Review: Combust (Everyday Heroes #2) by K Bromberg

Title: Combust
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year:  JKB Publishing 1/20/18
Length:   267 Pages
Series:  Everyday Heroes #2


Songwriter Dylan McCoy has been burned.

By her boyfriend she found in her bed . . . with someone else.

By the contract she signed that obligates her to work with him until the songs for his new album are complete.

By her agent when she asked Dylan to keep their breakup on the down-low.

When she finds herself in Sunnyville, she refuses to let her new roommate burn her too. Still . . . a rebound has never looked so good.

That’s her first thought when she sees firefighter Grady Malone.
Sexy. Charismatic. Unapologetic. He’s a man who carries his own scars-the ones on his back, the survivor’s guilt on his soul, and the fear in his heart.

When an unexpected visitor puts their roommate status to the test, will their undeniable attraction burn out, or will they both take a chance and play with fire?

My Thoughts

Well i had forgotten the gist of the series to be honest, couldn’t pinpiont what the first book was around, but hearing all the hints about cops, and Emerson being a sky diving instructor, and well i have figured it all out.

so what we have here in book 2 is a sweet story about Grady – brother #2 in the family who is a firefighter, fighting the demons of the loss of his partner 2 years ago during a fire.  Definitely a tough situation for everyone and he blames himself because he wasn’t able to save Drew.  mind you, Grady also had some dire injuries himself so it’s not like he could be blamed.

Then there’s Dylan, a songwriter from LA who has just had her heart broken by her boyfriend Jett – a guy who’s a major music star and sensation.  Jett cheated on Dylan and for who knows how long.  So the challenge that Dylan now faces is that her record label won’t let her out of their deal so she has to write the songs for Jett’s album as much as she doesn’t want to, and so she finds the opportunity to get out of LA to do it, and ends up moving into Grady’s house – out of the help of her brother who’s friends with Grady.

The story we have from there is one of two very damaged people, who of course find themselves attracted to one another but neither is in a place to even be half human to the other so it’s an uphill battle for sure.  We don’t really know how long it’s going to take for each to realize that there’s something there between them, and then the next amount of time to act.  What we do see though is the pushing of parents, friends, brothers, basically everyone else around them to get them to see what is in front of their face.

It’s honestly not until Jett appears out of no where to come and try to win Dylan back that progress is made and the story from there starts to pick up pace.  We see how interesting the chemistry is between Grady and dylan, even with all their insecurities and ghosts.  Their chemistry though is off the charts, it’s hot and steamy and written in true fashion of our author – you can’t quite get enough.

The journey continues, and there are so many ups and downs that you know it’s not going to be easy.  Dylan of course has to go back to LA once her songs are all written and Grady has his life in Sunnyville so it’s going to be tough, and i don’t know what or who will have to come in their way again to make them realize that maybe it’s worth the fight.  All the reason to read on i suppose.  Enjoy!

Review: Cuffed (Everyday Heroes #1) by K Bromberg

Title: Cuffed
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year:  JKB Publishing 10/20/17
Length:   394 Pages
Series:  Everyday Heroes #1


From the New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, comes a new series about three brothers, the job that calls them, and the women who challenge them.

“I hate you. I never want to see you again.”

Grant Malone is not the reason I moved back to Sunnyville-at least that’s what I tell myself. Yet, those parting words I said to him back in third grade, ring in my ears every time a townsperson brings up one of the Malone boys. I thought time had healed my wounds. I was wrong. Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt when I finally saw him again.

Twenty years does a lot to turn a boy into a man. One who hits all my buttons-sexy, funny, attractive, and a police officer. But Grant is off limits because he knows too much about my past.

But I’m drawn to him. That damn uniform of his doesn’t hurt either. It’ll be my downfall. I know it.

What’s one night of sex going to hurt . . . right?


I’ve always loved Emmy Reeves.

That’s why I’m shocked to see her all these years later. The shy girl I once knew is all grown up.

Adventurous and full of life, she owns my heart now, just as much as she did back then. Convincing her of that is a whole different story.

