what his past was made up of, and how horrible it was.  It’s his driving force in everything that he does now in life, and it’s understandable.

Being kidnapped at the age of 17 really does a number on someone, especially when there’s torture and especially when you’re sister (not blood) / lover / best friend is kidnapped with you and tortured along side you.  The remainder of his life has been set towards finding out who was behind the deed and what their motive was.

The sister, Jane comes to us as a new character entirely, never hinted at in the series that we read with Damian or Jackson.  It’s nice to have a new person, especially since we only knew of Dallas as a womanizer and nothing more.  Jane was there with him during the kidnapping for the most part, and has had to deal with the issues and challenges that come from it.

The path that this story takes is an interesting one.  The first is the constant fight between these 2, they know that there’s a draw and connection and sadly, the only way that Dallas feels that he can deal is to push her away. It’s taken years for Jane to stand up for what she wants, and well, it’s not necessarily giving her the outcome that she hoped for.

Alongside this story line, we get the search that Dallas’s vigilante organization has going to find out who his captors were, ‘The Jailer’ and ‘The Woman’ since they were the 2 that really made his life horrible, and well, he’s closing in on someone, and then finds that he’s killed himself.  (sure…..).  On top of that, his organization is sooo covert, that when it comes to light that someone’s outed them slightly, in outing their code name, things begin to get complicated.  Jane’s got her own agenda in this sense as well as it’s been her job now writing stories about kidnapings and now writing a story about the vigilante side of things which makes Dallas uncomfortable along with his partners, and then there’s the complete uncertainty that we don’t know what will happen if they are outed.

Throughout this story, i have had my suspicions on who was involved and we see a bit of headway coming through.  whether i’m right or wrong is still to be determined but we’re left on a cliffhanger as the people that are being named aren’t those that you’d really want to see included.

There’s also the Dom (BDSM) side of things that we see Jane branching out to since that’s the kind of control that we know that Dallas needs now, and that’s going to cause plenty of challenges in the story line.  Where that goes, well i think we’ll need more of the story to take us there.  the great thing is that J Kenner has this amazing ability to really take us deeper into a scene and feel the passion and heat leaping from the pages to keep us engaged.  I don’t know about anyone else who’s read this, but there are times when these 2 come together that it’s so hot it’s explosive.

And on that note – have a great night everyone and i’ll be back around soon!

Review: Deepest Kiss (Stark Trilogy #3.10) by J Kenner


Title: Deepest Kiss
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Random House Publishing 3/8/16
Length:   101 pages
Series:  Stark Trilogy #3.10



From New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner comes a tantalizing ebook novella starring fan favorites Damien Stark and his wife, Nikki Fairchild. Deepest Kiss follows the couple from their island resort to their home in Los Angeles, and introduces Dallas Sykes, the seductive bad boy in the newest Stark International Novel, Dirtiest Secret—the first book in a new trilogy of the S.I.N. series.

Includes a special preview of J. Kenner’s provocative new novel, Dirtiest Secret!

My love for Damien Stark runs deep, and my need for his touch runs even deeper. He’s my shelter in this world, my light when everything seems dark, and all it takes is one kiss for my body to come alive.

Yet no matter where we go, our secrets threaten to surface. Someone dangerous from my past is back to stir up trouble, and now it feels like there’s nowhere I can hide.

I know Damien will always protect me, that our fierce desire will give us strength. In his arms I find safe harbor—and the sweetest release.

My Thoughts

I’m more than happy to continue to get these little novellas as extensions to the bigger series since i’m definitely not ready to let the story or characters go.  There’s so much that we get from Nikki / Damien as well as Syl/Jackson and i think that the more and more that we get to see of Dallas – the more excited i get for his own series to come out next month.

That being said, in this short installment, we get to see Syl on the precipice of giving birth, and the introduction of an unknown guy who spooks Nikki on the island, and then is determined to be the same guy that’s decided he wants to hire her for an app development.

The protector in Damien comes out in full blast, and the protector that i’m sure we’ll see in his own series has come out with Dallas, and that makes this series that much hotter and enjoyable to read.  J Kenner continues to give us the passion and heat that we long for – with a chemistry between our mains that is not just obvious but enthralling.  I can’t wait to see what happens next since there’s still a lot up in the air on motives for this guy, and who he may know or doesn’t know.  (blackmail and those photos of Jamie and Nikki have come back into play).

