Review: What the Boss Wants by Ava Sterling

Title: What the Boss Wants
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 4/10/18
Length:   12 Pages


Would you share your husband with your boss?

Anna has never heard of a swingers club before. That is, until her friend at work shares a pamphlet with her. The club promises an experience she will never forget, and Anna has no doubt about that.

When Anna returns to the pamphlet, it’s nowhere to be found. Her boss, Emily, found it, but instead of being upset, she’s curious about it. Somehow in the process of explaining, Anna accidentally invites Emily and her husband over to her house.

But it’s clear from the start that this isn’t an innocent visit. Emily is intensely curious about swinging, and she sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her cravings.

Would you share your husband with your boss?

Anna has never heard of a swingers club before. That is, until her friend at work shares a pamphlet with her. The club promises an experience she will never forget, and Anna has no doubt about that.

When Anna returns to the pamphlet, it’s nowhere to be found. Her boss, Emily, found it, but instead of being upset, she’s curious about it. Somehow in the process of explaining, Anna accidentally invites Emily and her husband over to her house.

But it’s clear from the start that this isn’t an innocent visit. Emily is intensely curious about swinging, and she sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her cravings.

My Thoughts

Apparently the 5 year lull is a thing in a marriage, and that’s what we find in this novella from our amazing Ava Sterling. In this story, we have Anna who seems to think that she’s about to be romanced by her husband in prep for Valentine’s day, only to get the mundane and usual. She’s a bit let down and wonders where the spark went. When her friend at work brings up that they went through the same, and found a way to spice things up, well things take an exciting turn in her mind.

The fun doesn’t stop there though! Enter the boss – Dragon Lady Emily, who finds about the spicy plans, and well, work just got a whole lot more interesting. Anna isn’t the only one with the blah marriage, nor is her friend. Emily has the same issue, and well, now we’re in business.

Things move fairly quickly from there, Emily invites her husband and herself to Anna’s house and they surprise Anna’s husband Joe. Given that both couples are completely new to the sharing lifestyle, even though Emily seems to think that Anna knows all about it, we can only imagine how clumsy this can be. The boss that Anna’s spent time with thus far professionally takes a completely different persona now that they are out of work

WE get a hot steamy scene from here on out, seeing how the couples take charge with their new partner, and how that change the dynamic in the room. Ms Sterling gives us an exciting, intense scene where it’s not just a swap of husbands and wives, but that there’s a new shift in things which was unexpected…and hot.

The question that we have to ask though in our minds is how will this encounter change how the ladies are at work and will that have an impact on more than just the two of them? Do they think that this is something that’s real – the lifestyle or do they need to branch out to the club that sparked their interest to begin with? Will this new fun change the doldrums of their marriages and keep them happy? All great questions and ones that we will have to keep in our minds since we’re left at the jump – and this novella teases all the possibilities. Enjoy!

Review: The Skull Crusher (Skull #2) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Skull Crusher
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 5/7/19
Length:  187 Pages
Series:  Skull #2


Balto stole me from Lucian without raising a finger.

I thought I would finally be free, finally get my life back.

But Balto has other plans for me. Now I’m his prisoner. He’ll keep me and enjoy me as long as he wants.

Until Lucian gives him back the Skull Diamond.

I never want to return to Lucian again, not after being with a man like Balto. The only chance I have is to become more valuable than that diamond, to have Balto want me enough not to trade me back to Lucian.

But can I ever compete with a diamond worth billions?

My Thoughts

Oh how this story gets more and more complicated as we go. We were lulled into a false sense of security here thinking that Balto cared about Cassini, yet that wasn’t the case. She’s just a pawn in this game now that he knows who she’s married to, and as such, she’s a slave, a prisoner in an entirely different cage. One that seems like it could be better, if and only if Cassini is able to make herself the most valuable thing in the world.

The bulk of our story lies around this idea that Cassini is now in another hell, and she doesn’t know what to believe, she doesn’t know how safe she is and for how long, and she doesn’t know what to do with the fact that she trusted a man who seemed to care for her, seemed to want to protect her but really just wanted to use her.

