Review: Mastered by her Captor (Mastered by #5) by Opal Carew


Title: Mastered by her Captor
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: Opal Carew 6/21/16
Length:   82 Pages
Series:  Mastered by #5


Kalie Terron
The man who kidnapped me has haunted my dreams for weeks. Hot sexy dreams of his full lips moving on me. Over my naked body. Touching me in soft, intimate places.

As my captor, he wore jeans and a casual shirt. I hadn’t known that the man who brought my sexual fantasy to life is a powerful, wealthy businessman.

Now I’ve tracked him down, determined to convince him to give us a chance.

I’ve seen his eyes with a dominating edge. I’ve seen them filled with passion. And even filled with an intense need that rivaled my own. But now those eyes are cold and detached, as if what the two of us shared was nothing to him.

But I won’t give up.

Erik King
Kalie wants a relationship. Flowers and candlelight. Soft words spoken in front of a fire. But I’m not a romantic kind of guy. I like my sex rough and hard. And I like my women soft and submissive.

Just because she enjoyed a fantasy about being abducted and forced to have sex with two men, she thinks she can handle what I want. She doesn’t get that what I enjoy is in a whole different league.

She seems intimidated by my status, which is good. I intend to take every opportunity to keep her off balance. For her own good, as well as mine.

Her unyielding determination tells me it will be difficult to convince her to back off. Thus, my only alternative is to use intimidation to scare her away.

So I will give her the chance she’s been begging for, confident that in the end, she’ll be begging to get away from me.

My Thoughts

As i was reading this 5th book in the series, i thought to myself that perhaps its the least favorite of mine for the little fact that there doesn’t seem to be that much for us to base the story in aside from knowing that there was some shared experience that they had together that make Kalie fall in love with Erik and him not with her.  It’s only after i read it that i now realize that there’s a prequel to the story that makes it seem like maybe i’ll get what i was looking for.

So back to this story – we meet up with these 2 after they have already had this shared experience, Kalie had this fantasy of being help captive and Erik and another man were the ones to fulfill that for her.  Through that experience, she somehow realized that deep down, aside from getting her sexual needs and desires handled, she had her emotions tied up in it and for a woman like her, that’s a tough thing.

What we have here is a quick novella of what’s happening now – after all that happened, where we see that Kalie’s trying to pursue something more, Erik completely understands her intent and isn’t interested since he’s nursing a broken heart of his own.  He’s willing to compromise if she’s able to fulfill a fantasy of his for a short time, and of course she’s eager to do so.

We spend a nice bit of time with them at a tropical location of sorts where there are others who are very much interested and deep into the lifestyle and of playing out captivity fantasies.  While this is completely outside of Kalie’s comfort zone, she trusts Erik completely and will do whatever he wants.  Since Erik’s battling his internal issues and demons over this, we know that he’s going to go back and forth between enjoying Kalie and putting himself in the captor role – so that means that we’ll get a real diversity in terms of the types of scenes and interactions that they have.

Where we net out of course is that Kalie falls deeper, Erik wants none of that, and they go home with kalie nursing a broken heart.  It was inevitable honestly, to see how that was going to end since he was clear on how he felt, but i think that how she deals with it and then how he deals with it from then, we get a resolution to it all.

All that being said, now i’m going to have to track down the other story that i gather tells me about how Kalie and Erik came together in the first place and maybe it’ll give me more context since i think that the ending of this story happened far too quickly.  enjoy!

Review: Mastered by the CEO (Mastered by #4) by Opal Carew


Title: Mastered by the CEO
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: Opal Carew 4/5/16
Length:   62 Pages
Series:  Mastered by #4


Rachel Clark

How did I wind up in King’s bed as his sex slave? Being totally dominated by him?

It all started when King bought the company I work for. The last time I was out of work–after handing King my resignation–it took two years before I found another position and I’m desperate to avoid that situation again. So now I’ll do whatever I can to keep my job.

But, in fact, even with me submitting to his every whim, there’s no guarantee.

King says I’m difficult and never do what I’m told–which is true–so is this simply penance for past sins? Or if I prove I’ll follow his commands without question, will he keep me on?

