Review: Black Forever (Obsidian #4) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Black Forever
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 6/13/17
Length:  193 Pages
Series:  Obsidian #4


The second the whip was placed in my hand, I snapped.

I couldn’t turn away.

I needed this.

The man I fought for so long has returned, more feral than before. 

Will Rome still love me?

Or will she leave?

My Thoughts

As we go into this fourth and final installment, i have to admit that i really don’t like Calloway anymore. I think that he’s weak and i think that he’s disrespectful. I’m accustomed to our leading characters finding a bit of resentment towards the other when one has to give up more than the other, but in this instance, while Cal has obviously walked away from much more than Rome, he also succumbs to temptation in a way that’s just not ok to me. He should have just walked away from Rome, and while i understand why he didn’t – it doesn’t make me like him.

At the same time, we have Rome, someone who’s clearly keeping some secrets from Cal, won’t budget AT ALL in trying to truly understand why he is the way that he is and understand his needs, but she’s also so in love with him that she trusts everything and assumes his loyalty is real.

Shocker right? i mean, we knew that things would crash and burn, and Isabella, the sub that really doesn’t want to let go of Cal threatened to out him and Cal let her have her way. Every time we think that we’re making progress with this couple, where we think that they have suffered enough that they will come to terms with what the other needs and make it right, something upturns the apple cart and it’s all for nothing.

The same exact roller coaster that we were on last book is the ride we’re on here. We’re happy until we’re not. We have intense passion and sexual chemistry until we don’t. We have deceit and a lack of compromise and pain and that doesn’t make for a good story.

I think there’s no hope for this couple and much of the book i don’t want there to be a couple. Cal wants his cake and to eat it too, he wants to claim that he’ll always be there for Rome and protect her from the likes of Hank, but he’s the reason that she’s gone again and potentially at risk.

Rome isn’t strong enough to even try to live without Cal at times, and she barely goes through the motions to survive, even with the endless support of Christopher. It’s sad to watch such strong characters turn into mush.

It’s only when Isabella and Hank come back and completely inopportune times that we see the tides turn, and what happens has life or death implications to everyone.

The way this story ends is the closure that we need – although it doesn’t really give us the end to the story for everyone as we had hoped. I wanted to see everyone happy. I wanted to see Theresa find her memory and Christopher get his happy ending. We get a tease but nothing concrete, so perhaps i need to dig a bit and see if there’s another story out there that follows up after. So, on that note, i’m sad to see this story go, but i’m happy that i got to spend a few days with these characters. Enjoy!

Review: Black Promise (Obsidian #3) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Black Promise
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 6/6/17
Length:  213 Pages
Series:  Obsidian #3


I gave up everything for Rome.

The one woman I couldn’t live without.But could I keep my promise and turn my back on everything?Could I really forsake being a Dom?

Or will I pull her into the darkness with me anyway?

My Thoughts

This has been quite the emotional roller coaster between this couple and i don’t know where we’re going to end up, and i have a feeling that we’re going to spin cycle some more with them.

We spent time being insanely happy with this couple, and then suffering through massive depression when things seemed so grim. Then we turn a corner and it seems as though there’s a common ground that we can rest our laurels on, but we quickly learn that perhaps thats not even enough.

Calloway has his needs and if we know anything about people, it’s that you can only compromise so much before you start feeling too much resentment. Feeling as though you have given way more than the other person for what you felt was something that you mutually wanted but realize that you were wrong. Rome makes her needs and desires clear but she’s so unwilling to budge, and with all the secrets that we KNOW she’s hiding, there has to be a reason why. The question though is whether we will ever really find out the motivation and driving forces here.

The path that this installment goes on is one that takes us through the evolution of the relationship that these two share. Watching how their lives start to mesh into one, and then watch how this as a result amplifies how different they are.

There’s also the sub-story (no pun intended there) of Hank – the DA who abused Rome and is stalking her. I honestly don’t know how that one is going to play out. There’s not much that he fears and he’s apparently got access everywhere so i think that he’s still a wild card, even with the protection of Cal.

