Review: Only a Millionaire (The Sinclairs #6.5) by JS Scott

Title: Only a Millionaire
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 6/5/18
Length:  144 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #6.5


t has been a year since Brooke escaped to the lovely coastal community of Amesport, Maine, where no one knows her real name or what she’s been through. Now she’s finally heading back home to California. That means saying goodbye to Liam Sullivan, her millionaire blond god of a boss who’s fulfilled every one of Brooke’s fantasies. If only in her dreams . . .

Liam has his fantasies, too—and he’s not letting Brooke go. When he confesses his feelings, it opens the door to an incendiary romance that’s been a long time coming. So has Brooke’s own confession: that the woman Liam is falling for has been living a lie.

But there’s a secret about Brooke that even she doesn’t know. When it’s revealed, it’ll put a whole new spin on her past, her future with Liam, the true meaning of family, and the rewards of following her heart.

My Thoughts

I’m impressed that it took me just until starting this book to realize that Brooke was Brooke Sinclair from the other Sinclairs and then I wanted to smack myself for that. I knew that her husband was Liam, and yet I didn’t think that hard about it. Anyhow, what we saw in book 6 comes to life full force in this one as we see these two realize that they can’t avoid each other anymore. After admitting to one another that there was an insane attraction, they couldn’t avoid it anymore.

Brooke has a secret reason for why she’s on the East Coast and we don’t yet know what it’s about. We also realize that at the point in time of this story, she doesn’t realize that she’s a billionaire. She doesn’t even truly put two and two together to realize that Evan, the ‘friend’ of her brother Noah is her brother. oh well….right?

This novella takes on a fast and intense path when we see all the walls come crashing down. Brooke decides she needs to go home and her family decides that it’s safe. We see that Liam isn’t willing to lose what’s so close to his grasp even if he doesn’t know all the facts. They have a night of intensity that shakes them both yet they are at an impasse.

There are so many sweet parts to this journey – we watch walls come down to explain why reality is as it is and we watch how these two realize that they can’t live without each other. The problem though is that Brooke wasn’t the only one keeping secrets and that turns the world upside down. She’s back in California, Liam is in Maine and perhaps everything that we thought was good in the world isn’t. I’m glad I picked this one up and I now have to find whatever other stories that potentially may be tied to this family if there are any since i’m sucked in! Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Secret (The Sinclairs) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Secret
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 11/7/17
Length:  272 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #6


Former rock star Xander Sinclair may be out of rehab, but he’s not out of the woods. Still haunted by his parents’ murders, he has secluded himself in his Amesport mansion and dodges any attempted contact from his two brothers. Struggling not to fall into relapse, he believes he’s battling his demons alone.

That is, until Samantha arrives to work as his live-in housekeeper. Effortlessly charming and cheerful and wickedly sexy, she challenges Xander to abandon his isolation. The two embark on a fiery relationship—one that could change them both forever.

Just when Xander is on the verge of reclaiming his life, he discovers that Samantha has been hiding things from him…things that could shatter the fragile future they’ve begun to build together. For Xander, escaping the past is no longer an option. It’s time to face it—even when some secrets seem too heavy for the heart to bear.

My Thoughts

I’m so thankful for what we get in this sixth book since the last one felt a little flat to me. In this sixth story, we get to see all of Xander’s demons and we get to see them slowly seep away from him. Sam on the other hand also has her own demons, probably comparable to Xanders, but the way that this story is written, we don’t actually learn about what any of those are. Until it’s too late maybe.

Throughout the series with this side of the Sinclair family tree, we’ve known Xander through various lenses. We saw him ages ago when he met Tessa before Micah even did. He was her savior that one night. We knew from stories that he was the kindest and most supportive brother even though he was the youngest. We also saw him trying to fight for Julian to come home for their parent’s anniversary years ago as well….the night they were murdered. So with all that, we all really want to root for him and we want to see him come out of his darkness whole, it’s just a matter of knowing what it will take to get there.