The power and arrogance that Balto has is something that comes out on every page in this second installment. He’s confident that he can keep himself protected and safe, confident that he can remain the leader of the Skull Kings, confident that he can make Cassini do whatever he wants, because he’s so confident that she wants it. What he underestimates though is that Cassini is one of the strongest women out there and what he wants isn’t going to matter for long. He quickly finds that she has the control because she has what he wants. The sexuality and allure that no other woman has.

We spend much of this story wondering how Cassini will get her freedom back and remain happy. She needs to feel safe and wanted, and loved (liked even) and when she thought that she was getting that with Balto, she learned that she was wrong. What our author does here in the way that the story is written is that she keeps us on our toes. Whatever preconceived notions that we had of Balto and his organization, they are often flipped and changed around.

As is usually the case in this genre, in addition to a story that gives us so much torment, war, fighting and concern over trust, we also continue to get some of the deepest romance and engagement. We see that there’s so much more connection and desire between our mains and that’s partially because of raw animal connection but also partly due to the insanity that they live in.

When about 2/3 of the way through, Lucian reappears, learning that Balto and Cassini were having an affair before everything went down, war is declared. He’s on the hunt and he won’t compromise at all until he gets his wife back. Balto’s not about to let that happen, and we see the sheer terror that Cassini has at the prospect, but we know that there’s an inevitability here to see that a trade will happen soon. Because Cassini is a prisoner, once Balto gets what he’s after, she’s worth nothing to him. And that’s where we end this second book.

Balto agrees to a trade, and we know that Lucian is out for the maximum pain and punishment since he feels that not only was he betrayed by his wife, he’s been humiliated beyond recognition. Cassini overhears the planned trade, knows that there’s nothing left for her to do but resign herself to a painful death and then….end book.

Case and Dirk as quickly becoming favorites of mine in the story, as is Heath. What’s nice is that the brothers, the family in this series are not only supporting characters but characters that keep us grounded and emotionally bound. There’s a different bit at stake for them as they look at what Balto and Cassini are playing at, and to see how that dynamic is written into the story takes us to another level.

I’m left wondering what’s going to happen. Who’s going to die first and who will be responsible. What will have to be lost for anyone to find happiness and will a diamond, a skull diamond be at the center of it all forever. So, now i actually have to wait a bit since book 3 isn’t out until June, so i’ve got a lot of time to ponder. Enjoy!

Review: The Skull King (Skull #1) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Skull King
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 4/2/19
Length:   182 Pages
Series:  Skull #1


My husband is cruel, ruthless, and despicable.

I hate him with every fiber of my being.

The only reason I haven’t killed him or tried to run away is because of the promise I made. I sold myself to save someone I loved…and this is the price I have to pay.

I was sitting alone in a bar when the most handsome man walked inside. Striking blue eyes, cheekbones as sharp as glass, and a muscular body fit for a war. He was gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. When he bought me a drink, I didn’t say no. I’d been unfulfilled for so long, and I wanted a real man for the night. My husband had his affairs so why couldn’t I?

I noticed the peculiar ring on his right hand, a diamond carved into a skull. If only I’d known what that meant, I would have known who this man was.

The Skull King.

A man more cruel and ruthless than my own husband.

My Thoughts

I love the world that our author Penelope Sky has introduced us to in all of the series that i’ve read so far. It’s a dark world of illegal ‘stuff’ in the heart of Italy, but those that we should fear the most are the ones that we truly want to love the most as well.

In this story – we get to learn more about a group that we heard a bit about in the Banker series. The Skull Kings have their leader, and that is Balto – our leading man. A guy who’s forced his way to the top of the food chain, has control of the entire country and all illegal activity that goes on, and what he wants he gets. He’s a man of his word, and when someone crosses that, he’s out for blood.

That’s where Cassini comes into play – because she gave up her freedom to save someone that she thought was worth saving and in return, he betrayed her, and she was stuck in a marriage to a man who was so intolerable, that her day to day life was too much for her to survive.