I’ll give her the one night she asks for-like that’s a hardship-but when it comes to letting her walk away after, she has another thing coming. There’s no way in hell I’m letting her go this time without a fight.

My Thoughts

Ms Bromberg again does what she does best – introduce a new set of characters with their own interesting story to give us another introduction to an enjoyable series.  This time we’re not in a baseball theme, but instead we’re in a place called Sunnyville where there are three brothers and of course they’ve got their stories.  We start off by meeting Grant in this first installment.

Grant’s a cop and he’s a bit of a player – not one to really settle down, and often times referred to as Officer Sexy.  His father was a chief in the department back in his time, and Grant’s living up to all of that great accolade.  He’s decided to challenge himself and go for a promotion to become detective and that’s the next notch to put in his belt.

Then there’s his childhood best friend, a girl named Emerson, someone who he hasn’t seen in about 20 years, when a secret was revealed and she and her mother left to find a safer place to live.  Of course, we learned that it was Grant who told the secret because he knew that it was the right thing to do, however from that point, 8 year old Emerson hated him and wanted nothing to do with him.  Since leaving Sunnyville, she’s become a bit of a gypsy, a nomad of sorts.  She and her mom moved from place to place, never putting down roots, and it’s only now, 20 years later that she’s found herself back in that same hometown, trying to put down roots by working to purchase a skydiving school since that’s her passion.

The story that we get from here is one of clear chemistry between these two.  Remember that they were just 8 when they last saw each other, but 20 years shows us that there’s a bond there and now a chemical reaction to one another.  The bigger issue though besides that though is that there are major trust issues.  Emerson feels that Grant betrayed her trust all those years ago, and it’s almost impossible for him to climb back from that and make things right.

We go on a journey with these two, watching them fight their inner battles with trust and the struggles that come from the ghosts of their pasts, and at the same time, trying to fight what’s in front of their faces – and really enjoy what they can potentially have together.

The meddling of Emerson’s bestie Desi doesn’t hurt things and then there are Grant’s brothers, Grady and Grayson that also make things more entertaining.  All lead ins and hints into what we’ll likely see in the next installments in the series.

So all in all, a sweet romantic story of childhood best friends who are torn apart but come back together to find that there’s something amazing there.  OF course, when plans don’t go as they want, and one is forced to move away and the other sacrifices their profession and life for a cause, we know that the anxiety and angst will make it all worthwhile .  we hope.  Enjoy!

Review: The Catch (The Player #2) by K Bromberg

Title: The Catch
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year:  JKB Publishing 6/24/17
Length:   286 Pages
Series:  The Player #2


After an unexpected twist of fate, All-Star catcher Easton Wylder is left questioning the loyalty of everyone around him.

Even the woman who shares his bed, Scout Dalton.

But if Easton thought being uprooted to the last place he expected was the only challenge life had to throw at him, he was dead wrong.

With an ailing shoulder and his career in limbo, his decision to make an unexpected change leads him to question everything – Scout’s love, family loyalties, and whether he can conquer the one obstacle he’s never been able to overcome. The secret he’s never shared with anyone.

He may be a man pushed to his limits, but he’s hell-bent on proving his worth no matter the cost.

My Thoughts

We knew that things were about to change for Easton and Scout and where we were left at the end of the first book is a scary place.  Thanks K Bromberg for that!

We pick up when Easton learns that he’s being traded – but has no idea where or why.  Scout seems to have seen something in some paperwork that was spilled in her meeting, and changes her story to protect him but of course he doesn’t see it like that.

So in this second and final book of the duet, we get to see a lot of ups and downs for everyone, secrets come out from just about everyone that we’ve met and there are so may twists and turns that you really have no idea what’s going to happen.

Easton lands on another team, and of course hurts himself again.  his future as a player is up in the air and that means that he’s both depressed and really unsure of what will come next.  Scout is still stuck back in Austin, working for the team that let her boyfriend go, resenting every moment of it, just so that she can secure her dying father’s last wish to have a contract with the team.

