Review: Professional Sin (Executive Toy #2) by Cleo Peitsche


Title:  Professional Sin
Author: Cleo Peitsche
Publisher/Year: Pouch Productions 1/2/15
Length: 59
Series: Executive Toy #2


The skills that keep Lindsay alive are turning into liabilities. She needs to keep covering her tracks, which means lying to her bosses in order to hide her true identity.
Hawthorne, Romeo and Slade are powerful men who have zero tolerance for what they perceive as disrespect. They spell it out clearly: no more lies. As much as Lindsay wants to walk away, she knows the three men give her something no one else can.
When someone from her previous life recognizes her, her bosses demand to know who she really is and what she’s running from.
Is a half-truth a truth? Or is it just another lie?

My Thoughts

The story continues with these 4, and if you remember, we last left them when there was an offer out to Lindsay for a better working situation.  To Hawthorne’s chagrin of course though since he’s the one that outwardly seems to have the biggest issue with her.  (personally i think that it means that under all the facade – he likes her the most).  anyhow, we are now picking up as she’s in a different position, working for the guys in a way that will help their business.  she’s there as an asst officially but instead she’s able to watch the room during meetings and help sort out the best angle for their success.  She’s excelling at this of course and well, i’m sure there’s more that’s going to come of it.

Throughout this 2nd installment, we are left to wonder what the depth of Lindsay’s secrets are, especially since we find her at the bank trying to empty her safety deposit box, all the while looking over her shoulder.  and spying someone that is questionable and makes her uncomfortable.  I can’t wait to see what happens – if it’s just a matter of someone looking for her to bring her home, or if she’s in ‘grave danger’.  seeing as how she talks about feeling safe in Slade’s arms – i’m guessing it’s more the latter.

anyhow, we get some great scening with this story line – there’s something hot about a woman who knows her sexuality, and yet is so easily overpowered by 3 men that own theirs.  The things that they do to her, all at the same time are graphic, but hot at the same time and i think that we’ll see that as hot as it is, the all or nothing may become a problem.  who knows though.

So, we are left off wondering if they are going to let her go since she’s hiding her secrets, or if they are going to continue down the path.  will Hawthorne continue to have issues or will he warm up to her and well, what’s the end game?  I still don’t know what they are all hoping to get out of this, and well, since we don’t have a full back story, we don’t know what started it in the first place.  Oh well.  enjoy!