Review: Make Me Remember (Make Me #7) by Beth Kery


Title: Make Me Remember
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 5/16/16
Length:   78 pages
Series:  Make Me #7


During sun-drenched, passionate days spent on Jacob’s yacht, Harper and Jacob fall deeper in love, taking risks not only with their bodies but their hearts. The only thing standing between Jacob and pure bliss is the suspicion that Harper’s memories are returning. If they do, she may never see him the same way again—or let him keep her safe from the horror that she faced as a young girl…

The sense of security and trust Harper feels with Jacob has her finally abandoning herself to sensual decadence along with the truth that she’s hopelessly in love with this dark, daring man. With her submission to her feelings, sad memories and dreams begin to rise to the surface of her consciousness-and hers isn’t the only past being unburied. When one of her reporters reveals a startling revelation about Jacob’s history, their shared experiences crash together in a way that will change her forever.

My Thoughts

As i said in book #6, i think that we were starting to make progress in seeing if Harper would ever remember who Jacob was, and in this next book, its definitely something that’ll come to a head in this one.  In addition to seeing how Jacob and Harper are evolving their relationship, especially now that Harper has a better understanding of ‘why’ Jacob wants to have her around more.

So true to Beth Kery fashion, we have some intense sceneing between these two – their chemistry continues to be super heated and passionate and i love it.  i always want to see where Jacob takes her and what it means for the control that Harper has to give up.  It’s also intense to see how these interactions start to bring back her memories of the past – bit by bit.

The other nice thing that we’re FINALLY getting to is that folks are digging into Jacob’s past and i wonder who’s going to be the one to find out the truth first, Harper or the ppl at her paper, and what that will mean for her and Jacob since there’s a reason that he’s tried to reinvent himself.

So – i gather that book 8 is the conclusion so next week we’ll finally find out what’s going on.  Can’t wait!  Have a great day all!