Samantha appears to be everything that he needs and nothing that he thought he wanted. She’s girl next door attractive and we’ve learned that he’s not found any woman attractive since the murders. She’s smart and stubborn and clearly has a thick skin. We don’t know truly what brought her away from New York City yet, aside from a story about loving her past in Maine where her grandmother lived. She has her secrets too but we’ll surely find them out later. What we get instead, is the way that she’s able to get Xander to slowly open up to her about what he’s feeling and what his dispair is all about. We get to see that their mutual chemistry gets them a far away and it opens them up to a friendship of sorts after they mess up the sexual part.

Xander on the other hand is still fairly closed off. We see bits and pieces of the old Xander where he wants to be a part of his family but how he’s afraid to be rejected since he seems to think that they all think he’s fragile. He’s out to prove them wrong and it’s a petite blonde who’s able to help him show it.

In true form, we see the Beatrice’s foretelling of who’s a match to be correct and see the beginning of something wonderful before even they do. There are many roller coasters throughout this one too, as we see Xander learn one of Sam’s secrets and berate her as a result. She leaves and it’s no surprise the way that it affects him. Later we hear Sam overhear a part of a conversation that Xander is having with his brothers which again causes her to run, this time ending up in personal harm. So….as you can imagine, if the story wasn’t compelling enough just on Xander’s story, then the added bonuses of Sam make it even more intense. Definitely a good way to end this part of the family tree.

As we’ve seen in the prior books, we get glimpses into the next installment, which I believe to be the final. We get to see Liam and Brooke dance around each other, and admit attraction, but at the same time throw up all the road blocks that are there. I’m really curious to see how things play out since we know that Brooke is hiding a lot and we also know that Liam assumes things that aren’t necessarily correct. So i’m off to the final book and you should all enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire Takes All (The Sinclairs #5) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire Takes All
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 3/7/17
Length:  251 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #5


A-list movie star and billionaire Julian Sinclair learned from past tragedy that life doesn’t come with multiple takes. Now that he’s figured out what he wants—in the lush form of redheaded Kristin Moore—he’s got one chance to claim it. Between working as a medical assistant and filling in at her parents’ bar, Kristin has no time for pleasure. So Julian is bringing her to his brother’s Vegas wedding, where their mutual attraction can finally get a starring role.

What happened in Vegas has followed Kristin right back to Amesport, Maine. In the space of one magical weekend, the leading man in all her X-rated fantasies whisked her off to Sin City for breathtaking sex, followed by an “accidental” marriage she doesn’t remember. Kristin fully expects Julian to demand a quickie divorce. But instead he’s daring her to go all-in. To gamble everything on a love that might be too good to be true…or the best, wildest adventure of their lives.

My Thoughts

Leading into this book, I had high hopes because the dynamic between Julian and Kristin seemed to be one that would open them up to a lot of ‘love hate’ and likely turn into hate sex for a while. While we do get some of that, we don’t get all the heat that I was expecting. Being that Julian is an A lister in Hollywood, one of the most eligible men out there, I was looking forward to watching how Kristin would fit into that world, how there would have to be the expected jealousy when he’s at appearances with other women, and how maybe there would be catty-ness coming at Kristin since she’s not what everyone would expect Julian to be with.

What we get instead is a really sweet story, albeit a bit light – where there’s a drunken get away to Vegas for Tessa and Micah’s wedding, followed by a drunk night out that turns into another wedding. Kristin doesn’t realize she’s married when she leaves Vegas since Julian had to go back to LA early for work and took all evidence with him, but when she does learn, after she’s given up hope that he’s going to come back to her, well, the tables are turned and we watch him try to woo her.

As we saw in Emily and Grady’s story – there’s a length of time arrangement that the Sinclair alpha will give their love interest to hopefully change their mind to make them fall in love, and that’s what we get here. Kristin is so sure that there’s no future for them that she continues to sabotage things even when she sees the improvements to the family business an her parent’s quality of life.

It’s a sweet story, and we get the ending that we want, but I wish that it was a little more of a roller coaster with bigger highs and lows like many of the other installments. There’s really nothing unexpected happening here and while it’s not always needed…sometimes it’s nice.

