Review: Foxy in Lingerie (Lingerie #10) by Penelope Sky

Title: Foxy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 8/16/18
Length:  137 pages
Series:  Lingerie #10


I’m risking everything for Vanessa. 

One last time. 

I can’t turn the other way and let her family be murdered by the Skull Kings. 

I have to do something. 

Maybe I can earn her father’s trust. 

And finally get my woman back. 

My Thoughts

My heart is hurting a bit less now that i see where this story has gone. Honestly, heart palpitations at the greatest scale when there was a chance one of my favorite couples was really kaput. Thankfully, things changed, Bones proved that he really has the right intentions and always have when it comes to Vanessa, and because of him, the family is still alive.

Bones is the kind of man that you really want in your life. While he’s got a dark side, a side that lives in the world of crime, he’s also the most loyal person, protective and caring and realizes that while his heart may break, he wants others to be happy regardless. That was the decision he made when he walked away from Vanessa after seeing her with Antonio, but that didn’t make ME happy. Thank goodness the Skull Kings put a hit on Conway and Bones learned about it in time to save the Barsettis….because it brought us to our happy place once again.

We still don’t have clarity on what prompted the hit to be ordered, but it’s safe to assume at this point that it has to do with Carter going to the Underground, posing as Coway and making a purchase. No one else in the family knows what happened, and there’s clearly more to the story of the woman that Carter was paid to buy, but we don’t know all that yet. Instead, we get to see two parallel stories here in the bigger introduction to Carter and Mia.

As the two stories go on, we see Vanessa and Bones find their way back to each other because Bones saved her family, and we see the dynamic between Bones and Crow change. Where it was Bones seeking acceptance before, now its’ reversed because Bones hit his limit. To read this and see how it plays out is very entertaining.

The other story line is that of Mia and Carter. We don’t honestly know much about Carter, he’s really been a secondary character up until now, but we get to see more of his personality shine in this 10th installment. He’s Mia’s captor but he’s really not a bad guy. He’s actually never wanted to have power over the ‘slaves’ that he’s bought and this case isn’t really any different. While he wants Mia to behave and respect, we all know that he’d never lay a hand on her and treat her wrongly.

With Mia though, her story is a complete mystery. We don’t know why she was with Egor, the man who had her before and who paid Carter to get her. We also get these hints throughout the story with there being some bigger reason for Mia’s need to fight and we don’t know what that is. My mommy radar goes off here and i’m assuming she’s got a kid somewhere but who knows.

There’s the endless power struggle and realization that there’s heat and chemistry between them, but neither will act on it yet. Mia still wants to either hurt Carter or run away, and Carter just wants the whole deal to be over and done with. So i guess we’ll have to see how the next installment plays out to see what this dynamic turns out to be. We know that the story will be dicey since there’s the Egor back story and so much uncertainty. Can’t wait to see how our author writes their piece since we all can expect it to be even more unique to the other couples. Enjoy!

Review: Divine in Lingerie (Lingerie #9) by Penelope Sky

Title: Divine in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 7/25/18
Length:  164 pages
Series:  Lingerie #9


My family tried to accept the man I love.

But they couldn’t.

Now I’ve lost the love of my life.

I try to move on, but it’s hard to find something to live for.

I don’t want any man but him.

But when Conway becomes the target of the Skull Kings, my life is turned upside down. They want my brother dead, and my family is doing everything they can to protect him.

Will Bones protect him too?

My Thoughts

i’m heart broken. Really heartbroken. This is one of those stories that has ended in a way that i absolutely didn’t see coming and i almost wanted to throw my iPad across the room. I don’t know how to go on with this series because i’m not happy.

What’s new with this installment though is that we are beginning to see more stories woven into this one. Where the books have been focused primarily on one main couple, we see a blending here, not just with Vanessa’s parents (father mostly) but with Conway/Sapphire as well as with Carter. Conway/Sapphire are months away from having their baby and at the same time they are planning their wedding and we see how that plays out.

