Review: Invisible by Jeanne Bannon


Title: Invisible 
Jeanne Bannon
Publish Year: 
180 pages


Lola’s not pretty. Lola’s not popular. Lola wishes she could disappear … and then one day she does just that…

For seventeen-year-old Lola Savullo, life is a struggle. Born to funky parents who are more in than she could ever be, Lola’s dream of becoming a writer makes her an outsider even in her own home. Bullied and despised, Lola still has the support of her best pal Charlie and Grandma Rose.

Not only is she freakishly tall, Lola’s a big girl and when forced to wear a bathing suit at her summer job as a camp counselor, Lola’s only escape from deep embarrassment seems to be to literally vanish. Soon after, she discovers the roots of her new “ability”.

Slowly, with Charlie’s help, Lola learns to control the new super power. The possibilities are endless. Yet power can be abused, too…

When tragedy strikes, Lola must summon her inner strength, both at home and at school. She has to stand up for herself, despite the temptations and possibilities of her newfound super power.

My Thoughts

To be honest, this isn’t a book that i’d typically gravitate towards, yet i was more than happy to give it a chance.  I don’t know that it’s for me persay though – but i’ll give you a sense of what it’s about and why.

Here we have a coming of age type story – about a girl who’s got a rough lot at life – she’s not the accepted type – she’s overweight and maybe not the most open to making friends, aside from her best friend Charlie who’s really quite pretty – but chooses to be more goth than anything else.  Typical to the life of a teen, Lola has a much better relationship with her granmother than her mother, and that’s partly due to the fact that her mother is more hippie than mom.  All adding up to a very tough life for a high schooler .

The interesting twist here is that Lola finds that she’s got this tendency to go ‘invisible’ at times that are stressful.  the first time is at camp when she’s a counselor and has to put on a swim suit – a feat that she’s avoided for 3 years.  the second time is when she’s getting beat up by a bunch of bullies on her way home.  So you can see, it’s times that are really stressful that make this happen.

The problem then being though is that it’s few and far between when this power comes into play at least in the beginning and she’s got to come to terms with what it means, why it’s caused and can she trust anyone with the knowledge.

Throughout this book, we see how Lola lives her life, and how this invisibility comes into play during key moments.  While not overly belieavable, it can be seen as a metaphor for how all teens wish that they could disappear from time to time when they are dealing with situations that aren’t that great.

So – for those of you who know what i typically read, you can see how this is out of the ordinary, but i think that it’s always nice to break up the routine with something different.  While it’s decently written, i feel like there were times when i wanted to skim through to get to the next moment and see something happen, but all in all, it was a nice gentle way to finish off my weekend of reading.  Have a great week all!


Blog Tour: Dixie Moons by Shirleen Davies

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Gabe Evans is a man of his word with strong
convictions and steadfast loyalty. As the sheriff of Splendor, Montana,
the ex-Union Colonel and oldest of four boys from an affluent family, Gabe
understands the meaning of responsibility. The last thing he wants is another
commitment—especially of the female variety.
Until he meets Lena Campanel…
Lena’s past is one she intends to keep
buried. Overcoming a childhood of setbacks and obstacles, she and her friend,
Nick, have succeeded in creating a life of financial success and devout loyalty
to one another. 
When an unexpected death leaves Gabe the sole
heir of a considerable estate, partnering with Nick and Lena is a lucrative
decision…forcing Gabe and Lena to work together. As their desire grows,
Lena refuses to let down her guard, vowing to keep her past hidden—even from a
perfect man like Gabe.
But secrets never stay buried…
When revealed, Gabe realizes Lena’s secrets
are deeper than he ever imagined. For a man of his character, deception and
lies of omission aren’t negotiable. Will he be able to forgive the deceit? Or
is the damage too great to ever repair? 
“I hope I’m not too late.” Lena stopped
behind Gabe’s chair, ignoring the venomous look on Nick’s face.
No one spoke as they took in the dress she’d
chosen. Discarding her usual clothing with full-length sleeves and conservative
neckline, she wore a bright green dress of silk, cut low in the front, with
capped sleeves and black lace, a black shawl draped over her back and arms. The
dress hugged every curve, leaving little to the imagination. The deep red
lipstick and rouge replaced the minimal makeup she’d always preferred.
“Um…that’s quite a pretty color on you,
Lena.” Abby’s gaze shifted between Lena, Nick, and Gabe, knowing Gabe hadn’t turned
to see her attire.
“Why, thank you. It’s a dress I’ve been
wanting to wear for some time.”
Gabe’s eyes narrowed as he shifted in his
seat, and for the first time, saw what everyone else already had.
“What the hell?” He shot from his chair,
taking her by the arm. The muscles in his jaw tightened and his eyes flared as
he took in her outfit. He’d never seen her dress as one of the girls in the
saloon, and he sure as hell didn’t like others to see her like this. “Do you
want to tell me what you think you’re doing dressed like that?” His low,
controlled, deep drawl should have been a warning of the inner turmoil about to
Her eyes widened as if in surprise. “You
don’t like my dress, Gabe? I borrowed it from Deborah. She mentioned it is a
customer favorite.” Smoothing the skirt with her hands, she looked up, resting
her gaze on Caroline. “Are you going to introduce me to your new lady, Gabe, or
should I do it myself?”
Tightening his grip on her arm, he turned her
toward the stairs. “Go ahead without us. Lena and I need to talk,” he called
over his shoulder as he guided her out and up the stairs to her room. “Key.” He
held out his hand.
Lena crossed her arms, refusing to do as he
“Fine.” One strong kick and
the door broke loose, flying open and slamming against the wall.


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Davies writes romance—historical, contemporary, and romantic suspense. She grew
up in Southern California, attended Oregon State University, and has degrees
from San Diego State University and the University of Maryland. During the day
she provides consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. But her
real passion is writing emotionally charged stories of flawed people who find
redemption through love and acceptance. 
She now lives with her husband in a beautiful town in northern Arizona.
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