What we do get on the drama side is the return of Xander from rehab. there’s clearly something about the robbery that he’s not sharing which makes it that much harder, and personally, knowing that he was shot and stabbed endlessly that night, i’m willing to bet that he was the intended target that night, not his parents, and that he knows who killed them. We’ll see how that all turns out in the next book I think, so i’m going to pick it up right now and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Voice (The Sinclairs #4) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Voice
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 8/30/16
Length:  230 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #4


As an extreme-sports mogul, billionaire Micah Sinclair is comfortable taking risks. But nothing—and no one—has ever challenged him like Tessa Sullivan. He’s fascinated by the woman who’s overcome so much, including the loss of her hearing. The petite blonde dynamo, a small-town restaurateur on the Maine coast, is the most courageous person he knows, and he wants her in his bed. Now all he has to do is convince Tessa to explore their desire.

After a lifetime of loss, Tessa’s finally come to terms with her limitations. Or she would, if a certain sexy businessman weren’t pushing her to want more. And to want him. All her remaining senses are clamoring for her to touch, taste, and feel. But her doubts tell her to go slow when their passion gets too hot.

Micah’s determined to prove to Tessa that she can still have everything she’s ever wanted, including his love. But will she listen to her head—or her heart?

My Thoughts

We all loved Tessa in the stories before. While she wasn’t a main main friend, she was always on the edges, especially since she and her brother have the best place in town to eat lobster rolls. She has an interesting story.- being an olympic skater when she was younger, before she lost her hearing, seeing what she went through when there was a guy that was changing everything that she believed in to make her feel special, and then when she lost her hearing, she was dropped. That story alone – the loss of her hearing makes it all that more intriguing to read her story now and see her get her happiness.

Micah on the other hand, he’s an interesting one as well. We know that that branch of the Sinclairs – they all push boundaries, and they all live on the edge. Micah likes his extreme sports and he’s a bit edgier in that sense, striving for the rush that he gets from It all, and he’s turned it into a business that’s flourishing on it’s own.

When we saw their worlds collide in the previous installment, we know that there was chemistry and attraction, and it’s no surprise that their story is going to be one that’s even more exciting. Micah finds that there are so many things about Tessa that make him want to hang around and want to know more and that’s something that Tessa is completely unaccustomed to. She’s not used to any man being interested in her, even sexually so this makes for a complex situation.

We spend the bulk of this story watching them push each other – Micah pushing Tessa to skate again, to realize that while she’s been independent for the past several years, that she shouldn’t let her fear take over. She’s able to live her life exactly how she wanted to and it’s ok even to hope for Micah to be in in. She’s gotten her place back with the girls, and she’s got this man in her bed that blows her mind.

Micah on the flip side has a girl who likes him for him. She likes the man that he is and while his job scares her, she’s still wildly supportive of what he wants to do because that’s what makes him him.

Things seem to be going well until they don’t – which is part for the course in this series. The man from Tessa’s past who blew her off when she lost her hearing comes back to try to win her back now that he thinks that she’s got her hearing back, and that makes us all wonder what that will mean for her chances with Micah. There’s also this notion that they both felt that what they were doing together was a temporary thing, Micah was always going to go back to New York, and when Tessa gives him an out, he takes it and we have to wonder if Beatrice’s premonitions and the Sinclair ‘love hard and fast’ rules will work here as well.

Watching it play out is thoroughly enjoyable and watching the set up for the last few books is even better. We know that the next goes to Julian since there were several chapters showing his sparring with Kristin, another local Amesport woman, and then there’s Xander – the rock star brother who was clearly troubled by watching and going through the robbery and violent murder of his parents – barely making it out alive himself. And lastly there’s a set up for Liam, Tessa’s brother to get his own story and hopefully to see him become happy as well. So on that note, i’m going to find the next book and dive right in. Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Touch (The Sinclairs #3) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Touch
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 3/22/16
Length:  240 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #4


After a troubling childhood, wealthy Evan Sinclair likes his life orderly and controlled. He rarely gives in to spontaneous urges—until he begins a chance correspondence with a mystery woman who sounds like his complete opposite. She intrigues and amuses him, and the interest seems mutual…which is more than he can say for his current obsession, Miranda Tyler, the tough-as-nails, sexy schoolteacher who’s made it clear she’s not impressed—or interested.

