Review: Perfectly Seduced (Perfectly Equipped #2) by Lacey Silks


Title:  Perfectly Seduced
Author: Lacey Silks
Publisher/Year: MyLit Publishing 7/8/15
Length:  193 pages
Series:  Perfectly #2


“I make people disappear and now I may be the one who has to vanish — with her.” – Sean

Relationships can still work if they begin with lies, can’t they? Big, fat lies from a man with the perfect… everything.

Because despite everything, I can’t stay away from him.

Despite the secrets he’s kept. Despite the lies he’s told.

Something makes me feel I can trust him, no matter what the truth turns out to be.

I just hope I’m right. Otherwise, with a fifty-million dollar target on my back, I just dug my own grave.

Besides, I have a few secrets of my own …

My Thoughts

After the teaser of the first novella installment of this series, i was really intrigued to see where things were going to go between April and Sean.  We saw that the volcano eruption pulled them apart just when April was letting her guard down and it would be interesting to see if they would find each other again, how long it would take and what it would mean.

The great thing that’s done here is that Ms Silks gives us the clear understanding that Sean is not who he says he is – although he hasn’t said much.  He’s got his own agenda for finding April and we learn during the story that him being at the resort wasn’t a coincidence either.  He’s seeking her out for a ‘job’ and the results of what happens will be earth shattering i’m sure.

The old adage of never mix business with pleasure here is a true one – we see that Sean’s conflicted because he needs to complete his job to keep April safe but of course he’s got this passion and chemistry with her that makes it all that much more difficult.

Pair that with the fact that April’s a forensic expert and questions everything, so she’s on alert around Sean already – not buying his story.  See, he popped up in her town, as her son’s teacher – randomly right?  and the things that he says to her don’t check out.  So the question that we’re left with is what is his secret, will he tell her and when and what will it mean?

There are quite a few twists in this story that are amazing to read.  we find out that there’s been money stolen to the tune of 50 Million dollars- claimed by someone who’s said that she’s April (since April is the only one who was supposed to be able to claim it) and it’s in an untraceable account overseas.  Then we see that sometimes what we think happened in the past didn’t really happen as our memories tell us, so we find that the end few chapters are really exciting because several folks end up in the hospital, some die, and some just come together in a weird way.

Throughout the story though  we see that while there are major trust issues, the style that we know and love from Lacey Silks comes out with gusto.  The heat and chemistry leaps off the pages.  What April and Sean have together is so hot and keeps the pace of the story going at a good clip.  the interjection of the tension among some of the supporting characters like Millie, Aprils dad and Sean’s mom makes things even better.

Where we net out – totally unexpected, yet i feel like i should have guessed it, and the epilogue puts a nice bow on things.  All that being said, i’m thrilled that in the post of it all, we find that Millie’s going to get her own story due out in March hopefully so that’s on my list of must reads.  On that note, have a great weekend everyone!