Similar to the chemistry that we saw in the Banker, the heat between Balto and Cassini when their paths cross for the first time, it’s explosive and it’s just a matter of time before we see how it plays out for them.

There’s so much tension throughout this story – we see how badly Cassini wants to find happiness in her life but that comes at a price, and without having to risk everything and everyone one, she knows that the future is bleak. Balto on the other hand is beyond confident, feeling that he’s untouchable that he’s willing to risk quiet a bit to get what he wants. Lucien, Cassini’s husband and the man that crossed Balto in the worst way is at the core to everyone’s unhappiness and has the ability to make things better. yet he’s selfish and won’t consider anything.

The way that this story plays out is that we see the push and pull of doing what’s right by reputation v. living the life that everyone wants. The theme of being true to your word is really the bottom line factor – and we see what happens to those who keep their word and those who don’t.

I feel like there’s a lot that we don’t get into in this story, and that makes me wonder if we’ll get more in the following installments or if there will be spin off series. Case and Dirk, Cassini’s brothers have their family business but they also have an underground business as well. I’m curious about their stories and what that means to Cassini’s future. We get teased but ntohing concrete.

We also meet Heath, Balto’s identical twin, and he starts to play a bigger role in this book but we don’t really scratch the surface much more on this one.

Where we are left off is at a point where we were just about to sigh and relax, but that’s not possible and freedom is impossible. One man takes what belongs to another when resolutions aren’t made and that means that we see hearts broken, relationships broken, and there’s a whole new smell of fear in the air.

Also, in true Penelope Sky form, it’s not just fear in the air but the smell of lust and sex. There’s a chemistry between our main characters that’s hot and they don’t even try to contain it. Cassini knows what she wants, and owns it with her strength. Balto is a man that doesn’t apologize ever, and when he sees that there’s an obstacle to get what he wants, he plows through.

I’m curious to see how this plays out because i really want to see how hard and mean Balto is but i want something better for Cassini. Lucien I can do without honestly, so i’m excited to read on to see how this plays out. Enjoy!

Review: The Tyrant (The Banker #3) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Tyrant
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 3/19/19
Length:   205 Pages
Series:  Banker #3


I’ve fallen in love with Cato, and I’m not afraid to say it.

He doesn’t need to say it back. I know how he feels.

Even if he doesn’t have the balls to admit it.

Our daughter will be here soon, and our lives will change forever.

Will Cato let go of the past? Let go of the promise he made to execute me?

Or should I have never come back?

My Thoughts

Oh what a crazy roller coaster we are still on with these two. They are in sooo deep with each other yet both so uncompromising with their beliefs and needs. We were left off on such a cliff last time around that it’s no surprise that this third and final installment has the same and more.

We know that their relationship is true, and real, even if Cato is afraid to admit it. Siena, being the strong woman that she is, she doesn’t need to hear the words since she experiences the protection and love every day. So throughout her pregnancy, when she’s not feeling the best, when she’s not feeling sexy, Cato is right there to make her feel loved.

They have crossed the bridge where things are just for optics – just so that Cato feels like he’s doing what he needs to do in order to keep his reputation intact. Bates still has an unbelievable amount of hatred and distrust in Siena, and it’s through this story that we continue to have hope that it can change.

The underlying themes here though are protection, trust, loyalty and love. We know the demise of Siena’s family and how that really puts fear and concern in every moment of her life, especially now as she’s got the baby to worry about. She was a target once and her baby will become even more of one after birth. The question that we constantly ask ourselves here though is who will come to her rescue when the time is needed, and….is she the one that needs rescuing.

Bates actually becomes a character that you want to root for. that you want to know more about because our author begins to write him in more, begins to give him much more of an active role, and not just in the business itself. Sets us up for his spinoff series which i’m sure is in the making!

Bates prompts Cato to take action that we truly thought we were past. He wants Siena to pay for what happened at the beginning of things and when Cato is convinced to go through with the need to kill her, even for optics, that’s when you have to wonder where the story took a wrong turn. Thankfully Cato has morals and love, but Bates at this point is still questionable, and when shots are fired, and Siena is shot in the head….well all bets are off.