Miranda finally has it all: a good job, friends, and the security of living in the quaint coastal town of Amesport, Maine. She even has an anonymous pen pal—a man she’s never met yet has bonded with almost effortlessly. The only thing unsettling her life is Evan Sinclair. The handsome billionaire is arrogant, pompous, and far too used to getting his way. Miranda tries her best to avoid him, until Evan’s steamy kiss turns her world upside down.

Soon their red-hot desire is scorching the sheets and has them both spinning out of control. But when secrets are revealed, will their insatiable attraction keep them together or force them apart? In J.S. Scott’s The Billionaire’s Touch, the eldest Sinclair just might have met his match.

My Thoughts

Evan is the penultimate big brother, protector, father figure – and we slowly get to see why in his story. We’ve seen him swoop in and try to protect his siblings and we even saw in action how he was aware (maybe a bit late) of everything that was going on with his brothers and sister and how he takes responsibility for the good the bad and the ugly. He deserves happiness but he doesn’t think that it’s for him, that he’s worthy and that it’s in the cards.

Randi on the other hand, she’s a character that we’ve seen in the supporting role time after time again in this series. She’s Emily’s close friend, Sarah’s as well now and was even in Mara’s story too. It’s no surprise that it’s her turn to be leading lady. She had a rough childhood that we never quite understood and this installment gives her the space to really unpack that for us.

We start off innocently enough, with a flash back to the beginning of Emily’s story when she had reached out to Grady to get funding that had been stolen for the youth center. Randi couldln’t sit back and let Emily try alone, so she reached out to the Sinclairs via a generic email address and that was an email that would change her life. The response came months too late and with an attitude, but the attitude evolved into a mysterious friendship with a guy that she had no idea who he was, and yet the banter between them was something amazing.

We’re now months into the present, where Randi and her mystery man are still in talks, and at the same time, we see Evan, the eldest Sinclair back in Amesport. He’s there to meet his sister’s baby and at the same time, to avoid Randi, because they’ve managed to rub each other the wrong way over the years. Evan also found himself in a mystery email relationship as he’s the one who responded to Randi’s request, yet both have kept their identities secret and here we are with a problem.

What we have from this point on is an interesting and amusing story of a woman who has an attraction to a man she hates, and a man who’s attracted to a woman he doesn’t know how to talk to. It takes us about 60% of the book to really understand why, but what we do learn is that they have a chemistry that gets past all their discomfort with one another.

Randi shows Evan what he’s missing in trying to be happy and Evan helps put Randi back together after her foster mother’s death. They’re exactly what they need, yet their secret email correspondence threatens to break up what’s good between them since they’re able to share more via email than they are in person.

True to Sinclair form, we have such a roller coaster and at the same time some amazing heat and passion. There’s something to be said about the local girl winning the guy and making him realize what he needs is basic and in front of him, and that there’s always a chance at a happy ending if you’re not afraid.

What’s also nice about this book too is that we get to see the tease of two more installments devoted to Sinclair cousins. We also get to see some of the other amazingly strong and wonderful women of Amesport get their chance at happiness as well. So on that note, i’m off to track down the next book and see if it’s Micah’s turn to be happy. And in Love. Enjoy!

Review: The Forbidden Billionaire (The Sinclairs #2) by JS Scott

Title: The Forbidden Billionaire
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 7/28/15
Length:  240 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #2


All of Jared Sinclair’s wealth still can’t ease the pain from his terrible childhood…or his guilt over a recent tragedy. Unable to forgive himself, the billionaire property investor buries his emotions, toughens his skin, and becomes a notorious womanizer, refusing to commit his heart to a woman when he’s convinced she wants only his wallet.

