Review: Savage Nights (Savage Trilogy #2) by Mia Gabriel


Title:  Savage Nights
Author: Mia Gabriel
Publisher/Year:  St Martin’s Press 2/2/16
Length:  304 pages
Series:  Savage Trilogy #2


Amid the glittering backdrop of Edwardian London, a pleasure-loving lord and a sensually awakened American heiress give into the passion that burns them…and ignites their souls…

Evelyn Hart found the freedom to experience the most seductive pleasures in the arms of the Earl of Savage. But what began as a wickedly suggestive game amongst London’s wealthiest elite is about to become a much deeper connection between the two—where more than desire is at risk…


Savage opens Evelyn’s eyes to an intoxicating world—and her heart to the most powerful kind of love. But with a profoundly intense bond comes even greater danger. When jealousy smolders— and passion ignites—it is too late to stop. And with the fire between them burning fierce and hot, Savage and Evelyn are bound together to resist all that threatens to tear them apart…in Savage Nights by Mia Gabriel.

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since i read the first one so i had to quickly take a glimpse back to what i had thought at the end of the book to ground myself here again.  I have to say that while i feel like this is a great continuation of the story – the same hesitation that i had the first time around continues here – in the sense that it’s a true period book, with verbiage and sceneing that’s so rightly set in the past but out of my comfort zone.  That being said, we had a good bridge as the story continues.

Where we find ourselves this time around is with Savage and Eve, now that they are leaving Wrenton and ‘The Game’ in the confines that they have known it for the past week, they have chosen to continue the game on their terms back in London and have fled the house in the middle of the night.

Throughout this next installment, we see Savage challenge and test Eve in ways that she’s not comfortable with but grows into.  She’s trying to overcome what she has known from New York and her protective father and older late husband, and really be the 25 yr old who lives in the moment and finds her own passions.  The issue that we can all expect to see though is that at the young age of 25, she’s going to fall for Savage more than what he’s willing to allow for and that’s going to lead to heartbreak.

We see just about everyone trying to keep her away from Savage and remind Eve that her reputation is one of high standings yet being in his company, residing in his house, all for the sake of passion and ‘the Game’ – she’s tarnishing that and everyone’s gossiping to that fact.  Does she care – not so much.  we’ll see what that means.

In addition to some really hot and steamy passion that you see coming from the pages, the way that these two connect on a physical level is something to be seen.  I don’t know if they are truly connecting on a deeper level.  Eve keeps trying but Savage is closed off.

The other nice thing that we get here to keep our attention outside of the bedroom is that there’s a Baron who’s still after Eve which causes some sticky situations.  we also see the appearance of Savage’s son, and what that means, well who knows.  There’s also a huge decision to be made at the end of this story given that Savage only promised a week and that’s not necessarily enough for either or both of them.  The issue being that they only committed to that, so we’ll have to see what happens in the next book i suppose.  On that note – happy monday all and have a great week.

ARC Review: Lord Savage (The Savage Trilogy #1) by Mia Gabriel


Title: Lord Savage
Author: Mia Gabriel
Publisher/Year: St Martin’s Press 9/9/14
Length: 214 Pages
Series: The Savage Trilogy #1


I’d never felt so vulnerable, at once both lost and found, as I now did sprawled half-naked across Savage in this foolish throne-chair. His strength was my solace, my comfort, and there was nothing better than hearing the beating of his heart beneath my ear.

Once trapped in a loveless, pleasure-less marriage, Evelyn Hart leaves her home in New York for the glittering ballrooms of London. When she arrives, she meets the Earl of Savage, a dark, powerful man who seems to live up to his name. Despite his noble trappings, he’s also a man who can possess her with just one look. Soon Evelyn finds herself pulled into Savage’s world – a world of passion and seductive games unlike any she has ever experienced. Evelyn’s heart is captured with no hope of escape. But can they overcome the tortures of the past together…?

Savage never imagined someone like Evelyn walking into his life. As soon as he sees her he knows he must have her, no matter the cost, in Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel.

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since i’ve gone back into the realm of ‘historic romance’ – more like since i was last in high school, save for the one off by Sylvia Day that i’ve read in the time period, but in this instance, we get an interesting mix of old school romance, with a strong mix of naughty erotica.

We meet our leading lady – Eve when she’s escaped to London to be on her own and independent for the first time in her life.  She’s from one of the most established families in America, and she was married off at a young age in order to solidify her father’s business.  Now that they are all gone, she’s going to sow her wild oats at her ripe age of 25.

It’s at a party hosted by Lord and Lady Carleigh that her world flips upside down – after coming across a man and woman engaged in a rather active and dirty act – something that she’d never seen before, and in seeing this, awakens something inside her that craves it.  And it’s not just the act that she sees that she craves, but the man himself.

Lady Carliegh invites Eve and the man (Lord Savage) to her country house for a private party of a few other guests – and the nature of this party is something that even Eve could have never imagined.  Maids say that this party is coined as Wanton House – and Eve soon learns that it’s exactly that.

Setting out to learn more about sex and about herself and what she craves, we go on a journey of coming into oneself – for both Savage and Eve.  Both have been trapped in a life that’s not of their own creation, and coming together is not just steamy and passionate, but it’s also deep and emotional.

I think that i don’t just speak for myself when i say that i was rooting for this couple to be more than just a week fling, but the nature of this story – you know that there’s an expiration date and that things will come to an end.  Given that it’s a trilogy, i think that we were left in a great place – not the typical cliff hanger of a series, but one of tension, yet intrigue of the unknown.  The question becomes whether Savage truly is dangerous like everyone thinks, whether the feelings that they started to develop for one another are real, and what will the rest of London do to keep them apart.

The only downfall that i have to say i found with this story is that the wording was periodic to align with the time of the story, but out of my usual vocabulary.  I found that it sounded almost unnatural at times to listen to these conversations, especially when it felt like during some of the hotter scenes they went back and forth between ‘old english’ and current wording – but the detail in each of the scenes was enough to get me past.  Enjoy – and i guess we’ll have to see what happens in book 2.