Then there’s Santiago – the guy who both injured Easton to begin with and now has taken his place on the ACES.  there’s something fishy going on with him and we can’t quite figure out what it is.  There’s also Cal, Easton’s father who’s got his own level of shady going on, and all together we see a really complex story develop and then come to a close.

There are so many questions throughout this final installment.  Will Scout and Easton find happiness, will they figure out how to make their personal relationship thrive while also making sure to secure their futures professionally?  What other shoe is around to drop to come in the way of all that they’re working towards?

At least the good thing that we as readers know that we’ll get is not just a complex complicated story, but one that has so much true romance and passion – that it helps carry things through.  We don’t end where anyone thinks, but i think that the conclusion answers a lot of questions.  I hope you guys enjoy!

Review: The Player (The Player #1) by K Bromberg

Title: The Player
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year:  JKB Publishing 4/10/17
Length:   302 Pages
Series:  The Player #1


Baseball has never been sexier in an all-new novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, K. Bromberg.

Easton Wylder is baseball royalty. The game is his life. His passion. His everything.

So, when an injury threatens to end Easton’s season early, the team calls in renowned physical therapist, Doc Dalton, to oversee his recovery. Except it’s not Doc who greets Easton for his first session, but rather his daughter, Scout. She may be feisty, athletic, defiant, and gorgeous, but Easton is left questioning whether she has what it takes to help him.

Scout Dalton’s out to prove a female can handle the pressure of running the physical therapy regimen of an MLB club. And that proof comes in the form of getting phenom Easton Wylder back on the field. But getting him healthy means being hands-on.

And with a man as irresistible as Easton, being hands-on can only lead to one thing-trouble. Because the more she touches him, the more she wants him, and she can’t want him. Not when it’s her job to maintain the club’s best interest in regard to whether he’s ready to play.

But when sparks fly and fine lines are crossed, can they withstand the heat, or is one of them bound to get burned?

My Thoughts

I’m a fan of this author – Ms Bromberg has always brought us entertaining and engaging stories that really suck us in.  What we have here is another of the same, the introduction to a new set of characters that have their own struggles in life.

As the summary says, we have Easton, the star of the Austin Aces, and a guy who’s still on the DL list because he was injured in a dirty play a few months back.  Surgery was successful, yet rehab hasn’t done it’s magic and there’s only one man who can help him – Doc Dalton.

That’s where we get Scout – Doc’s daughter and the heir to his kingdom.  She’s an amazing and accomplish PT in her own right but being a female always has its setbacks.  Easton’s quick to assume that she’s a stripper and part of a prank, but quickly realizes his error, and starts to see what she’s able to do not only for his shoulder but for his heart.

So you assume that everything will come up ok for these guys right?  well of course there’s more.  Scout’s father is terminally ill, and this last job is the final star that he needs in order to deem his career a success.  Healing Easton will give him a contract with the Aces which is something that he’s not had before.  Then there’s the fact that Easton himself has a bit of a struggle in the form of Santiago – the catcher that injured him and clearly has a vendetta.

Add to that the fact that there’s a growing relationship and budding romance that has to be kept a secret and you know that things are going to get complicated.  Easton and Scout have so many barriers up that it’s amazing that they are able to get even a bit past them on their own, but we know that there’s going to be a shoe to drop at some point and when it happens, it’s a doozy.

All that put together, you can imagine that things will get dicey.  What happens in the end isn’t what we expected and at the same time exactly what we expected.  While we want there to be a happy ending in this story, MS Bromberg would not be a great author if that’s what we got so that means that we’re left on a cliff for everyone involved at the last turn of this story – teasing us to get book 2.

The good thing here is that we know that along with the great plot, we have a lot of steamy chemistry, some great scenes between these two main characters and a lot of humor from the supporting characters.  we want to root for everyone to come out on top, but we know that it’s impossible, so we’re forced to read on to see at least what may happen for the majority.  Enjoy!

Review: Sweet Ache (Driven #6) by K Bromberg


Title:  Sweet Ache
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 6/2/15
Length: 395 pages
Series:  Driven #6


Hawkin Play, the bad boy rock star with a good guy heart, has lived a lifetime of cleaning up after his twin brother’s mistakes. Hunter’s most recent screwup could land Hawke in jail and risk the band’s future. Hawke agrees to guest lecture at a local college to stay in the judge’s good graces—and a bet with his bandmate to seduce his sexy teaching assistant is icing on the cake.