But ever since Jared arrived in Amesport, Maine, he’s been intrigued by Mara Ross, the petite and sexy shop owner who asks nothing of him. When Mara’s store is purchased without her knowledge, she stands on the brink of losing her home, her livelihood, and generations of family history. Then the irresistibly persuasive Jared proposes a business deal to Mara…and soon draws her into a steamy, sensual affair, convincing her that he’s anything but cold. However, when a revelation shakes Mara’s fragile trust to the core, Jared must finally confront the truth about his past.

My Thoughts

Jared’s story was teased in Dante and Sarah’s story – watching how they knew that something was up with Jared but not quite able to put their finger on it, and now we get to see what that was all about. IT’s not surprising to watch the jovial Jared have a tortured past, but what is surprising is how he’s gone about his life since the troubles started. This second installment takes us into the past just a bit watching him self destruct, and then back into the present where he’s finding a way to dig himself out of his misery.

Jared – one of the middle Sinclairs is a whiz at real estate – he’s an architect who has a love for older buildings, and there are some of those in Amesport. The challenge is that he’s tried to distance himself from his passion because of betrayal, and yet he’s drawn to it because of an amazing woman.

That woman is Mara – a women who’s lived her whole life in the same town, and who has a passion for life, but a need to maintain the legacy that is all she has left of her mother. That legacy is a doll making business in a falling down old house, and running a business that’s not making money. She’s living her life for those memories and not for her, and thankfully Jared steps in to change that.

True to the other books here, we watch the Sinclairs breathe life into these women, women who think that they aren’t worthy of the attention of the sexiest men alive, but who learn that there’s so much more to these men and to life to really stick with these ideals.

Jared helps Mara open her eyes to the notion that she’s got a great opportunity to make edibles (jams and the like) instead of dolls and that way she can not only make money but she can make herself happy. He funds her, she gets a chance at life and sadly, the story is never that uncomplicated.

Throughout their story we watch misunderstandings play out. We watch how Jared’s past haunts him again and again, and we watch the secrets of other Sinclairs come to light which has the potential to affect everyone. There’s a fire that destroys a house, a lied that destroys a potential love and the notion that there’s still so much distance between their worlds that hope inevitably is lost.

It’s only the injection of Evan, the eldest Sinclair that brings reason to the story and at the same time we see how desolate and miserable he is in the family. This is the teaser to give us his installment which i’m excited for, and at the same time pushes this story towards resolution. So, of course now i’m off to find the next book because I need to see Evan happy and i’m curious which Amesport lady will do it. Enjoy!

Review: The Billionaire’s Christmas (The Sinclairs #0.5) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Christmas
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 11/27/18
Length:  112 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #0.5


Called an eccentric beast by the citizens of Amesport, Maine, handsome, sensual billionaire Grady Sinclair stays isolated in his mansion on a private peninsula. The arrangement suits Grady just fine—until an unassuming woman rings his doorbell, awaking his long dormant passion with her fearlessness. All he wants is to make the fiery blonde his forever. But will he have to become the monster everyone thinks he is to get his Christmas wish?

Emily Ashworth is desperate. The Youth Center has been robbed of all its money, and as the director, she has to find a way to give the town’s needy children the Christmas they deserve. With nowhere else to turn, she ventures to the mansion of a mysterious billionaire to ask for help. Warned to expect a beast, Emily is shocked to find Grady Sinclair a handsome and very sensual man. With steamy kisses under the mistletoe and seductive whispers while hanging the wreath, Emily finds there’s more to Grady than meets the eye. Is this misunderstood billionaire just a lonely soul who needs the gift of love for Christmas?

My Thoughts

While I know that i’ve read this one out of order of things, I felt the need to see what shaped the beginnings of Grady and Emily’s romance since they clearly laid the groundwork for Dante and all other Sinclairs to follow. What we have here is the prelude to it all, and a better understanding of how the family works from the inside.

We start this novella with a moment in the past when Grady was still awkward in life and not at all what his father wants him to be, actually quite an embarrassment to the family in his father’s eyes, and all this happens at the annual Christmas party. He’s shamed into going, and forced to be ridiculed, and thankfully his sister and brothers are there for his support. What they didn’t know going into the event was that it would be the last as their father had a heart attack and died that night.

