Review: Shine On by KT Grant

Title: Shine On
Author: KT Grant
Publisher/Year: KT Grant 6/3/17
Length:   92 Pages


Jade Moretti’s job at Lovely Diamonds, the most popular gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas, pays well. She’s not a stripper but an accountant who loves running numbers and watching revenues rise. Lovely Diamonds is a family business, run by her former stripper mother for over thirty years. At twenty-three, Jade is ready to embrace adulthood and live life on her own terms.

As Jade catches the eye of a former popular classmate from high school from her past reenters her life. Her former best friend, international rock star Ivy Falls has returned, not only to shake up the town, but to jumpstart her relationship with Jade, who she left behind for fame and fortune.

Ivy wants a second chance, and won’t take no for an answer. Is Jade willing to forgive the woman who walked out on her, leaving her heart shattered in the process?

My Thoughts

I’m a fan of KT Grant, so i was happy to see this novella come out – but i have to tell you, i’m not entirely sure what it is that i was reading.  There’s really not enough time in this story to get too deep, to give us a true connection aside from rehashing stuff from the past, so what we have instead is a sweet story, but one that’s really just on the surface.

This is a story of a girl who’s gone through a lot – she’s part of a loving family, but her father passed away 5 years ago, and just when she needed her best friend the most, a girl who she thought could be more, her friend pushes her away and her life kind of spirals down.

It’s when this friend returns, just when Jade is trying to get her life back on track, that all things start to spin.  She’s starting a new relationship with a girl from her past as well, and while that’s just a very ‘on the surface’ type of thing, just physical, the return of Ivy, the girl who broke her heart makes things that much more dicey.

Add to the fact that Ivy is a super star, and clearly is used to getting her way, well the fight isn’t a fair one.

On top of that, what confuses me about this story is the sub plots going on.  we know that there was something going on that drew Jade’s father and his best friend (the father of the girl sh’es hooking up with) apart – yet we don’t know what.  And to see her mom and this other gentleman start talking again, makes you wonder.  Yet it’s a part of the story we don’t delve into at all.

Then there’s one of the brothers – we start to see Kenji with a personality, and a drive of his own, a connection to a lounge singer named Scarlet, but again, that’s about as deep as we get on that one – no real follow up to the story line.

So you can see why i feel like it’s a bit confusing and on the surface since there’s so much more that could have happened here, yet we just never get below about an inch or two into the plot.  Oh well.  not every book can be the best right?

Review: The Lock (The Dark Path #3) by KT Grant


Title:  The Lock
Author: KT Grant
Publisher/Year: KT Grant 12/13/15
Length:  199  pages
Series:  The Dark Path #3


The dark path continues for Erika and Max as secrets unfold and threaten to destroy all they hold dear…

Erika Walsh’s every dream has come true. She’s received both critical and public acclaim for her best-selling erotic romance, and has chosen the magnetic millionaire and BDSM club owner Maxwell Crawford as the keeper of her heart. Although, her former crush Chris Milton still refuses to accept her decision. As she plans her wedding to Max, she’s confronted with his past and the many secrets he’s kept under lock and key –for good reason.

When Max’s older brother, Daniel, a big Hollywood producer falls ill, Erika and Max rush to Los Angeles to help him recover. Max is shocked to find Daniel has become the victim of a blackmailer who seeks revenge against the brothers. Max must confront the loathsome Abraham Rovner, a former classmate from high school, who has never forgiven him for breaking off their relationship.

Abraham brings out Max’s lurking deviant nature, which sends him to a dark place in his mind. Erika must find the strength to help her lover purge his demons, even though it may come at a major cost for them both.

My Thoughts

Well, it’s been a while since i was immersed in this series so i have to admit that i was a bit worried that i’d be off in the point of the story that we were in.  Low and behold, that’s not the case at all, and i was quickly up to speed with all things related to Max and Ericka and even Catherine, Raymond and Bryan.  With the injection of Daniel (Max’s brother), and Abraham, Raymond’s nemesis, well, things are bound to get dicey.

It’s interesting where this story takes us.  We’re still deep in the mix of the relationship with Max and Ericka, where they are trying to figure out how to take the next step in their relationship since they are engaged – we know that they want a big wedding for Ericka, but they also don’t want all the fanfare at first.  Is it Vegas? and will they get there?

Then there’s the issue of Catherine and Bryan.  We learned that Bryan is Raymond’s nephew (or is he???) and that Raymond lost a bet leaving Catherine and Bryan to go back to NY together.  OF course, this break isn’t the first or second for the couple, and we know that Raymond has his sights on being with Catherine forever.  we’ll see if that happens.