That’s the other roller coaster that we have in this story. Bates is a wild card. With Siena, with Cato. I have to wonder honestly if he’s got some other motivation here and wants the entire business because he’s not just ambitious but he’s greedy. That’s something that i hold onto throughout much of this story.

Then there’s the unknown that we have here. Bates seems to think that Damien and Micah are plotting something since their businesses have gone dark, and Cato is so into his relationship and family that hes’ not seeing what’s right in front of his nose. When catastrophe hits, someone gets kidnapped, someone has a rogue idea for a rescue, and many people die, go to the brink of death….this is where we see the story start to take a new turn.

Even when we think that this may be the beginning of the closure that we need, there are still a good 60 pages or so to go, so we know that it can’t be it. What we learn is that there’s never closure, there’s never compromise and there’s never an opportunity to settle down and resolve things. Comfort and predictability are impossible in this lifestyle and we see that as the story comes to a close. Anything that you hoped for, wished for throughout the first two books becomes up in the air, and we’re left with an ending that’s not exactly playing out as you’d expect.

What this does, this flow of the story – it makes you so engrossed that you have to read on. I started this book yesterday and honestly, when i should have gone to sleep, i couldn’t put it down. I had to continue reading to see how it played out. To see how the intense chemistry that we came to love in books one and two play out in the finale. Where we had grit and raunch before, we have romance and compassion. But that’s not how this story was designed from inception so that’s not something that could lead to a happy ending right? Read it…you’ll appreciate it…and then tell me what you think. Enjoy!

Review: The Dictator (The Banker #2) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Dictator
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 2/19/19
Length:   196 Pages
Series:  Banker #2


The only reason I’m still alive is because of the baby growing inside me.

My baby saved my life.

Now I’m a prisoner inside Cato’s fortress. He’s pissed at me, livid every time he looks at me. He refuses to sleep with me because now I’m the enemy.

But I miss him…and he misses me.

I only slept with Cato to save my father, but now he means something to me. I care about him, and I know he cares about me. 

Can I earn his forgiveness? Can I earn his trust?

But even if I do, will he shoot me anyway?

My Thoughts

I have to say that i’m completely sucked into this series now – it’s intense still – even as we get into book 2 and while you think that there may be some resolutions, we’re left off on yet another cliff where we don’t know the direction the future will take.

As you’ll remember, at the end of the first book, Cato learns the truth about what Siena was there for – that she was playing him to get her father back. When she realizes that she can’t go through with turning him over to anyone, it’s still too late and she’s about to lose everything. Or will she?

Just like the summary says, thankfully, she thinks she’s pregnant. And when she’s forced to take a test, thankfully it comes back positive. The anger that Cato has is diminished slightly because while he’s hard and has this pact to never have a family, he actually wants this baby so that he can prove that he’s not his father. It’s a stay of life for Siena for the next nine months, and being the stubborn and strong woman that she is, she seems to think that it’s also an opportunity to make Cato realize that there’s still something real and that she made the decision at the last moment to save his life as well.

That’s the journey that we go on in this second installment. The roller coaster of Cato hating Siena but not really hating her. wanting to punish her because he feels that he needs to in order to maintain his hard reputation, as well as dealing with the fact that Bates hates her, knew she was trouble and wants Siena dead as well. The challenge of course is that we saw through the first book that both Siena and Cato affected each other in ways that no one ever imagined possible, and that it’s not just about sex with them, that there’s a deeper connection and one that’s almost impossible to walk away from.

There are moments of hope in this book, we see that Cato compromises in some places but not in others – not in the ones that matter. We see siena come to terms with her fate and make a decision to escape and we see her life for what it could be out of captivity. Landon plays a bigger role in this story – he’s turning into the family that Siena never had and that’s exactly what she needed. We also see Giovanni, Cato’s Butler take on a new and expanded role that humanizes Cato a bit more.