Quinlan Westin is harder to bed than Hawke imagined. She knows his type and is determined to avoid the rocker at all costs—even if their attraction runs deeper than simple lust.

Just as Hawke might finally be winning over the girl, his brother has other plans. When Hunter realizes his twin finally has a weakness, he’ll stop at nothing to take advantage….

My Thoughts

I think that it’s fair to say that we Love Quinlan and its great that she gets her story here.  I feel like after meeting her with Rylee and Colton and seeing the protective side that she had for her brother’s heart – it was about time to see if she could be happy.  While we don’t get any back story on her and relationships, we know that she doesn’t really do them as she’s typically attracted to bad boys and the only hint that we get is Dante – her ex who comes back to stay with her for a while for reasons unknown and who seems to think that he can get her back in his bed too.

At the same time we are reading about Hawke’s story – we know that he’s a rather successful rocker who’s taking the fall for his twin who’s not really on the up and up all the time, and feels obligated because of circumstances that are revealed throughout the story.  As a rocker, we can only expect and assume that he gets any woman when he wants, where he wants, so knowing how Type A Q is, it’ll be fun to see how things turn out.

When paths cross as Quin’s school where she’s a TA, sparks fly.  She’s coerced into helping out in the class that he’s guest lecturing in, and if he doesn’t teach her a thing or 2 as well (not on the syllabus of course) – well that’s where things get really hot.

The point of this story i think is that we have yet another really damaged guy – he’s got some of the same issues that we saw with Colton, about not feeling worthy of love or even being open to it, and the fact that Q is like Rylee in a sense shows us that there’s going to be a lot of life lessons and internal growth here.  It’s a roller coaster for sure since Hawke seems to do everything in his power to screw things up.  He pushes her away all the time, both because he doesnt want her too close and because he’s trying to protect her, but of course the immense amount of passion, chemistry and heat that these 2 have keeps them closer than they expect.

One of the great things of course (and as i’ve said before) from K Bromberg is that she writes some amazingly steamy scenes, each unique to the dimensions of the relationship so where we had great heat and passion from Colton and Rylee and even Becks and Haddie in the past, what we have here is really new and perfect for this couple. The questions that are begging to be answered though in this story is whether sex is enough or if the secrets that Hawke’s keeping will come out too soon and make things both real and broken.

I kind of hope that we get another installment to the series, however i don’t know who it would be based on.  Maybe Vince?  The other thing that i noticed in this story was a reference to a band the D-Bags – who were in another series but another author that i read.  i love that -if it was intentional  – the reference to another band from a series that’s really resonated with this genre.  But that’s just me.  so on that note – happy sunday all!

Review: Slow Burn (Driven #5) by K Bromberg


Title:  Slow Burn
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 2/24/15
Length: 340 pages
Series:  Driven #5



Reeling from the sudden loss of her sister, Haddie Montgomery has sworn off relationships. All she wanted from Beckett Daniels was a sexy distraction to help her escape her pain for just a little while….There weren’t supposed to be any strings attached—so why can’t she shake the memory of that unforgettable night from her thoughts? Or the taste of his kiss from her lips?

No matter how hard Haddie tries to forget about him, Becks relentlessly tries to prove that she should start living for today. But she is determined to avoid romantic commitment, and she can always use her ex-boyfriend’s reappearance to help snuff out the slow burn within her that Becks has sparked….

Or will fate force her to realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and a chance at love is worth the risk?

My Thoughts

While not nearly as much of a roller coaster as the main bit of the series, still quite engaging none the less.  We finally get to see the tension between Becks and Haddie come to a head and while it was inevitable, the path that their relationship goes on is one that wasn’t necessarily what i was expecting.