The main undertone with this story though is the endless attempts at getting the Barsetti’s to accept Bones. He’s doing everything in his power to show the family that he’s honest and loyal and different than all their preconceived notions. He continues to take their insults, their punches, he works harder than anyone else at the winery to prove himself, yet it seems like there’s no way to make progress. Vanessa pleas her case that there’s a sexist double standard because neither Conway nor Crow/Cane are any different than Bones – they’re all quite the same, and yet, her father admits this and doesn’t care.

She begs, pleads, and just when we think that all hope is lost, and that there’s no chance of her family ever accepting him, they agree and make an effort. We want to celebrate this moment, but it’s short lived because Crow decides to ask Bones a question that he knows the answer of, but doesn’t want to hear. How they fell in love since Vanessa and Bones withheld some of that information. That’s when our world is shaken, and Bones is banished.

My heart literally broke from this point on. Neither Vanessa nor Bones can survive without the other, yet they don’t have a choice. Bones won’t ever take Vanessa away from her family so he makes sure that she’s taken care of when he leaves. He buys her a gallery and a place to live ,and then leaves her forever.

The turn in theme that we have from this point on shows us the resilience that people can have, especially when they are at their lowest. Vanessa knows that she’ll never find someone like Bones, someone that is in her soul as deep and it’s a struggle to move on. The strong powerful confident woman that we knew is gone and it seems like she’s gone forever.

Bones on the other hand goes back to his life of loneliness, going back into his shell, spending more time working missions than living life – and when he’s not on a mission, living at the bottom of the bottle of scotch. He ends up drinking himself sick, flipping his car and almost dying….but this doesn’t really change things.

This is a bleak and moody story – no hope is left for either of them, and it’s a shame since they were picture perfect. Vanessa’s family prods her endlessly to find someone else, and through a series of coincidences, she does find someone and starts to build something new. I’m NOT happy about it. Just to be clear here. And when Bones sees this, he has closure and walks away too.

From this point though, we get a new journey, and one that takes a very dark path. We know that Bones lifted his vendetta against the Barsettis – regardless of if he’s with Vanessa or not, but apparently, someone crossed someone in the wrong way, or did something they weren’t supposed to, and at the end, we see a hit being ordered. This is the intro that we get to Carter’s story. He’s contacted to get someone from the Skull Kings auction, and even though he and Conway decided they’re out, he’s lured back in and learn quickly that something fishy is happening.

So, like i said at the beginning, I’m really upset about this story. Where i wanted the story to go has been completely flipped, and what i want to happen looks like it’s gone for good. I also think that we’re now on a darker path, relationships torn apart, and the inevitable death of someone that we’ve come to love is on the horizon. After seeing that there were still several more installments to the series – i can assume that things will continue to get complicated, and i think that while i’m not thrilled with the trajectory with some, the theme and tone is a nice change and i’m impressed that Ms Sky was able to accomplish this. So……i’m off to book 10 because i’ve been sucked in yet again! Enjoy!

Review: Sassy in Lingerie (Lingerie #8) by Penelope Sky

Title: Sassy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 7/24/18
Length:  132 pages
Series:  Lingerie #8


I’m not sure how it happened.

But I’ve fallen in love with my family’s enemy.

I try to move on but I can’t.

He’s the only man I want.

Now I have to choose between the man I love.

And my family.

My Thoughts

So much is at stake here and so much uncertainty lies in front of Vanessa and Bones that you really have to wonder who’s going to win here. They’ve agreed to make the effort with her parents, and her parents agreed to make the effort back, but sadly it doesn’t look like the Barsettis are going to give even an inch

That’s where we spend this entire installment, watching the patience and restraint that Bones puts forth, because he loves Vanessa that much. And taking all the insults, the punches, the disrespect because the end result is worth it to him. Vanessa’s heart breaks every time they engage with her family because she knows that they aren’t going to even give the relationship a fighting chance, and it’s sad to see. Crow and Cane can’t let go of the past, and once Conway is in on things, he’s just the same.