I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t care. When I’m in his arms, all I care about is staying there.


But that’s not an option.

James “King” Taylor

When I bought Bernier Electronics, I didn’t know Rachel was one of the junior executives. With our history, there’s no way I can keep her on. I need executives who will do as I say, not constantly question my every move.

I’d like to say it’s a difficult decision, but it’s not. Our past has proven she won’t fit in my management team.

But it’s never simple. When she worked for me five years ago, we had a clandestine affair. She insisted on keeping it strictly sexual, but I wanted so much more. When she left, I was devastated. Clearly, it meant more to me than it did to her.

The truth is I still want her in my bed. But I won’t hire her just for the sex.

She insists she can change, that she’ll do exactly as she’s told, but I know that’ll never work. Still, offering her the chance to prove herself–by becoming my submissive for an entire weekend–will prove to her it’ll never work. I never dominated her when we were together before, and the mere thought has me rock-hard.

I just hope I can handle losing her again after I experience the sweetness of her submission.

My Thoughts

So i was trying to figure out how this installment tied to the one prior and i’m not sure that it does unless it’s through Rachel’s assistant’s wife Sandy who was mentioned in the last one.  Regardless, what we have here is nice and steamy and quick to read as well.

As the summary says, Rachel is a junior exec at a company that was just bought and as all mergers go, lots of people get laid off.  She’s having one heck of a bad day when this news comes across and not only does she miss the announcement of this all happening, but she is then forced to go meet with the exec offsite.  Low and behold, it’s King – her old boss with whom she has a past with.

personally, i love seeing that distance doesn’t end things with people and that even when you know that what you’ve done in the past is a bad idea, you can’t help it when there’s insane chemistry.  King and Rachel see that they still have it from the start, even though they try to fight it just a little bit.  Because of Rachel’s bad morning of having a car accident, then resulting in a concussion, shes under Kings thumb again and sparks are flying everywhere.

We only truly spend a little bit of time with these guys,clearly seeing that they are beyond compatible in the bedroom but that they butt heads professionally since they are both incredibly smart and good at what they do, but what King isn’t willing to do is compromise his pride and ability as a boss to let Rachel continue on in any capacity for him in the company since that’s something that’s important to him.  Enter the offer of a lifetime – spend a weekend with him as a 24/7 sex slave and maybe that will turn into something for her in a job.

So where we go from there is also characteristic Carew where you can’t help but to picture all that they are doing, feel the heat between them as they are pleasing each other, and then wonder whether there’s any happy ending since it’s obvious that King will never let her come back to the company.  Where they go from there since he lives in Seattle and she’s in San Diego, along with the fact that work needs separate them is anyone’s guess but if you read the story, you’ll see how those paths merge or not.  Enjoy!

Review: Mastered by my Guardian (Mastered by #3) by Opal Carew


Title: Mastered by my Guardian
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: Opal Carew 9/22/15
Length:   67 Pages
Series:  Mastered by #3


Chelsea spent the past ten years rebelling against Zane’s control. When her parents died, he became her guardian, controlling her trust fund and the company they shared. But hating the control he exerted on her did nothing to stop her from wanting him.

When she refuses to obey his summons for a weekend meeting, he cuts off her money, leaving her in a strange city with no way to pay her hotel bill. Forced to accept his help and join him at his country house, she soon discovers his intention is not strictly business. When she experiences his potent masculine domination she finds the reality of being with Zane far exceeds her fantasies… leaving her wanting more.

But can she surrender to this forbidden love and be mastered by her guardian?

My Thoughts

Oh how i do so love these quick reads when my day is kind of slow.  So in this 3rd installment we meet a new set of characters – unrelated but so interesting none the less.  We have Chelsea who is the owner of her own business but who has found herself somewhat controlled by her ‘guardian’ Zane.  Their fathers were business partners and when both of their parents passed away when Chelsea was 16, Zane (who’s 10 years older) was appointed her guardian and controls her trust and all things tied to that.  So once a year she’s forced to deal with him and the time has come this year to do it again.