Our least favorite mistress from The Gate comes along – Louise and she’s never a welcome site.  Then there’s the whole Daniel / Abraham issue that’s bringing everything to a climax.  Daniel is being blackmailed by Abraham who has been plotting his revenge since high school and it’s really just a matter of who’s going to strike first and what it’s going to mean for all of those adjacent.

Where we’re left off in this story is with someone dead, still no idea who’s going to get hurt or ruined in the next installment, but a few weddings being planned.

What is typical of KT Grant’s writing are the scenes that we get to watch.  There’s no shying away from the lifestyle that our main characters have been a part of forever, and it’s not just that it’s descriptive, but it’s hot.  We get to see that there are boundaries for most, and when those are reached, everyone involved gets a ot of pleasure from it.

So on that note, it’s on to the next installment when ever we are graced with it.  i hope that you’re all having a great end to 2015 and i’ll probably be back at the turn of the new year.

Review: The Gate (The Dark Path Trilogy #1) by KT Grant


Title:  The Gate
Author: KT Grant
Publisher/Year: CreateSpace Independant Publishing Group 11/5/13
Length:  268 pages
Series: Dark Path Trilogy #1


A chance encounter between a successful author and a billionaire owner of an underground BDSM club, leads to the most pivotal relationship of their lives…

Erika Walsh has carried a torch for Christopher Milton, heir to her father’s publishing empire for years. After one steamy make out session she begins to wonder if it might develop into something more. But when M.L. Crawford, better known as Max, her father’s publishing rival, seeks her out at a society event, she’s drawn to his magnetic charisma and powerful demeanor. Their verbal bantering and innuendo laced overtones stir feelings she never knew existed, and soon Erika is consumed with knowing the real man under Max’s restrained public façade.

Erika’s sweet nature and naivety excites Max to near madness. He wants to train her in the art of seduction and make her succumb to his every wish and command…as his perfect submissive. Yet, Christopher is determined to keep Erika from becoming the latest victim of Max’s sinister sexual hungers. He knows all too well what Max hides in his black soul and will stop at nothing to reveal all of Max’s secrets in order to protect the one thing he holds dear above all else – Erika.

Max’s dark desires scare yet arouse Erika, as he opens her eyes to a new bold world full of passion and ecstasy she never imagined until him. But the biggest question remains: Is Erika’s craving for Max just an illusion that transpires behind the walls of The Gate?

My Thoughts

I was really impressed with this story.  What we get here is not just a story of an overly successful and powerful dominant billionaire, but we get 2 parallel path stories that are really interesting to go through.

We meet Erika first – on the evening of a big event to honor her father who is the CEO of a publishing house.  It’s a tough night for her of course because she gets panic attacks when she’s in large crowds, but she pushes through since it’s for her father.  The other piece is that her crush – Chris (who is also the next in line to become CEO when her father retires and is the brother of her best friend) is there too and makes her feel a bit more at east.

The same evening we meet Max who is ironically the ‘enemy’ and CEO of Walsh Media which is a company that is on the verge of acquiring Erika’s father’s company (unbeknownst to her).

So this story takes us on a bit of a journey where Max is really drawn in by Erika’s innocence and she’s drawn to him because he empowers her and takes her places emotionally and sexually that she never thought she’d go.

Where this story takes us on a split journey is to The Gate. which is the name of the BDSM club that Max happens to own in joint partnership with Catherine.  We learn the background on this duo and it’s heartbreaking – in the sense that Catherine was engaged to Max’s younger brother who killed himself 8 years prior.  Their circumstances brought them together in a way that actually works – as a brother and sister type relationship vs one that would potentially make people worry when they are dating the other.

Our introduction to Catherine brings about another story that’s happening all at the same time.  We learn of her complicated relationship with her master and see how that manifests in the club.  we also see the sort of person that she is to Max and Erika even and hope that she’s able to help when he of course will screw up.

There are a lot of great little sub-stories here, and quite a few triangles to deal with, none of which really detract from the story.  Where they take us instead is to the great cliff hanger of an ending where you’re not quite sure what will happen and who will end up together.

The nice thing that i’ve found with this author that i’m not actually familiar with is that there’s immense heat and steam.  I like to think that i’m pretty well versed in all things erotica, but i fee like this series really took us on a nice journey that was so hot and steamy and descriptive that I needed to cool off.

i hope you guys feel the same – and enjoy.  I can’t wait until 2014 to get the next installment and see where we can go with everyone.