We also get to spend time with Cato’s mother. All because of Bates but honestly, we should just thank him even when his intentions weren’t pure. Cato’s mom adores Siena from the moment she learns that she’s going to be a grandmother, and Siena chooses to play her cards right with the mom and gets a new ally. There’s really no positive purpose for this aside from trying to make Cato see that she’s not pure evil.

The way that Ms Sky, our author writes this story is still intensely hot and passionate. There’s still all that same dirty grit to it which makes it a must read, and a book that you can’t put down (i mean, i read it in a night and while that’s not unheard of, these days it’s rare). The way that these characters interact both in and out of bed is hot. The supplemental characters build the story so much faster and with such depth that you know that there’s more to the story than what we’re getting right now too.

The themes of honor, trust, loyalty…they are still at the forefront with the huge question mark of whether there’s room for love and if there’s even a chance for it to happen for anyone here. The baby will be loved – Siena’s making sure of it, but will that be enough? i guess that’s what we’ll learn in the finale in book 3. Can’t wait to dive into it right now. Enjoy!

Review: The Banker (Banker #1) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Banker
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Penelope Sky 1/22/19
Length:   184 Pages
Series:  Banker #1


They’ve taken my father. They’ll take me next unless I comply with their demands.

Taking down the most powerful man in Italy.

Cato Marino.

The man is accompanied by his security team everywhere he goes. His fortress in Tuscany is impenetrable. He’s the most paranoid man in the country.

And there’s no possibility I’ll be able to take him down alone.

If I want to save my father, I only have one option.

To get into Cato’s bed…and stay there. 

My Thoughts

I was looking for something to read and thankfully i saw this cover and description in my hunt because this first installment to the Banker Series was a great one. It’s so much grittier and dirtier than what i’ve been reading lately and that’s exactly what i needed.

What we have here is the introduction (at least for me) to the Italian underworld – where Siena, our main character find her quiet life that she managed to construct turned upside down. Her father has his own less than savory business, illegal in nature, with the intention to grow his territory. When that happens though, it means that he’s going to piss someone else off who’s likely just as powerful if not more, and that’s what happens. Siena had been lucky enough to break away from her father’s business, especially after her mother was killed, and she’s sucked back in when her father is kidnapped and her brother is on the run.

In order to save her father, she has to do the impossible and turn over another guy – the most powerful man in the underground. And a man that’s as powerful as he is sexy. Impossible task for sure.

As you can imagine, we get to see a story unfold that’s built on blatant distrust, but a hope for something more. Both Siena and Cato have their demons, and secrets, but they are able to see things about the other that no one else can. She sees what Cato needs – someone who’s not afraid of him. She also sees into his soul – that’s he bored and unsettled because he’s more human than anyone wants to believe. Cato in turn sees a woman who wants to maintain control, power, and who wants to be loved but who has family loyalty at the heart of everything and that causes problems.

The challenge that they face is that their relationship is completely built on lies, and those lies are going to come and bite them in the ass – someone’s going to end up dead since that’s what happens in this life, and we can only wonder if it’ll be Siena, Cato, Bates (his brother), Landon (her brother) or her father. or someone else.

Add to all that complexity some intense and dirty sex. Cato is a man who loves kink, but gives it up for Siena. Instead, we get some raunchy, nasty sex (and all of those words are being used in the most positive way – believe me). It’s so hot that you have to want to hope for the best even when you know that it’ll never be. So, we are left when someone’s being executed and everything that we wished for comes crashing down. I can’t wait to get into book 2, and i’ve just bought it so let’s get to it! Enjoy!

Review: Her Submission (Dirtier Duet) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: Her Submission
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Lisa Renee Jones 4/23/19
Length:   196 Pages
Series:  Dirtier Duet #2


The second and final book in the Dirtier Duet by Lisa Renee Jones.

Abbie swore that she was done with rich, powerful men. They’ve hurt her. They’ve hurt her mother, who she will do anything to protect. She’s done playing the submissive. She’s ready to fight back.