Fast forward to ‘present days’ and we get to see what Grady has grown into. Without the disdain of his father, he’s thrived in business, making a name for himself in programming and tech. What he lacked when he was younger in social prowess is still a huge issue for him now, and that’s how he came by his moniker in Amesport. He’s a recluse and likes it that way, but he doesn’t realize that one snowy night, all that will change.

Emily on the other hand is the town angel – she’s overseeing the Youth center which is a savior for kids not only in their town but all around as well. When she’s conned by a man that she felt was interested in her, but who was only after the money that she was fundraising for the center, she finds that she has no choice but to go to the one person who’s local with pockets deep enough to save things for the year.

She slips and falls on her butt on his front steps, he falls for her at the same moment and their story is written from there. She quickly sees that he’s misunderstood and that he’s got a heart of gold, and at the same time, works to negotiate a means to get the money that she needs from him to make the center thrive. They agree that she will stay with him for a week and show him that Christmas isn’t dead, and in exchange, she gets a million dollars for her center and a friend for life.

I think they both knew that they were ‘done for’ when they locked eyes for the first time, and we get to watch the journey of both of them coming to terms of what’s not spoken but what is going to be their forever future. We watch the other Sinclairs come into play a bit at times, potentially messing up things for Grady and Emily for good at one point, but we know that they all come from a good place so it’s just a ‘sit back and watch this play out’ kind of story.

Similar to the heat and tone of just about all JS Scott books, we see their passion come undone with this socially awkward guy an incredible master in the bedroom. He shows her facets of her sexuality that she had no idea about, and at the same time he is able to fulfill every fantasy he’s had about her since the first moment.

Now that i’ve read this and the first official book about Dante, I guess it’s safe for me to read on about Jared – so i’m off to do that now. Enjoy!

Review: No Ordinary Billionaire (The Sinclairs #1) by JS Scott

Title: No Ordinary Billionaire
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 3/31/15
Length:  230 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #1


Dante Sinclair never cared about his family’s money. All the young billionaire ever wanted was to be a cop; and now that he’s a homicide detective in Los Angeles, he’s a damn good one. But when he is injured and loses his partner in the line of duty, he returns to his vacation home in Amesport, Maine, to recover.

Sarah Baxter, a brilliant young doctor still struggling with her stifled upbringing, has recently moved from Chicago to sleepy Amesport to escape her past, hoping to find peace. When Sarah is assigned to Dante’s case, there’s an instant heat between them. They couldn’t possibly be more different, yet their igniting passion is impossible to ignore. As new feelings awaken within Sarah, her haunted past returns, threatening her once again. But can Dante overcome his grief and discover the secrets Sarah is hiding in time to protect and rescue her?

My Thoughts

After reading the Accidental Billionaires, I felt that I had to do right by the series and read up on the East Coast Sinclairs – the ones that knew that they were billionaires, and had the unfortunate time of knowing their father. In this first book, we get to know Dante, one of the middle brothers, and one who chose a completely different life, away from money and business, and instead went into being a cop out in LA. We cross his path right after he’s been shot and his partner was killed, and he’s not only lost, but he doesn’t want to be found, or live.

Lucky for him he’s got 3 brothers who won’t take that as a path for him to go down, and they bring him to Maine where he’s able to recuperate at his brother’s place for a bit and then at his own house out there which he’s been to maybe 2 times before. This wouldn’t be a true romance or erotica story if we didn’t have a lovely leading lady who’s not looking for a man, but who finds the hottest man around, and learns that this is the man that can get her to bring her walls down.

Sarah’s background at the onset of this book is a mystery – we have no idea the ins and outs of her personality and her upbringing, but the more that she gets comfortable with Dante, the more that we learn about her. She’s the doctor that’s put in charge of his care while he’s in town, and at the same time, she’s also the person who’s able to get under his skin, not only because of a mutual physical attraction, but because she’s literally a genius and looks at things black and white with no gray. That forces Dante to think about what he’s doing and what he should be doing, and that jump starts his recovery.

