Review: Morality Clause (Lawyers Behaving Badly #5) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Morality Clause
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions 9/17/16
Length:   187 Pages
Series:  Lawyers Behaving Badly #5


Despite the diamond on her finger, Maisie’s future has never looked so grim. Her arch-rival wants revenge, and she knows Maisie’s secret.

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore aren’t just brilliant lawyers. They’re also complicated, dominant billionaires. If they find out what Maisie did…

The gorgeous, powerful men love her enough to lay down strict discipline.

They love her enough to marry her for her protection.

But what will happen when they realize she’s not worth the trouble?

My Thoughts

Well things are coming to a head with the lawyers, and with Maisie and with the case itself.  There’s so much uncertainty around what Maisie’s done and what that means for her future with the men, and if that weren’t enough, Byron is still on the loose and no one knows what he’s going to do.

Top that off with things moving forward with the search for Norman’s killer, and Heather and Jayne coming into the fold a bit more.  We know that Heather is a loose cannon and she’s got a vendetta against Maisie so it’s a matter of time before she takes an opening and talks to Ethan to put Maisie on blast.

If you remember from the last book, we know that Maisie has to marry one of the guys to protect her, but that’s not the only reason as we have learned that there are definite feelings among the group.  the question came down to which guy was going to be her husband legally and we learned that Ethan was the winner.  A great thing given that he seems to be the most alpha, but he’s also the most frightening.

True to Cleo Peitsche’s style, we get some of the hottest scenes between this foursome.  We know that they don’t just like it kinky and dirty but they like their toys and their dungeons.  That’s where we spend some time – both good and bad.  I think that Maisie uses it as a way to get things off her chest and that angers the men given that they want those types of games to be more of an enjoyable thing and not as a means to hide.

Regardless – we get a great ending and resolution to the story – and we see how things play out between all of the necessary players.  Finding out the killer took some time, but i think that it was the right person given where the story had taken us.  Seeing where Heather ended up as well was a nice bit of closure since we never wanted her to suffer, yet she was so vile to Maisie that you also didn’t want her to skate free.  All in all though, i’m really happy with how this series ran and i’m bummed that it’s over.  Have a great day all!

Review: Private Chambers (Lawyers Behaving Badly #4) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Private Chambers
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions 7/20/16
Length:   151 Pages
Series:  Lawyers Behaving Badly #4


Maisie’s dominant bosses won’t budge: for her protection, she must marry one of them immediately.

On paper, they’re perfect. Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore are rich, gorgeous lawyers. The powerful billionaires give Maisie exactly what she needs, from every angle imaginable.

But after overhearing them arguing, she knows the devastating truth.

They don’t want her, not forever.

Unable to tell them the truth, soon she’s acting out. But her bosses have their own carefully laid plans.

They will bring Maisie under control, one way or another…

This office menage romance contains one curvy submissive and the three dominant men who are driving her crazy with their protectiveness and their secrets.

My Thoughts

Oh how this story just takes us down a path that you’re not quite sure you want to go.  In this 4th installment, we see Maisie faced with the decision that she’s going to have to marry one of the men, and she has no say in it – just so that both she and they can be safe as the investigation continues.

There are a few crimps in all this – Heather, Maisies ‘friend’ from school keeps coming around since she’s working on something with the firm, and she’s making Maisie miserable.  Jealous too for that matter.  Then there’s Ginelle who’s a girl that works with Maisie in her new role in the Janitorial division – and her life seems rather complicated which of course brings Maisie into it.

So…we’re still not sure who killed Norman, the chief of police is onto them, and the guy who’s investigating them is still trying to plant fake evidence to frame them.  It’s a wonder that they’re able to be as sensual and dominating as they are throughout this story.  how do they find the time?

But true to Ms .Peitsche’s style, we get to see PLENTY of that.  it’s naughty and dirty and all the best bits of a BDSM relationship among 3 hot powerful men and a woman who knows her value.

Where we net out at the end of this 4th installment, we know who Maisie is going to marry and we know when, but we don’t know when their lives are going to get back to normal.  On that note – have a great weekend everyone!

Review: Willful Violation (Lawyers Behaving Badly #3) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Willful Violation
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions 6/7/16
Length:   121 Pages
Series:  Lawyers Behaving Badly #3


Maisie’s life is spiraling the drain. She wants to get her job back, but her rich, powerful bosses have ordered her to stay away from their law firm until things settle down.

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore are dominant men who are used to being obeyed. Their decisions are final.

But when Maisie’s college rival sets her sights on Ethan, Maisie makes a tough decision, knowing she’ll have to accept the consequences.

Can she survive a punishment tailor-made for her, or is her pride too strong?

My Thoughts

Oh do things keep getting better and better here.  We know that there’s a case being built against the lawyers for the murder of one of their client’s estranged husbands – and we don’t know who is behind it all, but we know that there’s a case being built.  The complicated bit of course is that the deputy chief of police is the deceased brother, making it personal as well as an investigation into a death.

If that weren’t enough, we know that Maisie was fired, and she’s being questioned by the police as well – so her life just about sucks.  Her ‘frienemy’ Heather pops up again, reaching out to get an intro (again) to Ethan, and that puts Maisie on jealousy high alert, so she does something that ultimately gets her into even more trouble.