The constant that we see keeping this story going is the intensity of Vanessa and Bones’ relationship. There’s something so deep and powerful here that no matter what comes against them, they know that they are each other’s forever. The passion that comes from it, the heat and chemistry that we see every night and morning between them is insanely hot.

Crow makes a good point in one of his argument, pointing out that in Bones’ line of work, while he thinks that he’s not going to become a target, we all know that he will since this is the under world and nothing is assured or safe. Crow wants Bones to retire and make an honest living and that’s not something that Bones can do because it would mean leaving his ‘brothers’ in the lurch. On one of his last missions though, we see that Crow’s fears may be real and legitimate because it seems as though the hit was on a person who was so public and so beloved that everyone’s searching for the killer. It gets dropped in this story but i feel like it has to come back.

Bones’ honesty is one of the best aspects of this story and what makes the family start to turn their opinion, however when Crow asks a question that he knows he doesn’t want the answer to, we see that there’s an impact to the dynamic that will make the story into something that is completely different. We’re left at a point where Bones’ is giving everything up but it’s maybe for nothing. I hope we get the resolution in the 9th installment because frankly, this has been dragging on too long and the anticipation is killing me. Enjoy!

Review: Desire in Lingerie (Lingerie #7) by Penelope Sky

Title: Desire in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 7/3/18
Length:  165 pages
Series:  Lingerie #7


Bones is a man I despise.

He gives Bad Blood a whole new definition.

But he’s not exactly what I thought he was. 

Maybe men can change.

But it doesn’t matter how I feel about him.

My father would never approve. 

He’d never let me love a man like him.

My Thoughts

The story with these two continues to be a roller coaster, where they have so much trouble admitting to each other and to themselves (in the case of Vanessa) how they feel towards the other, but it’s so obvious to everyone else. Is it something that they’ll overcome? Well, no.

We know that they love each other as we get deeper into this story, but we know that there’s no future because of so many reasons. Bones isn’t the type to settle down, although he follows suit with all the other men that we’ve met by our amazing author and we know that when the right woman comes along they change their tune. Vanessa knows that Bones is a man that his family will NEVER accept because of the blood war that’s been going on for generations. It doesn’t matter that Bones wasn’t raised by his father, it doesn’t matter that Bones is a different man, there are too many walls for anything good to come of this.

So we spend much of the book watching them try to live their lives separately. Vanessa goes back to her apartment, her life, tries to make her life into what it was before Bones. Even allows her mother to set her up with someone who would have been considered the perfect man. But he’s not Bones, so he’s not perfect.

With the connection and chemistry that we know these two have, it’s no surprise that they realize that the jealousy that they feel, that the love that they share is more important for now and they give it a shot. Vanessa knows that she’ll have to hide her relationship forever and Bones knows that he’s not capable of giving her the fairy tale, but for now, they don’t care.

Life continues on for both of these guys – Bones goes on hits, and Vanessa gets scared for his safety. Vanessa paints and is successful at selling her work even when she didn’t have faith that she was good enough. Their path seems to be on a great trajectory. Until they decide that they have to be open with the Barsettis and that’s where all hell breaks loose.

Will Bones ever be accepted? doubtful. Will Vanessa be forced to choose between her love and her family? likely. will there be a happy ending here? who knows. While we’re left at a point in the story where decisions have been made and there’s no more ambiguity, there’s still a huge question on what the overall outcome will be and what’s going to be sacrificed. So…i must go find the next installment to figure it out, since honestly, i thought this would have been the story to tie up their romance. Enjoy!

Review: Fantasy in Lingerie (Lingerie #6) by Penelope Sky

Title: Fantasy in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 6/23/18
Length:  134 pages
Series:  Lingerie #6


Bones is the son of the man who killed my aunt. He’s the descendant of a psychopath, a murderer.