Add to that story Cal and Jackson’s mom. She’s still in a state where she doesn’t remember things from day to day and it’s painful for everyone to cope. There was one moment where it seemed like they had a breakthrough with Rome, but then nothing. I feel like something will trigger her to remember them but i’m not sure yet what that will be.

Lastly, there’s the slow build of Christopher in this story and how he wants to change how he lives his life now that Rome isn’t with him so much. He’s becoming a mature guy now and we’ll see how that plays out.

Where we end up in this third book is watching our lovebirds really enjoy the chemistry and passion that they have but also at the same time watching Cal’s compromise eat at him and make him into a man that he doesn’t recognize. He has needs and we know that there’s only so much that you can tamp down before it’s too much. We’re at that point and the top is about to blow and i think we can thank Jackson for that. I’m almost afraid to see what happens in book 4 because of this and i can only hope that all the secrets are put out there on the table so that Cal and Rome can find happiness. Enjoy!

Review: Black Diamond (Obsidian #2) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Black Diamond
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 6/6/17
Length:  185 Pages
Series:  Obsidian #2


I know I’m never going to change.

I was born in the darkness, and that’s exactly where I’ll remain.Rome is sweet, gentle, and vanilla.But I’ll change all of that.I’ll show her who I really am.

And slip that black diamond onto her finger.

My Thoughts

The story continues – lulling us into a false sense of security with this couple, knowing full well that there are so many secrets that each is hiding that it’ll all combust.

Calloway, true to his nature wants nothing more than to be able to take care of Rome. To cherish her and enjoy her and to protect her. She wants that but not in the way that he’s thinking, because he’s got this dark side that he still can’t let her know about. The story here takes us on the journey where we see them go to new lengths in how they feel about each other, and then hit a wall.

Rome still has the same challenges that she faced in the first book. She’s trying to dig herself out of debt, trying to forge her own path and name in the industry and try to stay safe. All while being true to herself and Christopher. when her stalker comes knocking again, and her apartment is broken into, well Calloway has no choice but to make changes for her. Convincing Christopher to move so that she can move with him, and offering her a job that’s leaps better than what she had before.

Their chemistry and intensity don’t fade at all here. We see that they are closer than ever, they have a connection that most dream about, and theyre so hot that it’s combustable. Just when we think that things are going to be amazing, someone learns something they shouldn’t, and Calloway’s secrets are out.

It’s a struggle for these two for the back half of the book, and so much sadness and hurt are the theme for here on out. There’s no compromise that they can make that will put things back together, and there’s honestly no way that they can find their way back to one another without giving up too much in exchange. We’re left off at a point where decisions are made, and they aren’t good ones, and we don’t know what that means for the future. So, that means i have to dive back in now to the third book to see where we’re going. Enjoy!

Review: Black Obsidian (Obsidian #1) by Victoria Quinn

Title: Black Obsidian
Author:  Victoria Quinn
Publisher/Year:  Victoria Quinn 3/7/17
Length:  213 Pages
Series:  Obsidian #1


I was standing at the bar and waiting for a friend when it happened.

When my life changed forever. 

She strutted inside with her head held high with grace, not pretentiousness. With legs that reached her neck, and an hourglass frame perfect for gripping, she got me hard instantly.  

And those green eyes got the rest of my body hard too.  

Mistaking me for the man who cheated on her friend, she walked up to me, those green eyes burning with fire, and she slapped me so hard my skin bubbled. 

And damn, it felt good. 

She slapped me two more times, using her petite size to gain momentum as her palm crushed into my skin. 

I never wanted it to end.  

I’d never met a woman who made pain feel so good. I’d never met a woman as strong as myself. I’d never met a woman I wanted to dominate more.  

I’d never met a woman like her. 

Rome Moretti. 

My next submissive.