The story from there is the standard romance of an alpha male who thinks that he wants ‘his woman’ for purely carnal reasons, but then quickly learns that she’s gotten to his heart when he didn’t even realize he had one. At the same time, we know that there has to be angst and mystery for the story to be complete, and that comes in the form of a break in at Sarah’s house where her entire house is destroyed and the words ‘Die Bitch’ are written on her wall.

The rest of the story shows us what that means to a growing relationship. The alpha male becomes even more protective and as a result, this couple becomes that – a couple. They realize that there’s more than a physical attraction and it’s nice to watch it blossom and grow. The fact that she’s quite innocent as well gets a reader all hot and bothered because our author does a fantastic job of really taking us through our paces watching them learn each other together. it’s HOT.

There’s a hostage situation, a death, someone ends up in the hospital again with an uncertain future and meddling friends and family who just want to help. Do they get the ending that they deserve or will Dante go back to LA? that much is inevitable so what does that mean? Anyhow, we’ve been teased with the book #2 here to know that younger brother Jared gets his own story, however there’s also a 0.5 book that i’ve realized about Grady – the brother that we’ve met time and time again in this book, so i’ll catch that one first I think and and then move onto Jared’s story. Enjoy!

Review: Endeared (The Accidental Billionaires #5) by JS Scott

Title: Endeared
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 10/6/20
Length:  256 Pages
Series: The Accidental Billionaires #5


After finishing a hard-won medical residency, Owen Sinclair now lives his dream as a family physician. The windfall that brought him newfound wealth has also made handsome Dr. Sinclair the town’s most eligible bachelor. But Owen’s eyes are on Layla, his onetime best friend, his clinic’s dedicated nurse practitioner, and the one woman in Citrus Beach who has no interest in either his body or his billions.

In high school, Owen and Layla were always there for each other. Layla could confess almost anything to him. But wanting more than friendship was a confession too far, and Layla’s teenage longing was crushed in a heartbeat.

Two buried hurts are now in need of mending, and Owen has a proposition—if Layla is game. It’s a matter of trust as they discover so much more about the past, each other, and themselves. It’s not too late. Maybe they can make up for lost time. A love this true is worth the wait.

My Thoughts

After reading Andie’s story and seeing how wonderful Owen was, I think that it was more than necessary to see how his own life adjustment would play out. I forget all the time that it’s only been perhaps a year since they’ve all come into money, meaning that their struggle from the past years is all for naught given that they are now in a different situation. Owen had pushed himself so hard to get through school since he knew that his family had sacrificed everything to make sure he could get to school, and now he’s living the results of that labor. owning his own practice, back home with his family and being able to reconnect with friends from the past.

Layla on the other hand, she’s a tougher one. We know that she’s part of the threesome that they had in high school, and we know that there’s a rift between her and Owen for reasons unknown. AT least unknown to him and Andie, so it’s a matter of time until we get to the bottom of things.

Owen is persistent, and that’s something that I think is quite wonderful here since there’s really a need to push Layla to reveal more of herself than she’s comfortable. Throughout this story we see that she fights every step of the way, with a deep rooted hatred, and I think that she constantly uses that as a crutch when she’s in front of people so they don’t see to far into who she is. The only person that she seems to open up to is Dark, a guy that she’s connected with via Noah’s new dating app, and being behind a phone with no personal information shared, well that helps really allow her to be a bit more free.

What’s nice about this story that we see in some of the others is that JS Scott shows us that our main characters negotiate some type of arrangement to get to their end game. We saw that with Riley in the past and it comes to a head here when Owen uses his attraction for Layla and her guilt over the past to get her to date him.

Their story is a sweet one yet one that’s so troubled. They clearly enjoy one another but they won’t cross those boundaries for fear of what will come of it. Owen is beyond attracted to her and Layla him, but Layla thinks that if he were to know know what happened in her past, then he wouldn’t want her.

What we find is an interesting ally in another character that we’ve met in this series, and one that I hope to find a spin off book for since I think that person is really intriguing. The friendship, chemistry, trust, all those factors make this another great read from our author. So on that note, i’m going to do some investigating and see what else I can find to read. Enjoy!