His handsome face, blue eyes, and strong physique can fool anyone into believing he’s a good man.

Including me.

My loyalty to my family makes me despise him.

But I also can’t stop thinking about him. 

Thinking about his kiss.

My Thoughts

These two are in way too deep with each other and it’s going to come at price. One will kill the other, one will lose everything they hold dear for the other, one will get captured and tortured because of the other. Nothing good can come of this relationship, yet they only feel safe with each other, they only feel like there’s good in the world with each other. And their connection grows more every day.

In this second book of Vanessa and Bone’s story, we get to see more and more of what their lives become as they evolve what they are to each other. We know that Bones has this vendetta against everyone who’s done him wrong, the Barsettis and now this man that he’s discovered as being the one who murdered his mother. Again there’s no good that can come out of the path he’s going down.

We can hope that the innocence, the power and the logic that Vanessa brings to the mix will talk him off his ledge, but that’s an impossible task and one that they are resigned to deal with. When Bones sets his mind on killing Joe – the man who killed his mother, he knows hes’ walking into a death trap, Joe Perditto is more powerful than most, is surrounded by guards, is always prepared. No one is able to talk him down from going, and it ends badly. he isn’t successful in the hit, and it’s brought unwanted attention to him, and puts him on Joe’s radar. When joe comes to Bone’s house, gains access somehow and goes through with executing him, Vanessa is left in a position where she can get her freedom back or fight. We all know which she chooses.

The challenge in this story for Vanessa is that she’s fighting everything that she feels internally. This is usually the problem that our leading man has, so it’s nice to see the switch here. She won’t admit how deep her feelings are for Bones, yet she protects him, she fights for him, she only feels safe with him and everything she actually feels comes out in her art. Her mom notices this and confronts her about it, but she’s not willing to admit it out loud.

The dynamic between these two changes throughout this story. Bones continues to give Vanessa her freedom (in a sense) but they can’t live without each other. They try to put space and distance between each other because what they are feeling is too fast and furious to be comfortable with, but they always end up together. Bones fears what this will do to his life and reputation and Vanessa knows that she has no future because of how her family feels.

Where we are at the end of this book is a path that no one wants. or do they? Feelings have been vocalized, people have been pushed away and a new relationship is in the early stages. The question becomes whether that will change everything for the better or if there’s more turmoil to come. Will the blood war continue and will anyone be safe? We know that Bones has a plan to take down Conway and Sapphire, and it’s only a matter of time before Vanessa finds those tracks.

The constant here is the need that they have for each other to feel safe and secure. It manifests itself the same as it did at the onset, in intense passion and heat in a way that we haven’t seen it before among the other couples. They fit together perfectly and fight each other in a way that compliments one another. I can’t wait to see how their story plays out since there’s no happy ending for everyone here. So, now i’m off to get the next book. Enjoy!

Review: Queen in Lingerie (Lingerie #4) by Penelope Sky

Title: Queen in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 6/6/18
Length:  167 pages
Series:  Lingerie #4


Muse told the world how she felt about me.

Instead of feeling joy, I felt terror.

This isn’t what I want.

This isn’t how our relationship is supposed to be.

I end things because I have no other choice.

But I struggle to cope with my misery, to sleep in an empty bed without her beside me.

My Thoughts

Again, i think that the summary doesn’t do the book justice. What’s alluded to here is just one snippet of the greater story that we’re really immersed in. In this 3rd book, we see what Sapphire and Conways relationship has truly become. There are real feelings and real emotions, and while sapphire is more honest with how she feels, Con is never going to admit it. He does things for her, and protects her in ways that he would never have before, but that makes him uncomfortable on a different level.

The journey in this installment takes us on some amazing adventures. We see Conway and Carter’s participation in the Underground evolve, with an after affect that hurts their family and uncovers something that they never expected. We see adventures taking us to romantic locales, Sapphire getting to experience the luxury that Conway can give her in Greece and beyond. We see Sapphire finally decide to admit her feelings and that’s where the story takes a sharp left turn.

