Review: Seduce (The Dining Club #4) by Marina Anderson


Title:  Seduce
Author:  Marina Anderson
Publisher/Year:  Grand Central Publishing. 9/10/13
Length:  35 Pages
Series: The Dining Club #4


As Grace delves further into the sensual world of the Dining Club, her passion for the devastatingly handsome David grows stronger by the day. By night, their sexual encounters-and the daring new experiences they’ve shared-both intimidate and excite her. Though the Dining Club has given her and David the connection they were missing before, she wants David to herself and isn’t sure she’s brave enough to invite another lover into their bed . . . or is she?

My Thoughts

This 4th novella installment continues the journey that David is taking with Grace and we see that while Grace is stronger than David had hoped, which should please him, that’s not necessarily what he’s realizing that he wants.  Grace goes through yet another trial that takes her deeper in her learning about what pleases her and what pleases David in an environment that’s so new to her.

Each time we get another installment, i’m left to wonder if Grace will succeed, if Amber will get in the way, if Andrew will realize what he feels and what he’ll do about it and what that all means for David.  I know that i can’t have high expectations since it’s just 30 pages or so, but at least it’s nice to see that it’s not going to be so cut and dry.  (kind of makes me wish that i waited for the whole thing to be available in a combined read)