Review: Claim Me (The Stark Trilogy book 2) by J. Kenner


Title: Claim Me  
Author: J. Kenner
Publisher/Year: Random House Publishing Group 4/23/13
Length: 384 pages
Series: The Start Trilogy #2

The Plot: 

We’ve found ourselves once again in the middle of the torrent love affair between billionaire  Damian Stark and Texas pageant transplant Nikki Fairchild.  When these 2 re-met each other in the first installment of the series, we learned that they had this chemistry even from day 1 (which was 6 years prior at a pageant that Nikki was competing in and Damian was judging).  Fast forward, she’s found herself in his circle by a number of circumstances.  The first being that she received a scholarship funded by him, and 2nd she’s a software developer that found employment at a company that was hoping Stark would fund it.

She is obsessed with him, he is obsessed with her, but the question that lies here is whether it’s the same obsession, for the same/right reason, and is it equal?

but a bunch of horrible circumstances, all things crumble, however Nikki found that Damian wanted to pick her up and claim her which is exactly what he continues to do in this 2nd book.

Where we pick up: 

The opening is a reminder of how the relationship grew – Nikki is still posing for the nude portrait that Damian has commissioned and paid her $1MM for, and Blaine – the artist is putting the finishing touches on it.  This means that the deal that they struck was about to come to an end.  Nikki had agreed to be Damian’s ‘sexual slave’  for the length of time that it took to complete the portrait.  Now that the time has ended, the dynamic of their relationship was going to take a turn…or so we assumed.

while this is going on, there’s the darkness that lies under the surface with Damian that we tried to hone in on during book 1 and are still trying to decipher in book 2.  We don’t truly get to the bottom things because Damian is so closed off, yet we find that there are a bit more answers that we get this time around.

If that weren’t enough, the paparazzi are hounding them – following the pair EVERYWHERE they go, trying to throw in whatever lies and untruths that they can for a comment or reaction.  It starts to grate on Nikki and her own demons come to haunt her, in the form of cutting.  we know that she likes the pain to ground her and she continues to fight that throughout this story in the hopes that it will make Damian stay with her.

So, the story lets off with a catastrophic turn of evens for the couple and for Damian specifically.  Their troubles cross the pond to London and Germany, and there are no certainties or promises that can be made to carry us through without holding our breath until book 3 comes out.

so, in my usual fashion – a few questions:

What’s Next: 

1) what’s going to happen with Nikki and Damian?

2) Are they going to find out who the leak is for all the papps and everything else that’s gone awry?

3) who is Lisa really, and what role will she play in book 3.  (for some reason she just rubs me the wrong way….)

well, enjoy and we’ll pick up the finale of this story in the summer!

Review: Release Me (Stark Trilogy #1) By J. Kenner


Title: Release Me 
Author: J. Kenner
Publisher/Year: Random House Publishing Group, 1/1/13
Length: 352 pages
Series: The Stark Trilogy Book 1

For all you fans of 50 Shades or Bared to You or Gabriel’s Inferno, here’s another series that’s definitely going to be right up your alley.

This story is centered in LA where we are introduced to Nichole (Nikki) who has just moved to LA from Dallas in the hopes of reinventing herself.  She’s trying to get away from a past that haunts her – a mother that’s over bearing and controlling, the suicide of her sister which then turned into self mutilation (cutting) and led to a boyfriend who drunkenly said that because of her scars she was disgusting.

So we meet Nikki at a gallery party honoring an artist, attended by A-listers.   At this party, Nikki is there in a professional capacity, she works for a tech developer who’s looking for investors for his next new ideas.  One investor in particular is on the list – Damian Stark – a young 30 yr old billionaire who is known from being a tennis pro, turned businessman with an eye for the science and tech industry.

At first sight (at least for the night), Nikki and Damian’s eyes lock and there’s is such heat that it’s palpable.  J. Kenner likes to remind us that the air moves and sizzles around them so that they always know when one another is in the room.

From that night on, Nikki’s life will change completely.  She is swept up in the heat and control that is Mr Stark and the demons and secrets that lie beneath.  She learns to trust him with her secrets but finds that there are more secrets that Damian has that maybe she shouldn’t know about and should therefore run.

the heat and passion in this story are obvious and quite enticing without being to graphic.  We get into the basics of bondage but i feel like there’s so much more that could be done given that Damian has his own gear.  we don’t see that come out much yet, but maybe in book 2.  Nikki is growing and coming into her own and it’ll be great to see where this all goes.

so for my questions:

1) what is damian hiding really?

2) what is carl up to?

3) what’s the next move for Nikki’s career?

4) will evelyn play a role in their future?

5) ollie and Jamie ….what’s next for them?

6) what crazy twists and turns will Stark and Nikki take as their relationship develops?