The problem is that Gabe Maxwell is one of those rich, powerful men and he refuses to be ignored. He’s in her path and she can’t seem to steer clear of him. He wants her. She wants him. But it’s not that simple.

There is more to her story, more than Gabe knows, but then, there is more to Gabe’s story than Abbie knows, too.

My Thoughts

Thank goodness i didn’t have to wait long to get this second and final installment to Gabe’s story because i don’t know that i could have lasted! We were left on such a ledge at the end of the first installment that there was too much running through my head on where this story could go.

As we all know from every other story in the complimentary series, Ms Lisa Renee Jones gives us a run for our money. Families that have so much darkness and deceit and couples that only want to find a happy way to be together, love each other and create a future. When we left book 1, there was a strong chance that Gabe and Abbie’s happiness and love was something that was impossible, and with the death of Kenneth, her husband, well we were even more so confused and conflicted.

This is where the bulk of this story lies – trying to determine who was behind the murder and what was going to happen from there. We know that there are a lot of people who wanted Kenneth dead, but we also know that Abbie would be the focus. The bigger issues that arise though, and that were hinted at in the first book are that the Maxwell father was likely behind this all and was angling to hurt the family worse than they hurt him by forcing him out of the business. Add to that, Jean Claude had a lot at stake and well, billionaires all have enemies that i’m sure someone else was angered too.

Throughout this story we see Abbie’s attempt to dig deeper into what drives Gabe, and what’s underneath the persona that he puts out there, and he’s a tough one. We all know that KM is the thing that he wants buried, especially since he seems to think that Abbie will leave him and think him a monster if he learns the truth, but what they both need to do is trust each other more with their secrets to know that neither will break because what they feel for each other is real and unique.

Abbie goes out of her way to push Gabe away – she runs because she thinks she’s protecting him, but that’s not something that he’s going to allow since he’s so alpha. Gabe in turn does his fair share of trying to prove himself unworthy while at the same time pushing Abbie to share more than she’s comfortable.

We all know where this will all net out – really strong chemistry that leaps off the pages like they are flames. on fire – and that’s what these two have. The most intense chemistry to rival that of all the other stories. The question becomes though, is their connection to each other and to Dexter the dog enough to pull them through everything intact?

Who’s behind the murder? How far involved is Mr Maxwell and what will that mean for Reid and Gabe since we know that they have been pushed way too far? How involved will the walkers be in all this and will we turn a corner fast enough for hope? Can futures be imagined and in what sense?

There’s one more sweet thing that we get from this story. The love story and hope for Abbie’s mom. We see that while she’s dealing with the loss of her business and the hope that she can have of the shelter in the Hamptons, we also see the entry of Brandon, a billionaire (blech) that comes to save things when moments are bleak, and not only does he help give professional support, there’s romance in the air there as well. IF i know LRJ, I can only assume that we’ll get a story there too since no billionaire stone must go unturned. So on that note, i hope you guys have enjoyed this duet and if you haven’t, you should go get it already and then let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Review: His Demand (Dirtier Duet #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: His Demand
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Lisa Renee Jones 2/12/19
Length:   232 Pages
Series:  Dirtier Duet #1


Gabe Maxwell is a powerhouse in the boardroom, a man with a dark past he’s buried under success and power. He’s not a white picket fence and forever kind of guy and he’s definitely not into redheads. That is until one corners him, kisses him and thanks him for waking her up. Right before she walks away and leaves him. She’s gone and he’s obsessed.

Then she walks into his office and back into his life, and he has to have her. It doesn’t matter that she’s the kind of woman you marry. It doesn’t matter that she’s everything he avoids because she’s everything he wants. 

Only Abbie isn’t the good girl she seems. She has secrets and a past and soon, she’ll pull Gabe into her bed, her life, and that spells more than obsession. It spells danger. 

My Thoughts

I had almost forgotten that we had stories for the entire Maxwell family with the exception of Gabe, so you can only imagine how happy I was to discover that his story isn’t just one book, but a 2 book series! That implies that his story will be far more complex than the others and i’m really excited about that.