So…that being said – i can’t wait to see what’s next.  Enjoy!

Review: Unwrap Me (Stark Trilogy #3.9) by J Kenner


Title:  Unwrap Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year: Random House 10/24/15
Length:  96 pages
Series:  Stark Trilogy #3.9


Damien Stark is my greatest Christmas wish come true. Immensely powerful and devastatingly sexy, he can undo me with the slightest touch, and with just one glance, he can see straight into my soul.   We both have dark secrets, twisted pieces of our pasts that only the other one understands. Though our fierce love and passion keeps me alive, sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if Damien and I hadn’t met in exactly the way we did.   How would my life have been different? Would another man have laid claim to my body and my heart? Or were Damien and I destined to be together no matter the cost?

My Thoughts

I don’t think that i’ll ever get tired of these 2 – they are so in love and always seem so destined for one another that it’s amazing to see and read.  In this next installment, what we have is the holiday novella, with a bit of It’s a Wonderful Life sprinkled in.  The couple is hosting Christmas at their Lake Arrowhead home and we see that Nikki is at a loss for what to get her husband that’s perfect for what he means to her.  Where that takes us though is so classic.

After falling asleep, Nikki is taken to a time in her dreams where she hasn’t met Damien yet and she doesn’t quite have him in her life – it’s Ollie instead and the way that the story progresses is so sweet and romantic that you can only hope that she chooses Damien over Ollie even though the latter is growing on us.

The special bit at the end, the exchange is something that’s so endearing and delightful that it gives you a renewed sense of what fate and true romance should be.  I think that you’ll melt when you see how the holiday shapes up especially with the various couples all in attendance.

On that note  – Happy Black Friday and i hope you’re all having a great beginning to the holiday season.

Review: Seduce Me (Stark Trilogy #3.8) by J Kenner


Title:  Seduce Me
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year: Random House 10/13/15
Length:  46  pages
Series:  Stark Trilogy #3.8


Perfect for readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You, this steamy eBook novella from J. Kenner, bestselling author of Release Me, features powerful billionaire Damien Stark and his wife, Nikki Fairchild, on their impromptu getaway to Las Vegas—and there’s no better place to turn up the heat than in Sin City.
I’ve never felt as close to anyone as I have with Damien Stark. I know every line of his body, every secret within his soul. There’s nothing I crave more than his touch, and with his kiss, he seals his claim.

Las Vegas is the perfect place for us, where we can indulge every desire and fantasy. But when someone from my past resurfaces, I can’t ignore my instinct that I have to make things right.

With Damien by my side, I feel safe no matter the danger. Our passion protects us, drives us, makes us whole. His pleasure is an exquisite game, and one that I’ll play forever.

My Thoughts

I love the Stark Trilogy and i think that it’s exactly what i needed – a little snippet of fun to continue Nikki and Damien’s story.  In this novella, Nikki has been invited to Vegas with Jamie who’s got a short term reporting gig for a tech show, and what happens there is quite enjoyable.

The first night that the girls are there, they decide that since they are both quite happy in their respective relationships, they will indulge in a bit of sexting an teasing – just to make things all that much better upon their return home.  What they don’t expect is what appears in the background of a selfie that they are sending home to their men – 2 gorgeous guys in the background who have motives of their own.

For Jamie, well, the game turns to reality quickly as she finds Ryan, her boyfriend there and they just enjoy themselves as they normally would.  For Nikki however, it’s a game that she’s going to hold up all weekend, pretending to be single and playing the game with Damien just because she can.

It’s really sweet actually to see how our lovely author shows us that even though these 2 are married, they are still playful and really passionate for one another.

On top of that though, we have to have a bit of tension – there’s a woman that Nikki thinks that she sees over and over again, and recognizes but can’t quite put her finger on it.  That’s the bit of intrigue that we have here.  Who’s the woman, what’s the situation and what will it mean for Nikki and Damien.  Since we know that this is a novella, it’s not like we’re going to get all that deep, and it’s not going to be all that drastic, but at least it gives us another layer to the story that J Kenner is known for.

And on that note – i’m really done reading for the night – i have to put the books down!