My Thoughts

This is a very dynamic story that we’ve entered into, with so many twists and turns of uncertainty that i think it’s going to be great. We start this story with our mains, Calloway, a Dom and a man who knows exactly what his tastes are and has determined that he’ll never compromise. That is until Rome walks into a bar one night and he can’t think of anything else ….ever.

The journey that we go on with both of these characters is a tough one. They have their haunted and tortured pasts that have made them into the people that they are today, with walls up, a need for control and independence yet still with so much passion to give that even they don’t know it.

Cal is an interesting guy – he’s the premier humanitarian worker in the city, prob further reaching than that, but that’s his public persona. He and his brother also own one of the most elite BDSM clubs in the city and that’s where his tastes edge to the darker side. This however is something that may become a challenge now that he’s obsessed with Rome.

Rome on the other hand is a woman who’s got this innocent quality but she’s also so powerful and can own a room when she walks into it. She’s a mystery sine Cal isn’t able to pull any background information on her, but he’s able to find that she’s also in the same humanitarian category as he is with her own company that’s doing quite well.

When they cross paths in a bar, their lives are changed forever but they don’t both know it yet. It’s not until they cross paths at a charity gala that things really take a turn. The story from here is intense, it’s hot and it’s filled with so many secrets that you want to uncover them all even in between all the chemistry and passion that they share.

Rome makes him wait, Cal gives her control, and all the while, they are keeping major bits of information from each other that will likely impact their future…if there is one. I can’t wait to dive into the next book now! Enjoy

Review: Opal (Lux #3) by Jenniver L Armentrout

It’s funny sometimes how book releases just creep up on you.  I don’t know why, but i had it in my head that i’d have to wait a heck of a lot longer for the follow up to Onyx to come out….and yet i didn’t.  NICE SURPRISE.

So, in Book 3 Opal, we are at a time in the story when Daemon and Katy’s relationship is going strong even though it’s a really hard time for every one of the Luxen because of Adam’s death, and the discovery that so many people weren’t who they seemed.  all that being said, katy continues to try her hardest to get back in the good graces (or at least not on the receiving end of a shit show) from everyone….while enjoying the heck out of the new found romance that she has with Daemon and is able to share.

So…this book takes us down that road, where Katy’s trying to be strong with everyone, Dawson is back, and he’s trying to both adjust to life out of being captured while trying to get Bethany freed as well.  that’s a tough one.  Blake returns, UN-surprising….cause everyone knew that he couldn’t just disappear after the rumble and ensuing death.  So Blake comes back, and everyone has to rely on his ability to get them into the secured home base to get Bethany (and Blake’s pair Chris) out ….in the hopes that good will happen and that Blake can prove to be trustworthy.  can he?  we don’t really know.

There’s also the ongoing stress and anxiety around whether or not Will is going to make his move.  We are lead to believe that he’s still in contact with Katy’s mom and that he says that hes going to come back but we don’t know if that means that the ‘healing’ that Daemon was forced into worked or didn’t.  That leaves everyone on edge, but it’s not the biggest issue for the crew so it’s on the back-burner.  for now….

What i liked in this story is a bit of what we got from Twilight.  (apologies if you’re not a fan).  In Twilight, Edward is really adamant about making sure that Bella gets all of the human experiences and rites of passage that she should have as a human.  the same goes here for Katy.  Daemon makes sure that she’s going through the motions as well….college applications/or thoughts about college, prom and all that other stuff.

So…this book takes us on a definite roller coaster.  We are dealing with pain and hurt that’s due to a death in the family, the building of a strong relationship and romance, the relief that a family member is found even if he’s not 100% back to his old self…yet there’s all those same issues with struggling on if someone can be trusted, not knowing what you’re getting yourself into….and where it will all end.

This story ends on a high note – one that i kind of saw coming, but didn’t really think was going to happen in the way that it happened.  I can’t wait to read book 4…’s a shame that we have to wait for Origin for so long….

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