For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

One of the best things about reconnecting with family is realizing that they have similar interests as you.  This is one of the things that i’ve uncovered in reconnecting with one of my cousins over the past few months.  many of my new book reads are as a result of her recommendations and this is just another one of them.

It’s been a little while since i’ve come across a good dystopian style book, and this story was definitely a great read.  such a great read that i read it all in one night…so i’m pretty pleased with both the book and myself.

We’re introduced to Elliot  who is our lead character – and she’s yes she’s our lead female.  basically, her family is supposed to be the hgh society equivelant, in a society where those who thought they were equal to or better than god were ‘reduced’.  so her family is one of the powerful ones, that’s managed to last over the years, lording over their own group of Reduced and Posts.  Elliot of course has a better ‘inside’ than her sister and father (her mother passed away of course), and wants to do things to better the lives of those ‘below’ her vs. just trying to do for herself.

Kai – or Malakai is Elliot’s best friend growing up, a Post himself, and well – a runaway who found himself a better life.  sort of.  These 2 grew up as friends, ended up loving each other some how, but of course when Kai decided to leave to find a better life for himself, Elliot couldn’t and wouldn’t leave…which is where their big devide came.

so…without giving away too much, Elliot’s family is now bordering on not having enough to sustain their land and the people who live on it, Elliot does a little science work to develop wheat that can over produce and sustain, issues arise with that (mostly because that’s kind of what killed society in the first place, thinking that you could play god and create things that were better than what was already around).

Kai comes back to ‘town’ becuase he’s working for the INNOVATIONS – who some how manage to bring back some of the most amazing things and discover some of the most amazing lands during a time when such a thing isn’t possible

there are twists and turns, unrequited love among Elliot and Kai, and then endings that you don’t necessarily count on.  it’s a great spin on dystopian, and i kind of wish as i often do with stories like this that we had more of a back story  but all in all a GREAT read.  It’s also kind of based on Persuasion by Jane Austen so yet another reason to read…