Review: Pulse Part 4 (The Pulse Series #4) by Deborah Bladon


Title: Pulse
Author: Deborah Bladon
Publisher/Year: Deborah Bladon 7/1/14
Length: 72
Series: The Pulse Series #4


Jessica Roth thought she’d found the one man who could fulfill her in every way. He was gorgeous, controlling, amazing in bed and said everything that she desperately wanted to hear. That was, until she heard him say the one thing she never suspected was true.

Nathan Moore says he has his reasons for doing the things that break her heart. She knows that she can’t continue to live in a world where nothing makes sense.

As Jessica weaves her way through a maze of lies, half-truths and coincidences, she begins to see everyone in her world for who they really are. Old friends become the enemy, new friends become allies and the one man she can’t be close to, becomes the only person who can give her what she really needs.

They promised each other there would be no complications. It’s a promise neither of them can keep.

My Thoughts

Ahhh, here we are, finally at the finale of the series – and i have to say that it’s really interesting to me to learn who’s on the right side and who’s not.  Like i thought about in the last bit of my review for book 3, there were folks that you’d never expect to be playing on the wrong side that were.  Namely ….Rebecca.

Anyhow, what we get in this last installment is the culmination of things – Nathan and Jessica are trying to sort out what they are, Jessica’s trying to decide what her next move is, to stay in NYC and find another job or to move back to CT, to find her footing on her own in NYC, or to just tuck her tail and face the facts that she tried and failed.  Nathan wants his way and that means Jessica staying, but we’ll see that it’s not that easy.

The bit of this story is that we see Drew appear even more – since he was in the last pages of book 3, revealing that he was in on a bet with Nathan on who would sleep with Jessica first.  What Jessica didn’t know at the time is that Drew is Cassandra’s ex, and Nathan had his own motive for the bet – to help out Cassandra.  That’s another wrinkle in their imperfect relationship and it makes for some steamy passion once they have another conversation.

I think that we have come to expect some rough sex between these 2 and book 4 doesn’t disappoint – although i think that we’re maybe due for some variety since we know by this point that they both LOVE oral and the word ‘HARDER’.  Aside from that though, it’s goooood.

the other piece i want to point out here is that while i love a good epilogue, i’m not sure that the one that we got here was really all that valueable.  It’s a ‘six months in the future’ piece, but it doesn’t give us any insight into anything really – just of what we had come to know and expect already.  It’s actually the teaser right afterwards that really gets me excited since it sounds like we’re going to get a continuation of sorts – a new story from Nathan’s POV of a potential secret that Jessica has been hiding.  It makes me wonder for sure – since it alludes to her sexual past and someone that may be connected to Nathan.  i can’t wait until that series is available.  I hope that you guys check out this series – it’s 4 books, but they are pretty enthralling.  Enjoy!