Conway is a man who NEEDS control and won’t survive if someone else tries to take it. When Sapphire takes things into her own hands, she finds herself thrown out of Conways house in the middle of the night with nothing, no money, no assets, and no where to go. Thankfully she had that offer from Andrew Lexington to be his model for years, so she uses that as an opportunity to rebuild her life.

This bit of the story seems very reminiscent of Pearl and Crow- when Pearl went back to America because things just weren’t what they should be. Here, Sapphire has a job, she crafts a new life in the hopes of getting past the heart break, and starts to build a new friend ship with a successful man named Nox who helps her realize that she’s worthy and should be cherished. Conway realizes the error in his ways, tries to make things right by chasing her to NYC, but when he can’t offer her what she needs in ‘forever’ – he goes back to Italy with his tail between his legs.

The path that this story takes is so moody and sad. Sapphire can’t seem to move past Conway and how she feels about him, even when she tries to live her life. He’s always in her thoughts but she also knows that she deserves better. It’s only when Conway’s world crumbles, his work suffers and he’s unable to design anything, all he does is drink and starve himself…Crow talks to him and gives him the kick in the pants that he needs. Crow shares with him a bit of his experience with his mom and we see that maybe it lights a fire and there’s hope.

If only that’s where our story ends right? Seeing Conway come to his senses, but we also know that regardless of what Sapphire feels for him, she’s not going to back down for what she believes she deserves and their journey continues to get complicated, even with unexpected twists and turns in both their professional and personal life. That bit of the story i won’t go into, but know that it’s compelling and intriguing.

We have all the romance and chemistry layered into this story as we have in the others- the connection here with these two as something that’s super symbiotic and it adds a dynamic that we haven’t seen with the other couples.

What does come as a surprise (but maybe not?) is what happens with Knuckles here. I think that we were all jaded if we thought he was going to disappear and well, he comes back with a mission and that’s to get Sapphire back somehow, putting the entire Barsetti clan on alert and presenting a show of force that would make anyone cringe

The story doesn’t stop there, and i’m happy to say that the version of the book that i have gives me the next installment and i don’t even need to go searching for it! Enjoy!

Review: Beauty in Lingerie (Lingerie #2) by Penelope Sky

Title: Beauty in Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 4/17/18
Length:  165 pages
Series:  Lingerie #2


Conway Barsetti doesn’t want me to be a model anymore.

He wants to keep me all to himself.

I inspire him in ways no one else does. 

Now I’m living with him in his beautiful mansion, and I don’t feel like a prisoner anymore. I’m free to do what I want, with some limitations. But he treats me so coldly, seeing me as an object rather than a person.

His family comes by for lunch and he tells me to stay in my room so they won’t see me.

But I have a better idea. I’ll make them believe I’m his girlfriend, that we live together and we’re in love. Unless he treats me better, I’ll tell his parents and sister what our arrangement really is. 

And humiliate him.

My Thoughts

This second book in the series takes their relationship to a new level. While we know that Sapphire was strong and smart and was not going to let her situation define her, Conway didn’t know that and we have an interesting story from here on out. She’s the one person who’s able to challenge Conway, who’s about push him and get him to begin to admit things to himself and that benefits both of them.

His work has never been so inspired, and he is putting out more product than ever before. There’s more demand for him and that’s all because of his Muse. There’s a downside to this however, they both become incredibly jealous of one another. We know that Sapphire HATES when his models get too close, still not trusting that he’s not with anyone else. Conway on the flip side is beyond protective, and we know that it’s a Barsetti trait that will never go away. Given the threat that Carter voiced regarding Knuckles, there’s a reason that Sapphire gets limited freedom.

And this is where Crow, Pearl and Vanessa play a big role. Now that Sapphire forced her way into the family, and they adore her, she’s able to get more and more from Conway. To push his boundaries, to get freedoms. It’s nice to see what her life is becoming.

