Review: Reckless (Thoughtless #3) by S.C. Stephens


Title: Reckless 
Author: S. C. Stephens
Publisher/Year: Gallery Books, 3/5/13
Length: 534 pages
Series: The Thoughtless Series #3

ahhh, at long last we get book 3 in the Thoughtless series which takes us to the more mature stage of the relationship between Rock Star Kellan and Writer Kiera.

So if you remember, in Thoughtless (book 1) we were introduced to Kiera right when she had made the decision to move from Ohio to Seattle with her boyfriend Denny who had graduated and found a great job.  He had lived in Seattle during high school when he was an exchange student (from Australia) and lived with Kellan’s family, so Kellan was putting them up when they came out west.  Of course, you can’t help yourself being a female living with a rock god and one thing led to another, and a sordid affair began, putting a wedge between Denny and Kiera, and some how bringing K&K closer together

Then, in Effortless, (book 2), Kellan’s band the D-bags was starting to make it big and they went on tour, with Kiera having to stay behind to finish school and all that.  Of course when you’re in a pseudo relationship with a rock god, who has a bit of a history of being a man whore, you never know what to believe and you get jealous at every turn.  that’s basically what Kiera’s life was like, not knowing what was real, what was real for her, and what was going to make her happy.  Denny pops up at those key moments when Kiera really needs a friend, causing even more friction.  alas, they do get a happier ending leading us into the 3rd installment.

oh yea, Anna (Kiera’s sister) and Griffen (another man whore bandmate) somehow manage to get together to an extent and procreate

so that takes us to book 3 Reckless where Kellan and Kiera are now Married.  well sorta – they ‘got married’ in a bar basically meaning that they got engaged but to them it’ married.  The D-Bags are going on tour and finishing up their album and making it big.  Kiera joins Kellan in LA pre-tour as she’s now finished with school and is able to write her book on the road.  While in LA, Kellan (and his band) are propositioned (or ordered) by their label to join forces with Sierra Sexton who is like the raunchy Britney Spears of the story to do a steamy collaboration in the hopes of boosting sales for the guys band and to help put Sierra back on top.  Of course you can’t have 2 hot stars doing a steamy collaboration and not have gossip and rumors come of it, so that’s basically what we’re dealing with throughout the story.  Watching Kellan and Kiera’s love manage to deal with everything that it can, but does it get to be too much?  Sierra is used to getting her way and there seems to be heat between her and Kellan, so you spend a lot of time trying to figure out if gossip is real or just gossip.  There’s a bit of anxiety, babies born at inopportune times, relationships that may not be strong enough to hold on but you hope they do, and then of course some of the happiest romantic moments of all.

so….i enjoyed it for sure, but i feel like it didn’t have the same level of nail biting scenes that the other books did.  not to say that it was bad though cause it wasn’t – it was just maybe slightly above average.