We all know Haddie as being Rylee’s roommate and best friend – the voice of reason and the girl who pushed Ry to fight for Colton and pushed Colton to get his head out of the sand.  All the while, she’s the one that stood along side the couple with Becks – hoping that things would work out as they should.  So, it’s great to see their chapter continue.

We also knew Becks as the foul mouthed voice of reason for Colton, the one that told Colton exactly what he was thinking and got him to see that Rylee was the right girl for him.  So, taking that same knowledge and attitude, i think that we see that he’s destined for his own happy ending.

The fact that there’s so much obvious chemistry between these 2, well you know that we’ll get a lot of heat and passion.  The challenge that i face here is that we lost a bit of the entertainment quality that i’ve come to appreciate from both of the characters when they were supporting cast.  Not to say that it wasn’t great – since i enjoyed the story – but there was a bit of flair that we lost here from Becks specifically that i loved and now miss.

Throughout this story – we see that there’s a rather serious underlying plot that was introduced for Haddie that shows us why all her choices in life are what they are.  I think that it’s something that’s deeper than i was expecting, but ties things together nicely – getting us to an epilogue that made me tear up since i wasn’t hoping that it wasn’t true.

So…all that being said – i love that we got to see some type of extension with these 2 and as a nice treat – i saw that there’s going to be a #6 to the series so we can see where Q lands.  (Colton’s sister if you don’t recall).  So…happy wednesday everyone and hopefully i can find the next book to read.


Review: Raced (Driven #4) by K Bromberg


Title:  Raced
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 11/4/14
Length: 150 pages
Series:  Driven #4


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author K. Bromberg comes a companion book to the Driven trilogy. Contains mature themes.

Review: Crashed (Driven #3) by K Bromberg


Title:  Crashed
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 2/27/14
Length: 404 pages
Series:  Driven #3


When life crashes down around us, how hard are we willing to fight for the one thing we can’t live without, each other?

Life is full of moments.
Big moments.
Little moments.
And none of them are inconsequential.
Every single moment prepares you for that one instance that defines your life. You must overcome all your fears, confront the demons that chase you, and cleanse the poison that clings to your soul or you risk the chance of losing everything.

Mine started the minute Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet. She made me feel. Made me whole when all I thought I could ever be was incomplete. Became the lifeline I never knew I needed. Hell yes, she’s worth the fight…but how do you fight for someone you know you don’t deserve?

Love is full of ups and downs.
Heart stopping highs.
Soul shattering lows.
And none of them are insignificant.
Love is a racecourse of unexpected twists and turns that must be negotiated. You have to break down walls, learn to trust, and heal from your past in order to win. But sometimes it’s the expected that’s the hardest to hold on to.

Colton has healed and completed me, stolen my heart, and made me realize our love’s not predictable nor perfect-it’s bent. And bent’s okay. But when outside factors put our relationship to the test, what lengths will I have to go to prove to him that he’s worth the fight?

Whoever said love is patient and love is kind, never met the two of us. We know our love is worth it-have acknowledged that we were meant to be-but when our pasts crash into our future, will the repercussions make us stronger or break us apart?

My Thoughts

I don’t know if it’s possible to jam pack more into this finale of the series but our lovely author has managed to do it.  there’s something to be said about being able to write such a roller coaster of events, so much disaster and destruction and still have if feel like it’s not overly far fetched (granted it’s a story so there’s only so much reality to it).  the fear, love, anxiety, and passion that just leaps off the pages here is something to take note of.

As you remember from Fueled (#2), we see that things are starting to get better or these 2, Rylee and Colton are trying really hard to find themselves in a good place but it’s still not easy. He’s still healing from his car accident, and of course the expectation is that he’ll try to push her away more, yet they both realize that they love each other in a way that was never expected and that’s something that keeps bringing them back.  the Chemistry and heat that they share is something that’s quite impressive.

In this third and final installment, what we have here is really a story about Colton coming to terms with who he is / was and what he’s worthy of.  Rylee’s job here is to be patient, allow herself to fight for him without killing herself in the process.  Of course that’s easier said than done when someone decides that they want to kill her.  Literally.