So as we all know from the other installments around the brothers and their lovely sister, Gabe has some darkness in his past outside of the nonsense known as his father. He’s got some big secret related to a woman that has made him into the guy that we know and love. He’s the funny guy to keep people at arms length, he doesn’t trust women and will never get into another relationship (famous last words).

When this amazing redhead comes into his life though, all bets are off. Abbie comes with so much baggage that we can all agree that she gives him a run for his money. What we have learned is that she was married to a billionaire that has ties to the Maxwell brothers, and that he’s a man who doesn’t like to lose. We don’t know exactly what it is that he thinks he’s lost since he basically threw Abbie away, but there’s something and he’s doing his best work to make sure she pays.

What that means of course is that he’s going after Abbie, her mother, her mother’s business (an animal rescue shelter) and all that’s tied to it. Threatening legal action etc. The twist here of course is a complicated one. Abbie’s ex Kenneth is tied to Jean Claude, another powerful man that has been on the wrong side of Reid and the Maxwells for years. Also, these two evil billionaires are tied to the family, specifically to their father, who’s their lawyer. So you can only imagine how dirty this gets – and how quickly it all escalates.

The secrets that we know that Gabe has, which Kenneth tries to throw in his face in front of Abbie are only part of this story. There are also secrets that Abbie has that we really can’t quite put our finger on since she’s being so cagey. Does she have something of his that’s tangibles? Does she have something in the form of information that her ex doesn’t want out? Is he just a royal A-hole? We don’t know.

What we do know though is that all these secrets, lies and tension give us EXACTLY what we have come to expect in a Lisa Renee Jones story. A couple that has such explosive chemistry, fueled by attraction sure, but also really fueled by all that’s around them. Their relationship, something that Gabe was beyond against speeds up to levels that no one expected and from all sides they get questioned about it. Abbie fights it and pushes against in, because she’s hiding something and we don’t ever quite find out what when this installment ends.

We’re left at a dicey spot when this book ends. There are actions that happen, calls that are made, choices that are made on the sly that impact the story beyond comprehension and honestly, we don’t know where things are giong to go and who’s behind it all until the next book comes out. Someone has legal problems, someone gets threatened, someone dies. And still, there’s a black hole of questions that we still have. I’m anxious for the next book which i’ve happily discovered came out last week. So….onto the next!

Review: Her Last Fling by Ava Sterling

Title: Her Last Fling
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 7/8/2015
Length:   21 Pages


Susan is nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the night before her wedding?

She spends her bachelorette party with her best friend at a male strip club but ends up leaving early. Within minutes, she bumps into the stripper who gyrated over her lap an hour ago. After a glass of wine, she sees her friend walking past–near enough to spot her sharing a drink with a man other than her fiancé. 

In an attempt to evade being caught, Susan rushes in the direction of the stripper’s hotel room. Now she must decide between getting a good night’s sleep for her wedding or being tangled in the sheets with her new mystery man.

My Thoughts

I always enjoy a good ‘final adventure before my wedding’ story – and that’s what we have here. Susan’s out with her girls for her bachelorette the night before and of course, when she ‘tries’ to be good, things go awry.

There’s always a bit of a sweet element to things when we see that ‘strippers’ have more underneath the hard body to give us a story that’s worthwhile. In this case, we have a guy who’s just moved to Vegas, and needed a job, and that’s how he fell into this as a temporary thing. We learn more of his back story than of Susan’s which is kind of interesting. There’s the added element that our author throws in about how he knows the owner of the hotel who offers to put him up in a room for a bit until he sorts himself out and offers to help him get a job. That makes you wonder what will come next for him once we leave this story.

Where we spend much of the time though in this installment is where Susan is caught off guard by the fact that he’s such a nice guy and that she’s feeling an attraction to him, and while we get a moment of guilt flash through her mind, to me, it doesn’t really seem like it’ll be a big deal to her to ‘cheat’ on her husband the night before. If anything, she seems to have regret that she’s not going to be able to see him again because of her plans and the impending wedding.

