Review: My Hot Boss by Betty Schreffler

Title: My Hot Boss
Author: Betty Shreffler
Publisher/Year:  Betty Shreffler 7/12/17
Length:  262 pages


After a heart-wrenching breakup, Grayson Cole was just what I needed.
A stranger in a bar whose gorgeous eyes and sexy-as-sin lips helped me forget the sting of a lost relationship.
Add in his charm, intelligence, and our shared love of books. How could I resist?
We danced and kissed our way through an incredible night of passion.
One I’d never forget. One I didn’t want to end.
The chemistry between us was too hot to put out, so we made plans.
A phone number and hope were what I left Grayson with.
Afterward, the worst thing possible happened.
My phone broke and all connection to Mr. Dreamy was lost.
One month later, shock leaves me breathless when I’m introduced to my new boss.
A grin beneath his naughty gaze reveals how pleased Grayson is to see me.
I have to smother my excitement.
I couldn’t possibly start a workplace romance.
Especially when I need him to approve the promotion for my dream job.
He’s off limits, and so are his sensuous lips.
A professional relationship is what we agree on, but can either of us stick to the rules?

My Thoughts

What a lovely little story we have here – nothing earth shattering, but it was perfect for my flight to Canada last night! Just as the summary teases, we have an interesting story of a dynamic that we’ve come to appreciate in this genre. Woman who’s successful in her role professionally finds herself in a situationship with her boss – of course starting this before he was her boss.

Grayson is our typical male lead – his father is incredibly successful, has one of the biggest companies in the area, and that means that he comes from a world of privilege. He’s trying to make a name for himself doing his own thing and apparently he’s doing a good job since he’s now in charge of the branch office that Emma works in.

They meet in a bar, have an instant attraction and then she throws up all over him. Fast forward a month ahead like the summary says and we see how things are different now . their attraction continues, yet Emma is afraid to start something with him because of their work relationship as well as still being broken hearted over her breakup.

Grayson isn’t a man to sit back and not pursue what he wants so it’s a game of cat and mouse. They have an office flirtation, and then there’s a bit of jealousy. What’s interesting here is that anyone who has a real job knows that the way they carry themselves in the office isn’t something that would work in today’s world, but I guess thats the element of ‘suspension of disbelief’ that we always put into reading books.

They have their share of rollercoasters – rumors around the office, concern that they are too different socially, jealousy, inability to get over an ex. All culminating in a hidden (withheld) job offer and a plane crash. So….we all can imagine where this story goes -so now it’s up to you to read it and see if you were right. Enjoy!