The path we take in this installment is that no one knows the truth behind the murder and the lawyers themselves know how they can get their names cleared.  On top of that, they’ve found that Maisie is almost the perfect submissive for them, and if that weren’t enough, we get in this story EXACTLY what Cleo Peitsche is best at – some amazing group scenes that are so hot that they make you wonder if you should be trying out not just a threesome but something more.  It’s not just the steamy description of things, but the real connection that you feel between the characters – and how it’s more than sex – there’s romance and true love and feeling.

Where we are left off – well Maisie is yet again a pawn, with decisions of her future being made for her without her choices – and that means that we’re going to see a spicy, feisty version come out for sure.  I can’t wait to see what happens and what role Heather will continue to play.  I’m also really curious on Ethan’s back story since that keeps on coming up and never with the say path to progression of the story.  So  – onto the next.  Have a great night all!

Review: Triple Jeopardy (Lawyers Behaving Badly #2) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Triple Jeopardy
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Production 4/27/16
Length:   102  pages
Series:  Lawyers Behaving Badly #2


Maisie is so screwed. Literally–who could resist dominant billionaire bosses? But it’s more complicated than that.

Ethan Brennbach. Raphael Lattimore. Trent Banno. To protect their most vulnerable clients, these hot lawyers aren’t just bending the rules.

They’re breaking the law.

If Maisie is too attached to turn her bosses in, she should at least get the hell away. Fast.

But she’s starting to unravel their secrets. Plus, it’s hard to run when she’s always on her knees.

And even harder when her heart is on the line.

My Thoughts

Ahhh the saga continues here for Maisie, both professionally and personally.  We see that her interactions with the three partners continues to bring a lot of heat and steam into what ever it is that they have, and at the same time, Maisie is trying to figure out if she wants to be a lawyer, if she can be one even.

In this second book, we see that Ms Donohue has something to hide, and perhaps that is why she’s so hard on Maisie.  there’s a moment that they share where Ms D gives her a bit more information about Ethan’s accident, but Maisie then finds out that what she was told wasn’t the whole truth, and of course that sets off alarm bells.  personally, i think i have her figured out from the hints that we’ve gotten so far, but i guess i’ll need to read on to see for certain.

We see a new friendship growing in Jayne – another lawyer there, and that’s something that i’m happy to see since it seems like Maisie is going to need support from someone.

Then of course there’s the fact that about 3/4 of the way through this book, Maisie’s life is turned upside down – and not in the way that it was in book 1.  Everything that she thought she could rely on now isn’t there at all, and i wonder where we’re going to be left in the next installment since you have to wonder if all or none of the men will stand by her, and if she’s even able to survive it all.

True to form with Ms Peitsche, we get some of the hottest ‘dirtiest’ naughtiest scenes ever.  While they aren’t the entire book, they definitely take up a lot of your attention and it’s hot.  I mean, few authors write scenes between 3 or more characters as well as we get here.

On that note, enjoy!

Review: Legally Binding (Lawyers Behaving Badly #1) by Cleo Peitsche


Title: Legally Binding
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch :Publications 3/23/16
Length:   92 pages
Series:  Lawyers Behaving Badly #1



(Author’s note: This novella is at a special intro price! Enjoy!) LEGALLY BINDING (Lawyers Behaving Badly #1) is a steamy office menage BDSM novella of 25,000 words.

Maisie can’t hide her shock the first time she sees Ethan Brennbach’s scarred, mask-like face.

Ethan. Gorgeous except for… yeah.

Ethan, her new boss.

He’s not impressed by her lack of tact. Neither are Raphael Lattimore and Trent Banno, the handsome partners at the prestigious LB&B law firm, where gossiping about Ethan’s appearance is grounds for termination.

The whole office is brimming with secrets, some downright dangerous. Soon the secrets include Maisie herself, the illegal activities she discovers…

…And the filthy things all three of her dominant bosses expect of her.

My Thoughts

True to what Ms Peitsche does best, we get a steamy introduction to a story of a newly minted assistant who’s about to find herself in the midst of a multiple partner ‘thing’.  Maisie, a girl who seems to be so much better equipped to be ‘more’ in her work life has been forced to take the worst of jobs in order to pay bills and make due.  She’s now gotten herself a job as an executive assistant to these sexy lawyers, and she doesn’t know what she’s in for.

Of course, it can’t be that easy – and what we know from other series that Cleo has given us, we know that there’s always going to be one of the male leads that won’t like her and one that develops a soft spot for her, while the other will walk the line in between, where he cares for her, takes pleasure from her and of course keeps things balanced.

So in this story, we have Ethan, the one that she’s made a bad impression on from the get go because of a scar that he has, Trent and Raphael who we’re not quite sure what to make of just yet….and well, it’s steamy from the moment she walks into an office and is ordered to close and lock the door.

The underlying bit of this story that hopefully will keep it moving outside of their BDSM play is that these guys truly are lawyers and there’s an interesting case that they are working on that has just developed a hiccup in terms of the health of one of the main ppl involved.  there’s also the factor of Jayne who’s a more junior lawyer in the firm who’s both ambitious and beautiful and who seems like she may not just be an ally for Maisie our lead, but may also be competition in a way.

So, i guess where leaves us is the need for a cold shower since we’ve already been overloaded with play between these 4, and well, it was hot.  Maisie’s been tied to the chair in the office, sampled more than any one girl could handle and shown that she can hold her own.

On that note – i’m on to the next, and i hope you have a great weekend.