Throughout this finale, we get so much heat and passion, but of course being held at arms length just a bit.  We see that there’s so much fear about what will break them and what will bring them together.  The impossible happens at one point that makes Colton’s eyes open and makes Rylee realize that maybe there’s more that can be done, but is afraid to hold out hope.

Becks of course continues to be the major voice of reason which i love – he’s got a sense of humor and reality that only best friends can bring to the table.  he’s not afraid to tell colton what he needs to hear and if there was someone that was better suited – well that would have been impressive.

The story plays out as you expect, however there’s an epilogue and a 2nd epilogue just to make sure that you get the closure that you need.  we have a 1 yr leap and a 10 yr leap and both are fantastic.  i think that you see resolutions for more than just the mains that we love and i think that’s a great approach that K Bromberg has taken.

So all that being said, i’m going to track down Raced which is the Colton POV installment and see what else we can get out of this series since there were handfuls of chapters from his POV that really helped keep the story moving.  With that, have a great week everyone – Happy Monday!

Review: Fueled (Driven #2) by K Bromberg


Title:  Fueled
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 9/5/13
Length: 399 pages
Series:  Driven #2


What happens when the one person you never expected suddenly happens to be the one you’ll fight the hardest to keep?

Colton stole my heart. He wasn’t supposed to, and I sure as hell didn’t want him to, but he crashed into my life, ignited feelings within me that I thought had died forever, and fueled a passion that I never knew could exist.

Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet and into my life. Now I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. She’s seen glimpses of the darkness within me, and yet she’s still here. Still fighting for me. She is without a doubt the saint, and I am most definitely the sinner.

How is it the one thing neither of us wanted-neither of us anticipated that fateful night-has us fighting so hard to keep?

He steals my breath, stops my heart, and brings me back to life again all in a split second of time. But how can I love a man who won’t let me in? Who continually pushes me away to prevent me from seeing the damaged secrets in his past? My heart has fallen, but patience and forgiveness can only go so far.

How can I desire a woman who unnerves me, defies me, and forces me to see that in the deep, black abyss of my soul there’s someone worthy of her love? A place and person I swore I’d never be again. Her selfless heart and sexy body deserve so much more than I’ll ever be capable of giving her. I know I can’t be what she needs, so why can’t I just let her go?

We are driven by need and fueled with desire, but is that enough for us to crash into love?

My Thoughts

I LOVE this series – i think that there so much darkness behind the characters that it makes their bond and interactions that much more powerful.  The other great bit here too is that our author has revised the format that this 2nd installment is written in and throughout the story, we get these ‘Colton’ chapters which are just little bits of what’s going through his head.  it makes the story that much more complex.

So where we ended the first book, they had started to get to a good place in things and then Colton freaks out when Rylee admits that she loves him or implies it at least, and they end up going their separate ways.  We know that it’s not going to last, but every step that they take closer together, they end up taking another 2 away.  It’s really exciting though to see where things are going.

In this 2nd book, we see that Tawny continues to play a role in screwing things yup – I knew that she would and it’s nice to see that as self assured Rylee is in everything else, she’s still very susceptible to letting someone like Tawny convince her that she’s nothing.

Beckett and Haddie – the appropriate best friends continue to play a large role here and it’s nice to see them get their own little side thing on a trip to vegas.  if that plays out more – i’d be thrilled but to be honest, there’s so much excitement and a roller coaster of events with Colton and Rylee that i don’t know that we’re necessarily missing anything.

Just when things seem like they are getting better- when Rylee is able to get Colton to share bits of himself that he’s never shared before, we see that it is never something that we can rest on our laurels about – that the other shoe will drop and it does.  He gets even more scared – pushes her away and while everyone else sees that they are far better together, we see that they aren’t able to come to those same terms themselves and that’s where we spend a bulk of the book.

The biggest concern for everyone though is that there’s a HUGE race coming up for Colton and his head is clearly not in the game – he’s driving like he’s got a chip on his shoulder and that’s not a safe thing.  everyone’s worried about it – even to the extent that Becks goes to Rylee and asks her to even fake it with Colton so that he can focus.

