Review: Breaking Clear (Full Hearts #3) by MJ Summers


Title:  Breaking Clear
Author: MJ Summers
Publisher/Year: MJ summers 6/15/15
Length: 267 pages
Series:  Full Hearts #3


As art director of Style Magazine in Manhattan, Harper Young’s life is glamorous and fast-paced, just the way she likes it. This small town girl has left her roots – and her painful past – a million miles away . . . until one phone call changes everything. It’s time to face her childhood and the man she left behind . . .

When Evan Donovan isn’t on a construction site, he is usually hanging from a cliff somewhere. He’s been dealt a rough hand when it comes to love and now believes in keeping things simple. But when Harper Young drops back into his life, things suddenly get complicated. He resolves to stay away but the pull he feels to her is just too strong. Harper and Evan quickly find themselves in each other’s arms, telling themselves it’s only for now and that soon they’ll go back to their very different lives.

But true love doesn’t exactly play by the rules – before long they’re falling hard and fast. Soon they will have to ask themselves whether they’re brave enough to put it all on the line and fight for their forever . . .

My Thoughts

Well, thanks again from NetGalley for this 3rd installment – much appreciated!  As for the book, well i think that we all wanted to get to the bottom of Harper’s story after meeting her in book 2 through Megan.  And, we’re not let down by how driven she is especially after seeing what happens when she’s forced to choose life or work.

She chose life – of course – after hearing about a horrible accident that her father has, which makes her move from NYC – away from her amazing high powered fashion job to Boulder Colorado to be with her dad as he’s on the brink of life and death, and then wondering what he’ll do when he can’t move his legs after a construction accident.

Adjusting to her new life once she’s fired from her job, getting back into the swing of things in Boulder where she really has nothing to do aside from care for her dad who’s still in the hospital, it’s no wonder that she finds herself in a bit of depression.  and of course it’s those low moments that her sexy neighbor Evan finds her as well.  Mind you, they have some history since she’s been in love with him since high school and he never gave her the time of day.

So of course, knowing how our lovely author writes these stories, we have a couple that finds themselves so attracted to one another that they kid themselves into thinking that they can get sexually and romantically involved without getting romantically entangled.  Meaning that there’s great sex with no fear of getting attached.  or so they think.

We go on a nice journey with these two – see a great comfort and relationship build here – with Harper finding herself again in town, and watching Evan thrive in his business.  He’s getting his confidence back in everything that he does after the debacle of his divorce – his ex leaving him because he went broke trying to maintain the lives of his employees.  That’s something that Harper doesn’t even care about – the money bit and we see how that facet of things makes their relationship so much stronger.  It also means that we get to see a lot of passion between them and it’s really sweet and heated.

There’s something to be said about sweet sex, that still has a lot of chemistry, and passion.  It doesn’t have to be dirty at all, but what it does is gives you that sense of connection and romance that sometimes you just really want.

Typical to the genre, there’s that point in the relationship when things are going great, you’re just about to admit that you love each other and the other shoe drops.  Is it the ex?  is it Harpers Job?  is it both?  well we do see a bit of all that pop up, and ultimately it means that Harper and Evan part ways, very unhappy about it, yet not willing to really admit to themselves that it’s the wrong choice.  For the remainder of the story we see these 2 miserable living their separate lives, needing the intervention of Megan and Luc – their close and caring friends to make any changes.  Question is will there be enough to bring them back together and what will that mean since we know that their lives have taken them to different locales?  The only way to find out my readers – READ it!  Have a great night all!

Review: Break in Two (Full Hearts #1) by MJ Summers


Title:  Break in Two
Author: MJ Summers
Publisher/Year: MJ summers 6/8/155
Length: 321 pages
Series:  Full Hearts #1


Having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess, thirty-one year old Claire Hatley is on the run from Seattle. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse.

Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied. He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart.

Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime.

My Thoughts

First off i want to thank the folks at NetGalley for making it possible for me to read this first installment of what i’m going to say is a rather enjoyable series.  We are quickly introduced to Cole and Claire as they find themselves drawn to a new chapter in their lives.

Clair is leaving Seattle after she learns of the affair that her live in boyfriend has been having and in this move, she’s going to Colorado to work at a ranch as their chef.  Something that she’s always wanted – to have her own place to make her own, and that’s the opportunity that she gets here.  The ranch, owned by Cole is trying to change it’s image a bit to stay relevant with the crowds that want to spend more money to get these great getaways.  That’s something that Claire’s really excited about and well, if there’s a hot cowboy there as well, nothing wrong with that.

Cole on the other hand is one of the owners of the ranch, and while he’s definitely not hurting for attention, he’s been burned by women, somewhat recently too and getting involved with an employee that he finds attractive is the last thing that he’s eager to do.  Of course as we all know, what you want and what happens are often two very different things.

What we get in this first installment is the story of the roller coaster of their relationship.  Claire has major trust issues after what her ex did to her and she’s quickly learning that while Cole isn’t untrustworthy, he’s got his fair share of secrets and that means that she’s going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt.  not something that she’s eager to do and not something that she does at all – so that’s where the ups and downs come from.

There’s a great amount of romance here, we see Cole trying to woo and impress her, and then we see what that means, that there’s a lot of passion shared between the two as well.  it’s straight romance though – nothing kinky at all, but still really enjoyable to read.  The question though of course is what’s going to happen when an ex and a baby show up forcing Claire to make a choice of her sanity or to be a team player – and ultimately chooses to run to her sister in London.  and inadvertently into the arms of Luc a sexy frenshman.

So much going on at the end of this book and i think that it sets up book 2 nicely.  I hope that you guys give it a chance, and now i’m off to continue onto book 2.  Also c/o NetGalley.  Happy Humpday!