Where we find ourselves in this story’s end is that there’s an offer on the table that may take Sapphire away from Conway, and he had been shielding her from that offer. Knowing the type of woman that she is, we’re likely going to see heart break and betrayal at the beginning of the next book because it seems like it’s an offer she can’t turn down.

The other bit that i want to note in this story is that the dynamic between our mains continues to be unique to what we’ve read in all the other series so far. There’s an innocence sure, but there’s a bit of power swapping here that’s different than what i’ve read before. Sapphire doesn’t use the same tactics that Pearl or Adelina did, or any of the other ladies to be honest. She has a different approach and one that’s grounded in the life that she lost, and it’s something that works here….most of the time. So i guess now the only way to see what happens, if there’s a way to come back from the impeding betrayal and at what cost….if Knuckles will find her when she’s out of Conway’s grasp, …we must read on. Enjoy!

Review: Muse In Lingerie (Lingerie #1) by Penelope Sky

Title: Muse In Lingerie
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createspace Publishing 4/3/18
Length:  298 pages
Series:  Lingerie #1


My brother got mixed up with a crime lord and lost everything he had, including his life.

And now I have to pay his debt.

All I have is twenty bucks in my pocket and the clothes on my back. The bank took the house, and my last living relative was murdered. Knuckles threatened to torture me if I ran. He’s counting down the days until he’ll claim me…making me treasure my final days of freedom.

But I’m not going to wait around. I’m running like hell.

To Milan.

The greatest lingerie designer in the world is looking for new talent for Barsetti Lingerie. I’m not exactly model material, but maybe I can get a job doing something…and get paid under the table.

But when I meet the infamous Conway Barsetti, he has other plans for me.

Did I just run away from one monster into the arms of another?

My Thoughts

I think this was a great segue into the next generation of Barsettis since we just spent so much time with both Crow and Cane. We know that they both had children and that means that the story continues. This introduction to this new series is around Conway at the beginning, Crow and Pearl’s eldest child. He’s chosen to carve his own path, not staying within the family business of the winery, which of course frustrates Crow, but instead, moving to Milan and creating his own empire. One that he’s been afraid to tell his family about, but one that they are insanely proud of. He’s the worlds most influential lingerie designer and that doesn’t shock us at all.

Enter Sapphire – a girl who’s on the wrong end of something that her brother did/didn’t do. We know that this is the way of crime organizations – no one is sacred and if someone doesn’t pay a debt, all family is collateral. Sapphire has to go into hiding, figure out how to pay off all the debts that have been wracked up and make a new life since hers has been completely derailed. When she sees a glimpse of Conway on the TV, seeing that he’s hosting a model search, she takes the last few dollars she has and flies to Milan in the quest to make a new life.

The story from here is expected, yet interesting. We know how Ms Sky, our amazing author writes these things – giving us the anxiety of organized crime that has no qualms about torture and pain, while also introducing a strong female who takes no crap from anyone and who will be the reason for the surly main man to change.

Where we know Crow/Pearl’s story was all about naughty intense heat, and Cane/Adelina had the sweet romance, this is a mix. Sapphire needs the romance and Conway has closed himself off to emotion.

The problem that arises though is that because Conway has the walls up and potentially a false sense of security that his wealth and celebrity have earned him, he’s putting himself directly in the path of danger after paying $100M to save Sapphire’s life. Carter, Cane’s son tries to talk reason into him, the way that we saw Crow and Cane do for each other, and where we are left at the end of this story is on the cusp of a war that’s brewing and we don’t fully know the capacity of the opponent.

This introduction to the Lingerie series shows us restraint, passion, drive and motivation, and gives us hope that there are people who will help put an end to the trafficking problem that was so prevalent in the other series. It comes at a cost though and we don’t yet know who’s going to pay for that with their life and well being. Enjoy!