We are left off with catastrophe on the race track.  There’s an accident – Colton’s car gets dragged into it somehow and we don’t know the extent of things .  I guess the question is will he make it out of the wreck, and it what shape and what will it mean for Rylee who has her own past traumas stemming from a car wreck as well as wondering if they have enough together to pull through this.


Aside from all that, there are some of the steamiest scenes that i’ve read in a long time between these two and that’s intense.  We can see that sometimes it’s better to have hate AND love for someone to make the chemistry so strong, although i don’t know that they would even need that necessarily since they really are a great match.  It’s been a while since i’ve read scenes as hot as these so it’s a welcome change.

Great news again is that i have the 3rd book already, so i’m diving (or driving) right into it. and i’ll get back to you on how great it is.  Happy sunday all!

Review: Driven (Driven #1) by K Bromberg


Title:  Driven
Author: K Bromberg
Publisher/Year: JKB Publishing 12/25/13
Length: 324 pages
Series:  Driven #1


Rylee Thomas is used to being in control. But she’s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it…

I am the exception to the rule.

In a world full of willing women, I’m a challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life. He’s the reckless bad boy constantly skating that razor thin edge toward out of control, on and off of the track.

Colton crashes into my life like a tornado: sapping my control, testing my vulnerabilities beyond their limits, and unintentionally penetrating the protective wall around my healing heart. Tearing apart the world I rebuilt so carefully with structure, predictability, and discipline.

I can’t give him what he wants and he can’t give me what I need. But after a glimpse beneath his refined exterior into the dark secrets of his damaged soul, can I bring myself to walk away?

Our sexual chemistry is undeniable. Our individual need for complete control is irrefutable. But when our worlds collide, is the chemistry enough to bring us together or will our untold secrets and battle of wills force us apart?

My Thoughts

So i was on the hunt for a new series and the cover art on this one just got to me.  It’s odd cause i’m not usually into the whole thong/butt thing but it worked.  So what we have here is the first installment to what’s clearly a troubled romance between Colton and Rylee.

We meet Rylee on the night of a charity date auction that she’s set up for her company – one that helps ‘abandoned’ boys get back on their feet and counseling and all that.  These kids are troubled and clearly it has a strong pull on Rylee – so the thought of this auction, something that she’s so against is still something she’s willing to do – for the boys.

It’s at the auction that she meets Colton – not realizing who he is, either in relation to her company or to his fame – and they share an intense and immediate chemistry that results from her getting locked in a closet.  We see the passion and heat coming from them the moment they meet, but Rylee is very guarded after her fiance was killed and she keeps him at bay as much as she can.

Throughout this first installment, we get to see glimpses of the troubled past that colton had, yet we never quite get to the crux of it.  We know that he strongly relates to the cause of Rylee’s company since he himself is adopted, and Rylee knows that there’s more pain and torment to the story since he’s very haunted, yet she can’t quite get there with him since he’s so closed off.  As a result of that as well, he won’t allow himself to feel, to love and he gets off balance when he realizes that maybe what’s always worked in the past in terms of ‘relationships’ isn’t going to work here since he wants more but is obviously afraid.

As you read through this story – you want the best for them, you want to think that Rylee can help Colton as much as he can help her heal, but you know that it would be too easy.  Every time they take a step closer, there’s something to pull them apart, their own minds.  The other bit is that of course there’s another woman who wants Colton and is going to sabotage Rylee the entire way.

The cliffhanger at this first bit of the story is that just when you think that they’ve turned a corner, Colton’s admitted that he’s feeling more for her than for anyone else in the past and that it scares him, well, he ends up having a nightmare and throws her out.  So i guess the question is what is it going to take to get him to open up to her, and if it’s possible.  We know that the kids that Rylee cares for were the reason that they came together in the first place so i wonder if they will play a role in them getting back together if it’s in the cards.  I also wonder what Tawny is going to do with this whole situation – we know that she loves him and thinks that he’s going to end up with her, but of course he doesn’t feel the same.  So i’m curious and i’m thrilled that this series was published so long ago so i can just jump into book 2 today.  On that note – have a great weekend everyone and Happy Saturday!