Review: Enchanted (The Accidental Billionaires #4) by J.S. Scott

Title: Enchanted
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 4/28/20
Length:  252 Pages
Series: The Accidental Billionaires #4


Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun in this emotional Accidental Billionaires novel by New York Times bestselling author J.S. Scott.

Years ago, Noah Sinclair promised his dying mother that he’d stay strong and work hard for his younger brothers and sisters. Even with the Sinclairs’ newfound wealth, Noah has never steered from that blue-collar drive. His siblings think it’s time—with the gift of a Cancún vacation. To Noah, being forced to relax isn’t bliss. It’s a chore. Especially under the watch of a beautiful family friend enlisted to make sure every laptop under the sun stays closed.

All Andie has to do is convince a handsome billionaire to take a deep breath? It should be a dream for the bohemian travel writer. If Noah—a workhorse so resistant to change—weren’t spoiling for a fight. But no matter how hard Noah pushes her away, Andie is pushing back. She promised she’d teach Noah to embrace every pleasure in life. It’s a promise she made to herself once, too.

What begins as a battle of wills becomes a chance for Noah and Andie to open their hearts and share their fears. Night after intimate night. It’s the last thing they expected from Cancún, and it’s what they need the most. Even if it isn’t supposed to be forever.

My Thoughts

I’m surprised that it’s taken me six months to get back into this series since I really enjoyed the first three books around Jade, Seth and Aiden. the way that this story was cultivated really makes for a lot of great installments to the series with plenty of new dynamic. This time, it’s Noah, the protector and patriarch of the family.

Just as the summary says, we remember the promise that Noah made to his mother as she was dying from Cancer. He was 18, and the only one who was legally old enough to keep the family together. He promised that he would do everything that he could to make sure they survived and thrived and that’s exactly what he did. Fast forward all these years, and an inheritance the size that no one can fathom, and well, he’s still living his life by his mother’s words.

His family is worried about him. All he does is work himself crazy and he has no other interests or friends because he won’t let himself come up for air. They so concerned that his twin sisters gift him a trip to Cancun to force him to enjoy himself, and Owen, his youngest brother enlists his best friend from forever to try to break him from his shell. Andie is a girl that the Sinclairs all know well from when they were kids, but we all know that people grow up.

Andie is the complete opposite of Noah on so many levels, and while that’s perfect for the story, it’s implied over and over that she’s had a troubled past that has made her into the woman that she is now. She’s grounded, yet boho, and she lives life for each day instead of planning for the future.

Their trip starts off on a rocky foot since Andie really wants to understand what makes Noah tick, and Noah is so driven by his work that he’s not open to really having conversation with her. Good thing she doesn’t back down, and she finds a way to negotiate a compromise to ensure that he doesn’t work the entire time.

Underneath all their differences though is a clear attraction that neither speaks of for days. We watch Andie realize that the crush that she had on Noah as a kid is so much more as an adult since he’s grown into someone amazing, and sexy. At the same time, Noah is trying to understand how this little girl that he knew back in the day who he thought was spoiled has turned into this incredibly sexy woman that he’s got these desires for that he feels he shouldn’t.

The journey throughout the story is one of growth and understanding. It takes Andie to push Noah out of his comfort zone every step of the way and to help him understand that he doesn’t HAVE to work since they are financially thriving in order to get him to work on understanding who he is as a person. It’s sad to see the wool get taken off Noah’s eyes and have him realize that he now has to figure out who he is and what he likes, but at the same time, it’s really rewarding. to watch Andie take him on the journey.

Sparks fly, and they realize that they share the same feelings for one another, but when Noah wants forever and Andie doesn’t do more than just today, they are at am impasse and they split. It takes the work of the entire Sinclair family to get Noah to understand what’s going on, and hopefully it’s not too late, since Andie’s gone back to Boston. It’s a push pull and a ‘I hope it’s not too late’ story that really makes for a nice read.

I’m excited to see what’s next since we still need to get into Owen’s story and that was teased nicely in the end of this book with a friendship that failed and he’s not quite sure why. I’m going to find out when I can get my hands on that one and in the meantime, enjoy!