As she’s passing through the lobby to go back to her room on the earlier side, her attention is grabbed by this guy who’s sitting at the bar, and well, it’s not just intrigue and a good body that beckons her, it’s the need for excitement too i think.

There’s so much more that comes from this. The need to sneak around because if she’s caught by her friend or fiance then things will go awry. There’s the intrigue about learning more of this guy and seeing what’s possible on the sliy

There’s a slow build up to what’s possible for them, and it’s a bit corny at times but gets us there all the same. There’s the expected banter from a dancer, the naivete of a girl who’s been closed off her whole life. There’s the experience that Susan has with this man and the fact that he’s new, and unknown, and someone that she’s likely never going to see again which makes it that much more passionate and hot to read. All in all a sweet one for sure!

I think that where we are left off at the end of this is really around what the future holds. You are drawn into the guy’s story about how he’s just come to Vegas and I personally would love to see how things play out for him. We also have to wonder what this one night means for Susan and her soon to be husband. Will she tell him what happened or keep the secret and what effect will that have on their relationship? There’s also the question about what her friend will think when Susan finally gets back to the room since we know that part of the reason that she experienced all that she did was because she was trying not to get caught (at least that’s what she’s telling herself). So all in all, a great short story – one that leaves us with more questions than answers, but i think that’s often the trait of a good story. (or tease). Enjoy!

Review: The Empire (Filthy Trilogy #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

Title: The Empire
Author:  Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher/Year:  Lisa Renee Jones 3/12/19
Length:   227 Pages
Series:  Filthy Trilogy #3


Passion. Lies. Family. Eric and Harper will feel the push and pull of a dynasty gone wrong. Secrets remain. Danger is everywhere. And the pull of a forbidden love will not be ignored.

My Thoughts

I love this series – i think that we have something that’s exciting, passionate, heated, complex – all the things that we’ve come to love from Ms Jones! We pick up this third installment right where the second one ends, and as we’ve been gifted in the past, we have a quick recap from our author so there’s no question about what’s just happened and what it means for our favorites.

It’s a roller coaster- Eric is set on protecting Harper, and in that, there are secrets or bits of information that haven’t been revealed or shared and of course we know that it means that there will be conflict and distrust and pushing away as a result. Harper we learn throughout this story has her own share of secrets to deal with, and honestly she doesn’t even know or realize that she knows many of them. These are the points in a relationship that are make or break moments and that’s literally what we spend much of this book dealing with.

We know that someone’s after Eric and Harper, and we don’t know if it’s Isaac, Gigi, the mob – or someone else. We do know that with the help of the Walker clan, we can feel a sense of security, although there are moments throughout that we see that they can’t have eyes everywhere, and that while they have massive talents, there are people who don’t want information found, which puts them to the test with their skills.

Throughout though, we see that Harper is a fighter – she wants to help Eric realize that he’s amazing and worthy, and Eric seems to want to do the same for her. Bringing Harper into his life, protecting her, making a home for the two of them. Every turn that they make brings something else at them, but the strength that they show together gives us hope for what will happen for them.

There are so many questions that come up through this finale. Will their father make it? Will he survive all that’s happened to him, and who’s behind the attempts on everyone’s lives? What are all the codes that have been given to Harper and Eric and who will decode them? will they get the answers that they want or are we going to see more churn and confusion?

What i love about this story is that we get puzzle pieces that fall in to place, and then answers that no one expected. There were easter eggs so to speak throughout this book giving us clues that things weren’t as they appeared, and as we get through each layer, we’re shocked, surprised and given more questions on whether there’s any way out of this mess. alive.

On top of all that, we get the tried and true recipe of a LRJ story – some of the hottest passionate chemistry that leaps off the pages just about every other page. The dominant need to control everything and using physical touch, sex, that’s a theme that always comes through in the best of ways. You have no choice but to be drawn into how this story is written, with all the angst and complexity while also loving the romance that’s underneath it all.

I’m sad to see this series come to an end, but i can’t wait to get more of the Walker Security guys since we haven’t seen the last of them. Enjoy!