Review: Pushed to the Limit (The Alpha Club #3) by Ruby Taylor


Title: Pushed to the Limit
Author:  Ruby Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Ruby Taylor 2013
Length:  74 Pages
Series: The Alpha Club #3


Melissa Jones has finally tracked down Jack. Hell, he’s blindfolded her and cuffed her to a bed in the infamous Alpha Club.

But he’s not fully convinced she’s ready for his lifestyle.

All Mel knows is that no other man has ever come close to having this effect on her.
Can she convince him that she’s not as sensible and sheltered as everyone seems to think?

My Thoughts

So, i think that we all know where things are going to go from here since we’ve seen Melissa turn her inner sex goddess into an outer facing one.  What i really didn’t expect/really enjoyed though was the role that Dylan plays.  We met him in book 2 learning that he was the manager of The Alpha Club, and someone that put Mel in an uncomfortable situation, yet really riled her up.  Because of an interesting link to him via another friend, Mel and Dylan’s paths cross again in this book in quite an interesting way.

So, the question then becomes whether this will turn into a ‘love triangle’ of sorts, or if there’s clear delineation of which one is best for Melissa and which one she’ll be with.

The other bit that’s nice, yet also a bit expected as well is that we know that Jack’s quite wealthy, and in the means expected of someone of his stature, he goes and buys out the company that she works for as a means to get in touch with her.  (yes, there are easier and cheaper ways of doing things).

In any event, it’s a nice culmination of things, although i’ll have to say that the ending was VERY anticlimactic -pun intended…or not.

Review: Put to the Test (The Alpha Club #2) by Ruby Taylor


Title: Put to the Test
Author:  Ruby Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Ruby Taylor 2013
Length:  77 Pages
Series: The Alpha Club #2


Melissa’s back in Manhattan, but all she can think about is Jack, the sexy stranger she shared a night of passion with in Miami.

When she mistakes someone else for him on the subway, she’s pushed to do something about her obsession: she resolves to track him down at the Alpha Club.

Her friends have warned her about the notorious members-only club, and she’s read the newspaper articles detailing its excesses.

But she’s determined to find Jack — whatever it takes.

My Thoughts

Well, this story is turning into one that’s quite predictable.  but….i guess that’s ok.  We are starting to learn more about Melissa, the actuary – and of course when we learn that someone is so serious all their life, they have to develop quite a bit of kink, or at least get interested in it.

where we go in this 2nd part of the story is the journey that Mel’s on to track down Jack and what that means.  She keeps getting hung up on and doors slammed in her face, and Jessa, her ‘friend’ has turned her into the joke at work, but what that means for her personally, well it makes her stronger and want to pursue Jack even more.

So, i guess it’s off to book 3, since i’d really like to find out if/when she finds Jack and what it will mean.  Also, i’m really intrigued by what The Alpha club could mean, and well….being a New Yorker, makes me even more curious about the types of things that are going on in this lovely city of mine.

Review: Learning to Let Go (The Alpha Club #1) by Ruby Taylor


Title: Learning to Let Go
Author:  Ruby Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Ruby Taylor 5/24/13
Length:  44 Pages
Series: The Alpha Club #1


Melissa Jones wishes she hadn’t listened to her girlfriends when they insisted that she relax and take a vacation in Miami. Surrounded by hot, tanned models, she feels like the least attractive female in South Beach. She can’t wait to leave…

Until she meets Jack. Instantly at ease with this tall, gorgeous stranger, she wants him to be more than just a holiday fling. She’ll stop at nothing to see him again after a misunderstanding separates them right before she leaves Miami.

Melissa doesn’t know that back in New York, Jack is a member of the Alpha Club, an x-rated members-only society frequented by billionaires and celebrities…

Is smart, sensible Melissa ready for his world?

My Thoughts

I always wonder if i’m doing myself an injustice when i read novella series – instead of tracking down the entire story – or waiting at least until all are out.  In this case, i think that since this is a new author to me, i was willing to make the sacrifice and pick up book 1 to see if it’s worth it.

What we get here is a prelude or slight intro into things to come.  We meet our leading lady Melissa on the last night of her week long vacation with a co-worker that she’s really not that close with.  Her friend Jessa is the type that turns heads and is out for a new man every night in the hopes of landing someone rich.  While Mel thinks that is a nice idea, it’s not her real motivation.

It’s on this last night that Mel’s sitting in a club biding her time when Jack walks up to her and things start to look up.  He’s attractive, and has a way of making her feel like his lines aren’t really chat-up lines at all.  They quickly find themselves tangled up in each other, but it’s the next morning when Jessa comes back, that Jack ends up leaving without so much as a good bye that makes Mel wonder if things will go back to the ho hum.

After discovering a card that has just a number on it with nothing else, she takes a chance and dials, and this is when things start to get juicy.

I guess now i owe it to myself to continue the journey – so it’s on to book 2.  enjoy this little snippet – it’s 44 pages, so maybe a 30 minute read at most!