The story that we are on here is one that’s of course expected but much hotter than that of the last installment.  I guess that’s what a bit of kink and BDSM will give you.  So Chelsea finds herself in Zane’s grips because he’s frozen her accounts so that she has no choice but to see him, and this all takes her from getting on a plane home to the house that he owns which she used to live in.

As expected, being forced into a house together will make things hotter and the fact that there’s clearly an attraction from each of them means that it’s just a matter of time and circumstances that we’ll see how it comes about.  Thankfully we don’t have to wait long, since we find that Chelsea sleep walks herself into his bed and from there, we see things progress quite quickly.

They spend a few days all wrapped up in one another and are forced into a lot of deep conversations where Zane wants to move things forward and Chelsea has to decide if that’s what she wants since she doesn’t want to be controlled.  Throughout this though we see some really hot play, a dungeon of sorts and well, you know waht comes with all that Sir and Master talk.  It’s really exactly what i needed i think.

The shoe here is about to drop though right? Cause we know that Chelsea has a business partner who seems to have other motivations both personally and professionally and then there’s the fact that Zane lives in New York and she lives in San Diego – so who knows what will work.  She ends up going home just to find her comp;any being ripped up from under her, with Bill and Zane becoming the henchmen, and we’re left with an ending that is not at all what we expected to happen.

Regardless of all that, it’s typical Opal Carew where you really can’t help but to keep reading since the chemistry and passion leaps off the pages and the fact that this was a novella makes it that much better since i didn’t have to read through too much other filler stuff to get to the heart of the story.  On that note – enjoy!

Review: Mastered by the Boss (Mastered by #2) by Opal Carew


Title: Mastered by the Boss
Author: Opal Carew
Publisher/Year: Opal Carew 9/25/15
Length:   59 Pages
Series:  Mastered by #2


Cinderella meets FiftyShades. An erotic tale of love and lust in the office.

Kali goes to a masquerade party dressed as a sexy sub. She shouldn’t let her friend talk her into it, but behind the anonymity of the mask, Kali’s inhibitions fade away.

Ryan Blair has wanted Kali from the first moment she started working for him six months ago. So when he sees a stunning stranger in a mask and sub costume who could easily pass for Kali, he decides to play out the fantasy of mastering his sexy little secretary. Maybe that will alleviate his constant yearning for her.

When her wealthy, masterful boss takes Kali to the heights of ecstasy, not even knowing it’s her, things start to spin out of control. When Ryan figures out that she was his Cinderella sub, their days in the office become a roller coaster of passionate, mind-blowing sexual pleasure. But Kali quickly realizes that all there will ever be between them is sex and she needs so much more than that.

Should she walk away now before the pain of losing him becomes too much?

My Thoughts

I’ve clearly forgotten about this series and it’s a shame cause i think that one thing that Ms Carew does well is give us these short stories that pack a punch of anxiety, naughtiness and heat all with a bit of romance at the end if it calls for it.

In this 2nd book in the series we meet Kali who is really good friends with Serena from the first book and the secretary for Mr Blair – a man who she finds to be unbelievably sexy.  Kali and Serena are going to a costume party dressed to cause trouble and upon arriving, Kali finds that it’s not just a random costume party, but one where all the executives of their company are in attendance which makes it that much dicier.  especially since Ryan Blair in there and well, she’s definitely got an attraction to him.

This quick novella takes us on a whirlwind of a few days with these 2 – where starting from the party their chemistry explodes, of course though Kali is wearing a mask so Ryan doesn’t know that it’s her although he fantasizes that it is her because of course it works out that he’s also got a crush on her.  From then on, you know that their work relationship will be complicated as Kali knows what she did but Ryan didn’t.

If that weren’t enough, once the truth is revealed, they do take things up a notch and create a work sex thing – where you know someone’s either going to get into trouble or someone’s going to get their heart broken.  So it’s really a question of which will happen and who’s going to get the axe dropped.

The nice thing with these shorter installments is that you have a quick build and then a quick resolution.  While i think that the ending was a bit abrupt and likely far fetched in reality, i’m willing to go with it cause it’s what you would always want to see happen.  So on that note, i guess i’m off to track down #3 since apparently i’ve missed the boat on this series for a bit.