Review: Flex Time (Office Toy #4) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Flex Time
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions  4/24/13
Length:  80 pages
Series: Office Toy #4


Being in a relationship with Cunningham, Jonathan and Nolan is more intense than Elle ever expected. When Elle has a chance to talk with their ex, the woman’s warning is impossible to misunderstand: Run before your world gets torn apart!

But Elle’s in too deep, and she stands her ground, certain that she can face whatever the demanding Cunningham dreams up. She finds herself blindfolded on a deserted beach, eight men taking turns. Except they quickly lose patience.

These rich studs all want her, and not one of them is willing to wait.

My Thoughts

as i was saying about book 3, we started to see more into this relationship and book 4 brings us there even more.  We know that there’s a connection and that the guys are willing to see if there’s something that can be more permanent, which makes Elle incredibly happy.   The problem though is that ever since that was decided, there are things that have changed a bit and that’s discomforting.

1) She hasn’t had the same sexual encounters with the guys lately

2) they aren’t making as much time for her it seems

3) she has some one on ones with them, but less frequently

4) she’s beginning to doubt her value to the guys.  (i.e. in her head she thinks that Cunningham wants her to fit into his rich world and she doesnt see herself for what she is

so, what this means is that there are plenty of insecurities to deal with, and that means that there’s tension and we all know where that goes in books like these.  there’s some hot and steamy stuff to read through, but there are also power struggles which always end in great punishment for elle.

Low and behold though, we meet some interesting folks in this fourth installment, we get confessions and admissions to historical stuff that’s been mentioned in previous books which is nice, and well, we get a scene with 8 guys and 1 elle…which we can’t possibly begin to imagine how it’ll go down.

Suffice it to say, i feel like i am going to walk like i’ve been riding a horse for hours without a saddle and i’m not the one who was in the scene.  Enjoy….

Review: Client Satisfaction (Office Toy #2) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Client Satisfaction
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year:  Pouch Productions  12/8/12
Length:  70 pages
Series: Office Toy #2


Cunningham is taking everything from Elle but the one thing she desperately wants to give him: her heart. Nolan keeps warning her that she’s playing with fire, so Elle works even harder to be the perfect emotionless sub to her three dominant lovers.
Apparently it’s not enough, and Cunningham loans her out to two clients—alone. She’s never felt so betrayed. When Nolan and Jonathan crash the party, Elle knows she’s not the only one getting attached.
But where’s Cunningham? And what will he do when he finds four men debasing his precious office toy?

My Thoughts

this 2nd installment in the series brings us a few weeks into Elle’s job at the agency where we learn more about her sexcapades with the guys than what she does at all.  Her submission to the 3 guys is a constant thing and we definitely get the sense that cunningham is the Alpha Male Dom out of the trio and that Nolan still has a few things that he’s keeping to himself.  Jonathan we can’t help but to love since he’s caring and gentle and fulfills Elle when she’s not able to get what she wants from Cunningham (i.e. the emotional connection).

Nolan continues to warn Elle off of falling in love or getting attached to them, and she thinks that she’s having a breakthrough when Cunningham invites her to Friday night dinner.  Low and behold though, it’s a dinner that he’s not planning to attend (at least has decided at the last minute that he’s not attending) and Elle finds herself sitting at a table with 2 important clients – Gustav and Karl who are clearly in on the sexual dom nature of what Elle does, and decides to take things a bit further themselves  (which she’s open to).  Jonathan and Nolan come in assuming that Cunningham is with them and when that’s not the case, tension ensues.  their dinner however continues into a hotel suite where instead of a usual 4-some, it’s a 5 some and then…..another visitor joins.

All in all, we get the gang bang sense from this story which seems to be what Cleo is great at writing here, but it doesn’t seem dirty – just very steamy and consensual and makes you wonder what you can take.